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I didn't research the warrant so I'll have to take your word for it. I still get the idea from a few things I saw that this guy was not exactly an upstanding member of society. Still neither really matter, as the officer just chose the wrong tool for the job. Whether it was poor training, incompetence, or whatever it doesn't matter. There seems to be very little backstory here too to muddy the waters.

They actually want to fix stuff like this, commit to an extreme overhaul of police training including very stringent and strict competency tests. Of course, they'd have to get rid of a ton of cops because they aren't going to get enough competent people to fill the jobs. Which I guess wouldn't be all bad.

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It doesn't make any sense for police to serve at the pleasure of a legislative body. Since most city police report to the city council they are exactly that. It defies a check/balance.

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Let them burn. I watched last year and was pretty pissed but I don't care about their shitholes anymore. I was just out and clearly no one gives a shit around me, same old things going on if people would take their damn face napkins off inside stores you'd never know anything was different. They won't get into the wrong areas until they manage to disarm enough people.

Hoover, AL? Really?

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I'm not a fan of the police in general, but sheriffs are okay for the most part. In many (I won't say most because I haven't done the research) states sheriffs only answer to the people and generally cannot be impeached or removed by a government body. So if the government decides to lockdown they can just say fuck that and not enforce it and nothing can be done about it. It's really the most American type of law enforcement.

I'm not for police abolishment, but more of a lessening/removal of the city, state, and federal police and a growth of the sheriffs departments. The police should answer to the people directly. Make some bullshit law? Ok, the police won't enforce it. Get past that, nullify it in the jury box. We still have rules that protect us but they aren't used most of the time.

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That's why if I move into the country I'm not going to try to go up north. It sounds and looks really nice, but I'm from the south and if I'm going to get out of town I think I'd be more successful somewhere I can acclimate immediately. I've been looking at property, at the very least wouldn't mind getting my hands on a good piece of land I can use later.

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How many of the rest of them in line said, "it's just a minor inconvenience that I can put up with to keep us safe." One is too many, but out of 30 I bet at least 5.

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So it's Dexter, but apparently justifies the killings because someone was mean to her on Twitter? Just wait until that starts happening for real (if it hasn't already).

Also, "Why can't we have different opinions and just be nice about it?" Yeah you were the ones that wanted politics interjected into every moment.

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I'm not sure leaving a job over a couple crazy coworkers would be the smart thing to do at this point. It's not like these people have any say over me and aren't even on my projects. Just random coworkers. Neither are really the most competent employees of the bunch either. At the moment the most leftism I have to deal with at work is side comments, and overall my job has changed very little over the last year.

I'd have to do a total career change to get any better than I have now, and that would just set back everything else I've tried to build up for resiliency sake just from the pay cut alone.

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I think the hardest part is getting them past their fear first. If they are still terrified of all this they aren't even close to the mode of questioning what all happened.

I know at least two people personally (not online) that have had their vaccines and are still terrified to do anything not absolutely essential. They are coworkers (I couldn't deal with friends that nuts) and I even tried to dance around the issue with one of them with things like "if all this stuff works, don't we eventually have to move on?" It kind of stunned them a bit and I didn't get a good answer, but it was clear that there was so much fear porn in their head that they weren't even close to moving on.

There's just too many people who's brains are totally destroyed by this and critical thinking like you propose is far beyond their capacity. I think every single post I've ever seen on normie social media with something like "when can masks and social distancing go away?" always is dominated with support for wearing masks forever or for a very long time.

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I saw that yesterday and yet another time I was in total shock. Just stay and die because you haven't gotten a vaccine. Yet these people want to tell me they are the caring ones?

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Aside from that policy being total bullshit and a human rights violation, I'm not surprised since it's New Zealand. I hate how they have to make up cutesy names for everything. I saw one yesterday talking about everyone getting their "Fauci ouchie." Yeah, if you actually want me to get this shot you might want to come up with something better than that. If I were to get all the way to the point I was seconds away from getting stuck and they said right before "ready for your Fauci ouchie?" I would immediately tell them to go fuck themselves and leave.

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Yeah my brother who shouldn't be dumb either is the same way and will go forth on all of the liberal talking points. The thing is he doesn't practice any of what he preaches. I saw him twice last year, why wasn't I expected to only meet up outside with masks and social distancing? His kids are both boys, have been called boys from birth, are totally allowed to be boys--shouldn't they have grown up without gender until they decided? What has he done to reduce his whiteness? He has talked all of these points before, but if you were to just observe behavior you never see it.

