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He's talking about one particular book that's outside the main GOT story line.

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Absurd on its face.

The election had drop boxes, mass mail-in voting that was put together on short notice, 3am ballot drops, and a severely delayed counting process.

You couldn't provide a better environment for fraud if you tried.

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Pretty much. They didn't do this without knowing they could use it to advance their agenda of preventing Trump from running in 24.

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What the fuck are you talking about? I need an enemy like a need a brain tumor. I'd rather spend my days thinking about anything other than the subversion of the United States, but I won't bury my head in the sand.

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I couldn't help myself. I had to look. Here's the top comment on r/conservative,

Can someone explain to me how anyone is making judgement about whether or not this is a good or bad thing? We have no idea what they found, it could be something huge it could be nothing. The fact that half of the population is acting like this some attack on democracy, and the other half is cheering when we don't even know what happened is just absurd to the highest degree.

Let's give the FBI the benefit of the doubt guys. It's not like they've proven themselves to be completely corrupt over the past decade plus....

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The Dems were always going to narrowly win those two seats. You don't steal the white house and then not steal the senate.

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I saw a video last week where a guy was in San Francisco and he was showing what some school children had to walk past every day when they got off the bus. It was a homeless encampment with obvious drug use.

As the children exited the bus, almost every black boy threw up his hands and pretended he was shooting guns. And they looked like third or fourth graders lol

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They claim he brought a loaded gun. I think he was talking about it to a friend after the fact, but I'm so disgusted by everything Jan 6 that I haven't researched it myself. I'm just repeating what I read on the Donald.

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In reply to Wilding inquiring as to what she most enjoyed about playing a female character is “is a warrior and not a cook”, Midthunder observed that it was “the feeling of really believing in yourself or something and wanting to prove that to people or having naysayers who make you believe in it more.

Prove what? That you can be a fake warrior thanks to editing and CGI?

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Natural warriors with rocks and arrows who would have zero chance against a predator.

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Civil partnerships? Not good enough!

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But transgender people are far more likely to become victims of violence, not perpetrators


and data from the National Center for Transgender Equality suggests more than half of transgender people who stay in shelters encounter harassment

I'm sure the National Center for Transgender Equality is providing objective statistics lol

It's probably a self reported survey where someone rolling their eyes is considered harassment.

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My favorite answer is "20 minutes" when she was asked how many miles she'd travel going 60mph and driving for one hour 😂

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