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The entire concept of discrimination law and civil rights is bullshit. There are a million legal reasons to fire someone and 16 or 17 illegal ones; what difference does it make? I can fire someone for wearing the wrong shoes, who cares if I fire them for being a tranny?

That's why they resort to drawing arbitrary lines across society and demanding cash because there's not enough melanin on one side or the other. It's just a retarded way to justify theft while brutalizing your enemies.

Plato explained 2000 years ago that all democracies devolve into chaos, then tyranny, and we're right on course.

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memory hole 3..2..1..

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"I support the people who tried to murder me" is just about the most republican thing I've ever heard.

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My friend is a truck driver, many times immigrants will come here and just declare they have a commercial license and the government grants them one no questions asked. No tests or anything. Put them in the front seat of an 18 wheeler and off they go. So many accidents are the result of minority drivers it's ridiculous.

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The same group responsible for wheelchair ramps on every building that never get used, wall panels needing to be at knee height so non-existent midgets can use them, and every bus needing a lift for the cripples who never actually ride them?

That's nice.

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We took it by ancient laws of conquest and bartering. Not our fault the indians were poor traders. Also they ate babies so fuck them.

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How can you get a merit badge in a non-existent ideology?

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Antifa are merely democrat militia irregulars. People need to realize the government will set them loose on you and do nothing to help. Plan accordingly. Do not bring signs and bullhorns to a battle.

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You're giving them too much credit, they don't actually know anything. They just type the words they know to type to get the rewards they want.

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That's why they switched to climate change, the globe wasn't warming anymore. Whatever. At this point either you're an NPC zombie or you're not.

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The FBI was literally right there filming while Kyle was being attacked by communist pedophiles.

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Covid ran its course and all current covid is ADE or vax side effects.

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With all the effort they spend trying to sniff out secret conspiracies against them these ladies really could be making me a sandwich.

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