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Glow-ops or not, I expect we'll see more of this as whites realize they have nothing left to lose in this bugs-n-pods clown world.

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I'd consider spending $6/mo to get true news.

Fake news is free though, why would anyone pay for that?

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I've pulled out of so many things I used to consoom due to wokeness.

And it's not even a conscious effort, my soul just naturally avoids that which is evil.

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Faggotry is doubling every 15 years.

Those born from 2004-2019 should be 41% faggot.

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Mx. is a racist slur against the Irish though.

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When I was a kid they started teaching us about puberty and reproduction in Grade 5, and honestly it seemed unnecessarily soon.

And now lefties want to teach kindergarteners sodomy. Like... good fucking god. Innocence should be protected, not violated.

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Yeah didn't lego do a "PRIDE" set recently? Globalist trash.

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They often complete their transition to dead.

Any effort to discard your original self is the road to suicide.

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Just use leftie terminology like ACAB when hating on cops.

The left is allowed to hate them with full immunity.

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That list would be handy for my local community. I'd contact each and every person and let them know I'm available to help them with whatever they need.

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Faggot is so much easier to say than LGBT, and it communicates the same thing.

Congratulations, Power Rangers, on your first faggot.

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Watch as identity politics are now completely ignored when it's inconvenient to Trudeau.

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They've done the math, and they have enough WEF stooges in Canadian parliament to invoke this shit for all time.

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