That's where I get hung up myself. I can't say segregating or denying people things over a vaccine is wrong, then present my vaccine card to enter a bar. It's never been about the vaccine itself, I'd get it today. Tomorrow when I'm asked to prove it for something in daily life, I still have to say no. So why bother getting the shot at all?

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I was just thinking a government that actually had discussion of something as insane as a night time curfew for all men on the actual floor of Parliament would not be interested in importing any more men. It seems they don't want the ones they have already to the point of one of the most inhumane and draconian ideas I've ever heard come from a legislative body.

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They will just say oh this was in March 2020 he only said that so we would save the masks for the glorious frontline workers.

Masks are the biggest psy-op done on the world so far in my lifetime. It was perfect for them, a visual indicator of compliance. As soon as they said "I wear my mask to protect you and you wear yours to protect me" it was all over. Here an entire year later and we've got an entire world of data and I've not seen a single piece of data convincing me they've done anything. Can't say that though they won't try to convince you or argue with you they just censor you.

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I was looking for the "Bee:" leading up to this. The UK of all places is criticizing China over Hong Kong? There's gotta be a catch. It's it women only or something?

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So, they went to Alabama, tried to push a union and assumed that because they were mostly black an organization as divisive as BLM would galvanize their group? In Alabama...

I'm thinking the people that organized this union push was not from around there.

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Exactly the type of place I would have expected. The big corporations and these trendy places will go all in on their vaccines.

I'm not even against the vaccines as much as I am this stuff. I won't get it not because I'm afraid of it (AZN excluded), but because it's symbolic of me saying that what is going on here is right. Been a tough few days as I've realized among personal acquaintances I'm one of two remaining that haven't gone for it, and I'm about to be the outcast. Not one of them I've talked to understands why I die on this hill (it's just a little inconvenience, etc.) and I don't hang around raging liberals. I'm hoping they learn when the door slams shut and their dreams of normal life never happen, but I don't think they will.

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Nothing will be done about gun violence anyway, it's just a guise used to go after gun owners for control and political purposes.

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My great grandfather died at 99, my mother was definitely somewhere in the 48-52 range then. So it's possible.

I go with the tiktok user ID here though, severus_the_feline. Anyone with a Harry Potter username I put at max age of 30.

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Oh, I don't expect to win the argument. Just wanted to smear shit on their face. I'm not around that many die-hard leftists anyway.

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I get the need to vent for sure. I would say for myself it's frustration more than fear. Sometimes, I want to just throw in the towel and become a good little citizen. I don't, because well for one, as part of the process I'd essentially be giving up the will to live. It's like the Anakin becomes Vader thing, for me to become an obedient sheep, who I am now must be destroyed.

So, I do as I've always done and push forward. The sad part right now is the walls are closing in. Last year was easier, I never really had any leftist friends and only limited family, so it wasn't much to lose. This year, I watch as all the semi-conservatives quietly fall in line. They may not fully accept all of it, but they take the easy route. I'm pretty sure this year is where I'm going to have to figure out exactly where I draw the line in the sand, knowing that if I stay on my side I'm giving up at leave some friend/family relationships survived the year of nothing fear. I'd almost rather just rip the entire band-aid off at once and disappear, but that's not something that comes from a position of sanity.

In the end, I just keep trying to be tough and not let them beat me down with their psychological warfare.

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Has one of their approved propaganda sources reported that yet? If I'm ever going to shove it in a leftists face, it has to be from one of those. Otherwise, it doesn't matter how true, they will totally deny it.

I'm not sure if CNN said it they would believe it though. We are dealing with delusionists of the highest order.

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I don't know how to get archive to work with the video, but the article touches on it. This guy goes on about people that will take their masks off and cough in their face because he's Asian. Either the translation is shit or he's full of shit. I can't think of a single place I'd go where I'd expect to see that happen.

I could come up with places where they'd tell the Asian guy to GTFO by order of shotgun before I can think of a place where someone is wearing a mask, sees Asian, approaches, removes mask, and coughs on them.

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At the very least with Spirit they usually sell you what you pay for. There's not really that much of a gap between Spirit and American in the cheap seats. Particularly since I don't think any of them give out drinks anymore.

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