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The state of the industry does not look good, especially in the AAA world.

Gearbox started firing people as soon as it was bought by Embracer

Nintendo restructures it's testing department

Skull and Bones is slashed by $25 after three weeks on sail

Relic entertainment sold by SEGA

_B: EA Losses

EA drops star wars games and fires 650

EA is looking away from licensed games

_B: Saber Sold

Embracer sells Saber interactive along with other companies. This includes Metro series and new Warhammer 40k Space marine game

Space Marine is still being made

It's being delayed though

They don't seem to care either.

Valve created an orb for video making using steam decks they had lying around. Half Life 3 is still not released.

Activision QA has a large union now

_B: Warner Bros keeps on losing path

Warner Bros Gaming would rather commit suicide squad than make another successful Harry Potter game.

They really want that Fortnite style money

This has made them lean into the DEI money like Sweet Baby Inc

How Sweet Baby Inc ruined a game called Flintlock

Interview with women who work at Mojang. Buzzfeed article says diversity will help us all.

It also means companies leaning into milking the existing player base Instead of trying to grow it.

A lawsuit is coming for game makers that accuses them of making addictive practices to make more money. The response has been, “you can't sue us for making good games”.

Why I stopped being a framerate snob… advert for Steam deck

A business model designed to milk small amounts of players, rather than selling well overall. Comparison to the Cable channel model.

This has meant the Game Developer Conference has some awkwardness.

_GDC: AAA and Creativity

It costs too much to be creative in the AAA field.

Maybe AAA deserves to die. Corporations are greedy! Become an indie!

_GDC: Scream

A group go together to start

Screaming in a park

Meanwhile Monopoly Go has a huge publicity budget.

Monopoly Go had a nearly half a billion promotional budget.

And Toys for Bob is finally making their own game

Toys for Bob is making their own game. They usually make them by assignment, and have been very successful at it. The NFC toy games were started by them, and they created Tony Hawk Downhill Jam.

Also, Capcom has raised the pay of their employees.

Capcom raises salaries in tough times

So there is a silver lining.