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Let me tell you about this guy I know, Jack. Didn't support Israel, wouldn't vote with the other sheep, refused campaign donations from AIPAC.

I like him already! HAHAHA

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poor people defending billionaire tax rates is another dumb narrative in clown world.

Anyone defending billionaires at all is a clown who doesn't understand that it isn't left vs right, it's a class war, and we're all divided by the UNIPARTY by design.

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That is where the reform part comes into play. Most billionaires pay less in taxes than millionaires and at a lower percentage than workers in poverty.

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No Thanks app. You can find it by typing "No thanks boycott" in app stores. It's free. Yea it's pro-Palestine but also helps "others" just as well.

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All three of those agendas are manipulated, funded, and covered in the media by the same people.

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Someone posted a video of an app that helps you avoid (((those))) companies. I forget the name of the app, anyone know it?

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America must reform or it will die.

The kid in the video is only scratching the surface, and is clearly still influenced by the left. He doesn't understand that Soros and others are/were funding these pro-Palestine protests THEMSELVES to gain enough support to outlaw speech against the billionaire bankers who own most of the politicians and the media. They're the ones who own the UNIPARTY.

Term limits, flat tax, no deductions. All gains taxed at a small, flat amount. No tax loopholes for Bezos and others. And no amnesty for illegals. Blue collar, middle class America is under attack. Reform or die!

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Just a reminder, Trump is still actively praising himself for allowing the clot shots. I know it's a shitstorm under Biden, but they stole the election last time, this time they'll either do it again or they'll let Trump win and then collapse the economy on his watch. Everyone knows a massive recession is coming. They'll pin it on Trump and then impeach him on some made up shit.

They killed JFK, pushed out VP Spiro Agnew on fake charges, pushed out Nixon (the biggest landslide winning president in American history) on fake made up "hotel spying" shit and ushered in Gerald Ford who was the only person to serve as VP and POTUS without being elected to either office. They'll do whatever they want. It truly is a uniparty because both parties are bought and paid for by the same people.

America needs to reform or it'll die and give birth to the NWO.

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Only indie games have any integrity left.

Unfortunately even some of them are joining the shit show.

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Fraudulent coal-burning jew grifter says coal-burning jew things, instead of coal-burning jew grifter things.

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Not mad, no reason to be sry, just wanted to share with you and others. Someone else did the same when I mentioned Not the Bee recently.

It's always good to know who is behind what we read and watch, and the things we trust and believe in ourselves, and especially what we choose to share with other like-minded people in our communities.

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Embracer sells Saber interactive along with other companies. This includes Metro series and new Warhammer 40k Space marine game

Space Marine is still being made

It's being delayed though

They don't seem to care either.

Well fuck. Space Marine 2 is gonna be gay and will feature an ugly butch lesbian now, isn't it?

Saber Interactive is leading development on multiple upcoming games, including Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 and the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake.

Wow. The fucking (((DEI))) shit is killing the gaming industry.

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am I allowed to say that?

Yes, but not if you say it like (((this))).

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I vote rule 16 to be removed.

SIXTEEN: Do not attack entire identity groups as inferior or conspiring.

I've been doing some noticing lately, and I think discussing certain things I've noticed should be allowed.

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Maybe it's a really longform April Fools joke?

Or if it's real, maybe there is a plot twist and he has to kill himself because his family is forcing him to marry her or something?

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And then if you do end up marrying one and procreating, they can ruin you financially, steal your children, and then charge you for it. And if you refuse to pay the state sponsored extortion, you run the risk of being incarcerated.

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