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I wish my mom would listen to me about that. My parents divorced when I was in my early 20s and it's so night and day the difference after all these years. My dad is outside a lot and active and he'd compare favorably to a 40 year old. My mom goes to work then sits in a dark house and has gotten where she complains about everything. No matter what I try I just can't get her to take any initiative to do something even marginally enjoyable on her own, it's always just excuses.

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Alternatively, they could "save America" by trying to win people over with good arguments. Except, their side is devoid of good argument. You know, Emily Maskton, no one listens to what you say because it's bullshit and doesn't make any sense, right? I've not even looked at your tweets, but I know how it works. Nothing holds up to any sort of unbiased scrutiny.

I don't even like Fox News either and think that old people sitting around all day with political TV of any sort screaming at them is unhealthy.

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You're not a weirdo. I'm a millennial (supposedly) and I've never seen it either. Or, if I have it was a very long time ago and left no impression on me at all.

Only person I know that's seen it is a zoomer and he told me it sucked. Although if I'm honest I'm surprised he watched it at all.

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I think people have changed too. For years now I would do like one big solo trip, the type of thing I just couldn't get other people to go along with me on. I liked it, because even though I'm not the most outgoing person I'd end up meeting interesting people in unusual places, etc. It seems like that's all but gone and people shut up and hide now and everything is designed around keeping people apart. The height of my travel fun the last couple years has been things really unexotic like camping with friends 30mins from home or hanging out with my cousin on his birthday. That's not to say I haven't tried "sights", but the last such trip I got bored and came home early.

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I will say when I was reading that earlier this year I couldn't help but think how it was nothing but a guidebook for the leftist utopia. That it's what they want.

I will also say that's why they are all so unhappy. Their whole life is about baseless pleasure whether it be casual sex or social media likes. I've never been the most social person so it really took Covid clownery cutting me off from everything to realize that even for a quiet not-very social person like myself how much of the happy in my life was from human experience. The stuff that sticks with me as the fun points of my adult life are the personal experiences with friends, family, even random strangers. That's what I remember fondly, not the things I've seen or places I've been. Take that away like they did in 2020, and I'm an angry wreck screaming on the internet just like they are.

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That's as much of a problem as the woke in games. New games just suck in general. Myself and the people I play with have gone months vying for new, fun stuff to play together and just keep being disappointed over and over again. We'd probably buy anything if we thought it would be fun because we want to spend time together, and if you're not in the same town gaming is one of the only things you can do. Instead everything that comes out is either dreary boring, a free-to-play grind with little content, or bugged to the point it ruins the experience.

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It should be easier for daycare children to come out as gay.

Daycare children will only have this on their mind if they are told to.

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He's just telling the truth, it's so bad he doesn't even have to lie.

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There's a certain amount of mental stability required to fly a plane. I don't want to be on any plane flown by these nuts.

I wonder how long before the FAA drops their standards? At the moment there is a very stringent restriction regarding using mind altering drugs, prescription or not, etc.

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They will just print those votes out directly instead. Cheaper that way.

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Investors don't give a shit about blackness. They give a shit about not losing their money. School districts with shitty management are a higher risk. If you've got $400M in deferred maintenance, you are shitty management. Maybe you should have maintained your property properly over the years instead of hiring your Aintee LaRhonda's baby daddy to do it cuz he gud at fixin stuff and sheeit.

I did contract work for some of these type schools years ago. One of them I know for a fact is totally defunct. I bet their bonds didn't get paid back.

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It's the culture of "you're perfect just the way you are!" I struggle to criticize that at times, because I grew up feeling more like I was wrong no matter what I did, but neither are the right way. It just seems to me no one ever tries to improve themselves anymore because they are fine the way they are or whatever. Except it's a world of unhappy, grumpy, and unfulfilled people. I prefer to try to make myself better every day, and that doesn't mean putting myself down, just learning and improving.

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NATO should tell him to piss off. But they won't

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Are the Iranians allowed to leave? I'd think Venezuela would be primed for a revolution, but it seems like every story about someone crossing the US-Mexico border it's a Venezuelan. They don't revolt, they run. I tend to expect all the Iranians are just in Germany instead.

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I was never quick to judge those that got the shot, particularly those I know personally that weren't preachy about it. They just thought they were doing the right thing and finding actual truth about it through all the mess during that time was not an easy task. The ones that bug me the most are the ones that repeatedly had bad experiences and didn't learn. Or the ones that keep going on about it now when everything is out there and there's no evidence of it even working.

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I was going to say if it was a conservative they'd have executed him, but I don't even think the typical hypocrisy applies there. They'd sweep it as under the rug as possible too, because they want to quietly promote being a pedo.

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I'm pretty convinced that pretty much all of the good women are married by 25 and stay married a long time. Anything that comes out of that are retreads that underneath are still someone's old used tires and anything else are even more crazy.

I know Mr. Impossible, you will get mad because I said good women and marriage in not a super negative light, but think about how many women you know that got married by 25 and stayed that way a long time, and you will see I'm talking about a really small percentage.

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I forgot to respond to one of those I got, I think I was driving or something at the time. Maybe I still can. I wanted to string them along and see what kind of stupid I could get out of them.

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The trannies are helping Russia? What are the odds it's social media profiles were covered with Ukrainian flags and support?

Probably sold out to get some cash for fake vagina and fake tits installation.

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Men have always been allowed to feel emotion. It's just that typically men don't deal with emotion and emotional situations the same as women. Also, sobbing hysterically isn't the only emotion that exists.

The only thing the one on the right is in touch with is extreme mental illness.

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I know a bunch of people who got it over the summer. I'm pretty sure 100% of them had at least two doses too. One example I know of another person that lives in the same house didn't get it at all and they didn't have the shot. I don't think I've ever seen data showing positive effects from this fake vaccine.

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I'm not totally sure I'd say it changed my personality but it definitely changed me. The traits they mention I've changed depending on the person. Less open and agreeable to the insane people trying to destroy the world, more open and agreeable to people close to me that stuck with me through Covid clownery. Definitely made me realize who gives a crap about me and who was faking it, and I'd say a lot of the things I do differently now versus 2019 are a defensive response to having the government try to destroy my life, I just chose to try to go about it in a way that makes me happy and not angry.

But you kinda wonder from the survey itself, I bet people their "declines" in personality are a defensive response too. Is that not to be expected when everything is under attack?

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If it was in a blue area, they'd throw the federal aid in a bill full of tranny rights, pet projects in totally unaffected areas, etc. then make articles about how "evil Trump supported Republicans that happen to be up for election voted against desperately needed hurricane relief."

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The other half of my out of town visit from my other recent post was basically this. Like sitting around listening to women talk about how no one does anything for them that's good enough even when people have done tons for them. These being the same people they "love" so much yet never say anything positive about. I can't help but sitting there thinking it's all so selfish. I'd never go as far to say it's all women, but these attitudes are sure present in a huge percentage of them.

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