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The Venus De Milo is 2000 years old and depicts a woman with shapely and toned physique but with B cups. Beauty is not subjective, only breast size preference is.

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Yep, this has always been the case. He has only ever made money from selling carbon credits. Global Warming panic is literally his only business model and always has been. I sort of gave him a pass because he's not the one who set up the system in the first place; and using the money to fund space exploration is pretty cool.

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What a hilarious article. "We committed countless acts of vandalism, theft, arson, and assault, here's the jerks who filmed us and pointed it out."

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They've been saying 'safe and effective' since before they were released, despite trials showing less than 1% effectiveness and safety trials not set to finish for 2 more years.

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It's so pathetic because it was obviously the right call but then the liberal borg kicked in and rewrote the program, and boom, everyone has always been a masker and at war with eastasia.

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These fuckers were lining up behind gun control shit for years.

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Modern experts are priests, all they know how to do is read and interpret scripture. So now they want to keep mass in latin.

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What's so stupid about this is this is such an iconic cover it's frequently cosplayed, and many of the cosplays are much racier. Women like to be sexy and sexy women like to be seen as sexy. Only the hambeasts complain about it.

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Where do you live? I'm in a big city and it's wall to wall masktards here. Fortunately we're all passive aggressive so when I stroll through the grocery store without a care all I get are furtive glances.

American's second secession won't be a war but a mere formality of what everyone already knows.

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Basically millennials are the faggiest generation in history with no testosterone whatsoever.

The extent that this isn't their fault is besides the point.

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Reminder # 5766 that falsely yelling fire in a crowded theatre IS NOT ILLEGAL.

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You're right in that he shouldn't have pushed west, instead just armed up and fortified Germany. If he had stopped at restoring the pre-ww1 borders he may have gotten away with everything. Of course then all the jews in Germany probably would have been exterminated, or maybe he would have just stuck with expelling them. But no British involvement means FDR never dismantles the empire, which probably means no Israel. Which would also mean no middle east conflicts. No USSR also means no Afghan invasion, which means no Mujahedeen and no 9/11. It also means they keep Von Braun and thus the Nazis would go to the moon instead of us. Funny how it could all be different huh?

Hitler was attacked by propaganda across the world pretty much from day one, before he did any of the really bad stuff. Even if it was mostly bluster, it's possible to see from his perspective that he felt like the whole world was out to get him. That's why Yarvin calls Hitler's aggression 'fear biting.' Its kind of like how a bully will get in someone's face and do everything they can to provoke a punch, then lay a massive beatdown while claiming self-defense. All part of politics and diplomacy really. Hitler was a bad statesman and wartime leader, but he was hardly unique, not historically or compared to his contemporaries. Just the normal consequence of late-stage democratic collapse.

As for Bolshevik infiltration, use your imagination. Think of it like hostile priests converting your populace; always an act of war in the past. Were there just simultaneous communist movements all around the world like, by accident or something? "Workers of the World Unite" and "World Revolution" mean what they mean. Gee I don't know why red china, USSR, Castro's Cuba, and all these other pinko countries all spontaneously organized together towards the common goal of destroying the west. I guess you're right though, there's no evidence.

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...mother fuckers.

Goddamn the fucking PCR test. It's so hard to explain to people what a goddamn fraud it is. They just look at you like you're some kind of lunatic.

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Part 2 of the Hammer City documentary: "...They thought they could hold the situation together, but then the cannibalism began."

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Did you mean to say 'could have' or 'could not have'?

GRRM is disappointing because it seems like success has only made him more desperate for validation and approval. The question is whether stuff like this will help or hurt future fantasy TV show adaptations. Part of me hopes hollywood will learn its lesson and stop the nonsense but more likely they'll crash and burn and get disrupted.

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I could understand if it was an unknown author with no clout but GRRM could totally demand control over the project. This is completely on him, there's no getting out of it.

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It's true, GoT book 1 is actually fairly red pilled. Written back in the 90s, women are more or less the downfall of everyone. Stupid, conniving, lying, backstabbing; women do it all.

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