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Same. I never liked 'em from the start. I was a kid when they were first being sold and I remember getting into a few rows with my sister and brother-in-law when they started using them for their kids. This was right in the middle of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars and I was aware of and leery of government surveillance even at that age so the parallels seemed obvious to me.

I'll get answers like "they need to believe in something magical.

I never heard that argument, but as to that, we already have Santa. In fact, his presence is quite apparent every Christmas.

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Remember those Elf on a Shelf toys? They've been priming the zoomers from the start.

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True. I forget the details but I'm reminded of this guy who decades ago parachuted down from the ceiling of St. Peter's Basilica.

He was a removed but he couldn't be charged with a crime because what he did wasn't against the law of that area. It wasn't against the law because it hadn't even been contemplated. Now, because of that man, the Vatican has a law that covers parachuting.

When no one does something because everyone just knows not to do it of course you don't need a law codifying it. Call it shared culture, values, what have you. We don't have that anymore, and so everything must be codified.

A bandage over a gaping wound.

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On how separation of church and state turned wokeness into our national religion.

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Just think of how we're living rent free in their heads. Think of the hours of sleep lost and stress affecting long term health because they're obsessed with frens, pepes, and le orange man

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Makes me wonder how much carnage could've been prevented if the US and its client states didn't send billions upon billions in military aid to Ukraine

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I'm disappointed because it means we lose RIF

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Good on pointing out an example of wokeness in the medical field!

This is literally the definition of bigotry - prejudice against a group or groups based on their characteristics.

On it being prejudice against a group based on their characteristics:

Who cares? They sure don't and pointing out double standards as the right has been wont to do does absolutely nothing. See: every single other time we've pointed and went "Look at how tolerant the tolerant Left is!!!!"

The state of being prejudiced against a group based on their characteristics is not in and of itself a bad thing either. I am prejudiced against the group that consists of mentally ill in my town that accost me for money on street corners, for example. Countries (are supposed to) give certain privileges to those they consider citizens that they don't give to others by virtue of what piece of dirt they happen to be born on or what people happen to give birth to them.

The problem is the group expressing the ideas displayed in the tweet have power, and we have not.

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If it's a Protestant sect I wouldn't be surprised. It's probably not intentional as the Protestants I know of and grew up around simply lack the doctrinal knowledge, but in practice there's a distinct gnostic undercurrent. The body and the world is nasty, broken, etc.

Granted this could be a low-church thing.

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All the dems I know irl (sadly much more than I know non-dems irl) absolutely hate RFK Jr.

"His own family hates him so you know he can't be good"

"Eww no, he's an antivaxxer"

"That quack?"

They're voting Biden over anyone ofc because of le ebil oranje man

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Yep. If the environmentalists really cared about the environment they'd be all in on health and nuclear, among other things.

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I'd be surprised if they didn't call him one or more of the following: "race traitor", "coon", "house negro", "Uncle Tom"

They'll wax on about their love for blacks African Americans folx of color and in the same breath say the most offensive things about any particular one who goes "off the plantation."

Just ask Justice Thomas.

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they really don't see the difference between homosexuality, a preference with no procreative value, and heterosexuality, which literally continues the species

Of course. Sex is recreational to them so anything that would get in the way of their recreation is an annoyance at best. (hence their views on everything from abortion to whether it's OK to not want to have sex with various types of people.) It's "just" a way to have fun with someone else after all. No more meaning to it than there's meaning in getting a drink of water.

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You're getting downvoted but you're on point with how J6 and the election is viewed outside of our small circles.

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Buccal fat removal and its consequences have been a disaster for the female sex.

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When it came out I remember s2 dropping like a lead balloon

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I definitely meant what I said, It's an edit of a stonetoss comic that I spotted on the aforementioned twitter account.

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