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Literally one non pozzed game in an ocean of faggotry and they consider it a total loss.

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The response to his videos convinces me everyone who likes this show is a paid shill or bot. Critical Drinker can be swayed by amazonbucks just like anyone else.

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Alt headline: "Racist white male attacks innocent african who was politely asking a woman to borrow her phone."

Alt headline 2: "Police shoot unarmed black man, since the magazine fell out of his gun."

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Always has been.

The gay-run fashion industry commonly promotes effeminate men and androgynous women. A typical high-fashion model has no curves, rail-thin, and short hair; compared to traditionally attractive pinups/maxim girls/(old) Victoria's secret girls, etc.

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They are parasites. Once Woketards take over a company, fandom, business, etc. whatever prior goals it had are abandoned. All future activity will be to further spread wokeness, until it dies (which is then blamed on the "fans" rather than the people who ruined it).

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At this point it's pure money laundering back into their own pockets so I get it.

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Been pointing this out for years. Whenever a black rapist is involved, Believe all Women changes to She's A Lying Slut Who Was Asking For It.

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This is a great example of why you should never marry a woman who isn't tearing your clothes off for sweaty jungle sex at every moment. All women are horny, if she's not getting it from you she's getting it somewhere else.

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Every social bargain that women were once beholden to has been nullified.

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Classic bait. Throw out a meaningless issue, force people to say mean things about women, call them sexist.

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Still a great site for console games and Jrpgs that the big sites don't bother with.

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Japanese women have rejected their emasculated wage slave men and refused to breed. Nothing will change until they get a new Shogun who takes women's rights away.

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If you protest but the media ignores it, there was no protest.

Welcome to the modern total state? Protesting has always been fake and gay. The sooner people realize protesting is a total myth the sooner things will actually change.

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Just pointing out trapezoid vs hourglass body shape is now considered transphobic

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Bro there's literally a pregnant woman with a fork in her eye shooting raiders with a machine gun

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The simple fact it's a girlboss yas queen slay hero who's braver than all the men in the vault tells me everything I need to know about it.

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Loooool https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_reactions_to_the_Israel%E2%80%93Hamas_war

I want to know, do you actually believe that or are you being forced to say that?

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Definitely started with Russia, but the CIA coup is the 'Franz Ferdinand' moment.

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Israel isn't a formal ally though. We have no treaties with them at all.

It's an interesting grey area. Treaties would require voting. But them buying our politicians never gets voted on.

Anyway, a few missile attacks aren't going to do shit. Iran is pretty far from Israel so how are they ever going to actually "attack" them? In fact this attack is likely to be so ineffectual it's probably a false flag to get us to invade Iran.

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