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PlutoTV has lots of old movies and series from the 80s and 90s when in the movies men were men, women were women and the LGTB was only featured if it was necessary for the story telling without shoving gay propaganda down your throat.

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In Reddit case, China has invested in them.

"Reddit gets a $150 million investment from Tencent and users are posting memes to mock the deal"


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And you still have to deal with the EU because we are neighbours anyway, the decisions taken will affect you one way or another. Only that this time you can´t vote in the EU elections or have any say in the EU Parliament.

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The European Union is a great thing, we only need to replace the elected politicians ruling it, luckily we don´t live in Russia and this is something that can be done in the next EU elections this year.

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Giorgia Meloni was a fraud, she has done nothing to stop the invasion, only Hungary still stands.

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Hollywood glamourizes drug dealers as if it was a victimless crime but they have killed millions of people all over the World, there is nothing cool about being a drug dealer, I have more respect for a thief than a drug dealer, I bet they would not give that poison to their own kids.

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It is recent news and perfectly fine to worry about it.

"US fears Russia preparing to put nuclear weapons in space"


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Not in this competition apparently.

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You can see in the video how the second woman got stalled and because of her the whole team behind couldn´t make it, this doesn´t mean all of them were unprepared, just one of them, the first team member clearly makes it.

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Russia didn´t show "it can be done", what they have shown is that they can beat sanctions importing Western products using third party countries, even Russian missiles still use components made in the USA.

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The documentary is nazi garbage praising Hitler and the poster is some retarded nick implying that Covid does not exist, but there are plenty of Islamist terrorist propaganda in the European Union and Europol doesn´t do anything about it, if they allow Islamist propaganda and demonstrations they should allow nazi propaganda and demonstrations too. Europe´s main threat right not are not nazis but Islamic terrorists.

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These researchers are most of them leeches living off tax payer money only producing propaganda for those in power, they wont do studies on whether "women with penis" need mental health or not, or why empowered females are not demanding they are allowed to go fight the war in Ukraine and also dig trenches in the mud while drones fly above their head. I wonder why.

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*Why is the Spanish Super Cup played in Saudi Arabia?

The answer is simple, the Saudi government put 40 million euros on the table to buy the tournament for the next three seasons, that's all, the Royal Spanish Football Federation needed money.*


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Egypt is a safe country, there are plenty of space there for Palestinians, they can even cross the border on foot or using one of the many illegal tunnels they have in between Egypt and the land Palestinians occupy in Israel.

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The same happens with many young women spending thousands of euros having breast enlargement when it is not needed and they just end up with breast scars and probably having surgery again a few years later to remove the enlargement.

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I feel that in many of these videos the "influencers" try to make them as controversial as possible on purpose even if they look like an ass just to get views and comments which is where the money is, it probably gets them more views saying "I farted at my wedding to protest against the church" than posting "I had a wonderful wedding with a really beautiful dress". They want the audience and them sticking around, could not care any less whether you agree with them or not, for influencers views and followers equals money. The whole social networks are a reality show with close to nothing real there.

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If anybody wants to check out the projects of Angel, the studio that produced Sound of Freedom, they have many films that can be streamed on their website for free. They are religious oriented but that also means that there is no LGTB propaganda in their films. https://www.angel.com/watch

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I don´t think this will end well for the poor people in Argentine, the wealthy will be ok they can afford private pension plans, private education and the private services that Milei will dismantle. And that doesn´t mean supporting Venezuela instead, both leaders Milei and Maduro are populists living in a dreamland.

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It is obviously a joke, it doesn´t take a genius to spot that, good viral marketing campaign for the company.

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We have enough Islamic states in the World, I don´t wish to see any other popping out, specially not one ruled by animals like Hamas, they should flood all Palestinian sewers to drown those rats.

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Anything is possible but the guy is wearing the English flag on his beanie.

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