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And they use two black characters fighting- that would be banned in the West too!

We would have to have two white characters fighting. Because the anti-white racism of our elites.

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The story itself is really fascinating- I watched it all despite the propaganda.

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You should try watching 'the fall of the house of usher'

There are about 6 kids in the family -

1 daughter is in a threesome with a man and a woman

1 daughter is in a threesome with her husband and just likes to watch him with other women

1 son is a drug addict and we meet him while he's getting a blowjob off a woman while his boyfriend calls

1 black daughter (who is a scientist obviously) and she's in a lesbian relationship

1 son who is happily married, but his wife tries to f* the remaining son

etc etc

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Tommy was always right.

You don’t get punished for lying. You get punished for telling the truth.

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Absolute nonsense- the media is all 100% controlled by pro illegal immigration democrats.

If there is any kind of violence it will be covered like Jussie Smollett’s attack was. Only 100x if its true this time.

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So how do you stop it? Realistically?

Conservatives control zero mainstream media, zero big tech except Twitter, zero branches of government (RINOs control the house)

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Someone said it was on his instagram

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Pfizer’s vaccine is known to cause heart damage - the mrna attacks any cells in your bloodstream at random.

Unfortunately for your body the heart cells NEVER repair. So when it attacks those cells you have permanent heart damage.



This is why ONLY double blind placebo controlled randomized trials can tell you the real side effects. (doctors and patients are biased to underreport vaccine injuries for political benefit)

edit edit :

deleted any comments about him being recently vaxxed. I probably misread a tweet

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No conservative wants the illegals in the country .

But it can’t be stopped until Biden decides to stop it.

Biden won’t stop it until it affects him personally.

So - bus more

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Send more - democrats are holding the border gates open.

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Tommy never got his twitter account back. The UK deep state still firmly has twitter by the balls.

Many UK right wing politicians are still banned.

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I can see why people think Women as a group are arguably “too agreeable” and too susceptible to subversion tactics for a country to survive if they are in power.

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Completely Brainwashed.

Liberal Women are the reason some people think women should never have the right to vote.

Incapable of thinking for themselves until 5 seconds before they are beheaded on a moroccan holiday to prove how peaceful the world is.

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I do find joy in seeing the downfall of the UK

As he clearly demonstrates- this is happening simultaneously to all white countries. And when it starts in one - it will be over for all native populations.

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Since Humza took over the desire for independence has dropped about 10%…

If Scotland was independent the first thing he would do is bring in 20 million Gaza refugees:



in his own words:


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Poor Humza Yousef - criticized for doing what he loves - attacking every one of his White colleagues trying to incite anti-white hatred during the middle of the George Floyd riots.

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They always call them “rescue missions”

They find the illegals 20km off the coast of Africa. They could easily “rescue” them by taking them 20km to Africa. INSTEAD they ferry them 300km to Europe.

Its 10% rescue and 90% genocide of Europe.

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Not my circus, not my monkeys-

But I wish I had CNN praising me next time I abduct a woman. *

“how amazing he was that he could buy Tampons. What a noble savage”

(* I don’t abduct women, I date Asian women like everyone sensible)

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He thought it would open the door, which is why he walked away after pulling the alarm without ever turning towards the door.

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