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They hated him for he spoke the truth.

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I hope they're able to somehow get the IP out of China. It's a damn shame the Japanese weren't the ones to make a Breath of the Wild game with waifus.

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Goddamn the Muslims who burned it down and goddamn the French politicians for letting them into France in the first place

Edit: And whoever's in charge of the Notre-Dame repair and "renovation."

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Don't think she said this? I was unsure myself, but she did indeed say the OP quote in a tweet dated September 5, 2021.

Sad to see the person behind Quillette's fine with Australia's tyranny but it's a nation of prisoners and jailors so I probably shouldn't be surprised.

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Doesn't matter what. I don't know what the rules around it are up in North Carolina, but where I am you just need a high school diploma to substitute teach. It's glorified babysitting since you just fill in for a day here, maybe 2 or 3 there when a teacher is out sick, has to leave early for an appointment, anything like that.

The teachers will usually leave a list of things they want the sub to have the kids down while they're out but the general assumption is that's just a day of school lost for good because it's a toss-up whether the sub actually gets the kids to do what is—at most— glorified busy work.

Course, for long-term sub positions you need an actual degree and probably something along the lines of successfully finishing the Praxis-II exam for that subject. This is different from the normal sub work because you'll be in charge of that class for months, maybe even a semester or even longer depending.

But yeah, generally you just need a fucking high school diploma to be in charge of someone's kids for a day in the school systems.

Source: had the misfortune to teach for a bit in the mid-10s. Substitute taught before that.

To be fair, a lot of subs will be fresh out of college with an education major diploma and requisite certs to be able to teach, but depending on your location and subject matter you'll have to work your way up into a full time teaching job from the drag that is substitute teaching. More often the case if it's some kid certified to teach English or History without having a coaching background or something similar to back your CV up. Not so much a concern if you're certified to teach math or science. In fact, depending on your state you won't even need to have an education major to teach those subject areas so long as you come from a science or math background they're so hard up for math and science teachers.

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They're doing everything they can to keep from calling this—at the very least—a racially motivated attack

But hey he's black so why am I surprised?

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Even a punch can be fatal so if you don't think that guy was justified I don't know what to tell you. Go get in a fight and see for yourself I guess

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>Government makes self-defense illegal

>Get placed in a situation where you have to defend yourself

>Pick one of two:

>1. Don't defend yourself and get to spend the last few seconds of your life in terror

>2. Defend yourself and get: All expenses paid room and board, free medical treatment, all the cigarettes and ramen you could want, free gym, steady work.

I'll gladly take the second option should the idiots happen to change the gun laws lol

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If you're trying to convey a message, it's best to tell people what that message is. You may think something's obvious but you're not the one you're trying to inform.

Edit: why was this deleted?

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The one in the center looks like a qt. Hard to tell with the damn mask though.

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I keep forgetting to save it. I have a vtuber copypasta if anyone needs it though.

I think.

To be honest I just save these things in textfiles on my computer's desktop and my desktop is really messy.

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Yeah that was bs. Iirc I think they hard-coded in or whatever so mods couldn't take it out. And one of the starter characters was a gamergate journo. "sarah" nyberg I think? I don't remember.

Good game but the woke stuff in it was annoying. The studio got their comeuppance in the end when they misshandled and wokified that Vampire the Masquerade game so at least there's that.

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New video by James Lindsay (one of the Sokal^2 guys) talking about how the left has always been full of groomers trying to fuck kids, and how they've wormed their way into the field of education.

Video description:

The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 54

Through brand names like "comprehensive sex education" and one of its parent programs, "Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)," our government schools have been turned into Groomer Schools, and parents are beginning to notice. What many will not understand, however, is that this isn't just a fluke of our weird and increasingly degenerate times. It is, in fact, a long-purposed Marxist project reaching back into the early 20th century. In this episode of the New Discourses Podcast, join James Lindsay as he explains the long history of the sexual grooming that has come into our schools through Critical Gender Theory and Queer Theory as they have crept into educational programs. If you want an explanation for how sexually explicit materials, gender ideology, pornography, and strippers have made their way into our government schools, including for young children, this is a must-hear.

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I member when 4chan was known as the Internet Hate Machine. After growing up with 4chan and then seeing and using Twitter, I can say Twitter is 100% the real Internet Hate Machine today.

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Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

The Georgia Guidestones

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