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There was a black guy in The Empire Strikes Back in 1980 in a key role. Didn’t even feel like they just shoved in the token black like in the Disney garbage. She just wants to bitch

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Yeah I get it. Definitely not one of those types that say adults should never enjoy childish stuff, in fact I'd go with the opposite in that it's better to have enough confidence to not worry about proving you're an adult at every chance.

Still think obsessions are unhealthy, not from the standpoint of a high horse, but a been there done that try to not repeat mistakes mindset. I wouldn't call escapism the same as obsession though. Really a lot of the obsessive traits I see on the crazy leftist nuts where _____thing is an critical part of their existence and their whole life revolves around it.

Or in the end maybe it's all as simple as I have a severe aversion to pink, purple, glittery shit, etc. Because that would definitely be true

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Is it just some scare tactics so we will assume Putin wants to attack them? Or do the muzzies not like the WEF? Even so, a truck of peace type attack seems more likely than a military attack

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I'd rather not. Gross. Weird sexual fantasies can all be ostracized and pushed out of society. Furries, trannies, pedos, gays, the lot.

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Looks like they took a leftist room and added in a couple accessories they don't like. At the very least I put bronies in the same category of mental fuckery as leftists. Albeit I think obsession is unhealthy whether it's little girl ponies or sports teams. Interested in something? Fine okay, not that I will ever understand a sane interest from a grown man in My Little Pony, but I can't really talk much since I'm sure someone could say I play kids games or something.

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I tend to believe yes. Meaning that mainly I don't really follow the mindset of you are with me 100% and have always been or you are against me. That's not feasible.

That said, this is at best turning the wheel in the right direction. There's a long way to go to righting the ship in my mind. Really with any business it starts with making me want to be a customer again before I even start to think over any grudges I may hold.

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I think the myocarditis thing is a lot bigger than we know too. I can think of just a few examples off hand of people I know personally who suddenly have a heart problem flaring up in the last year. Granted, I don't think any of them were in particularly good shape anyway, but it still seems way too coincidental. I've also heard a lot of it doesn't get taken seriously by doctors--meaning they do a couple looks, "oh it's fine" or immediately want to jump to insane surgeries. I really have little trust in doctors anymore in a lot of practices.

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AI slavery


That's all

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Regular old hypocrisy. If you made fun of them for the same thing it would be a hate crime.

In the end, why do I need to know or give a shit about whatever supposed mental disability someone has? Elon doesn't bring it up much, perhaps because if I had to guess he doesn't feel the need to use it as an excuse. Almost every time I hear someone say they have Asperger's, autism, anxiety, "the spectrum" or whatever it's as a scapegoat. The ones that have legit debilitating mental issues don't have to tell you.

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She's about as brown as Talcum X. What the hell makes you a brown person? Being light skinned and from South America?

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Strong woman saves the day. Shocker.

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It wasn't necessarily difficulty that ran me off. I'm not one to necessarily need a hard game. Although I would say their difficulty curve was usually sort of challenging at the beginning until you're about 20% in and have learned the gameplay and have some upgrades. At which point it's totally trivial.

They just lost their variety to me. All third person action/adventure with mildly different ways of attacking like some being more ranged and others melee. Typically always a stealth section or two. I've played all the old God of War games at least twice each I think, have no interest in replaying the new one and it was my favorite exclusive game on the machine.

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That's about the extent of my internet use anymore. A few select small communities and an information resource. Also, I guess things that would otherwise be done by mail in the same fashion like bills and finances.

I gave up almost all of what I had left of the big sites during the BLM Saint Floyd Summer Tour. It was the last straw really, and at the time I think the only posts allowed had to be about wearing a mask or kneeling for the riots. I've not missed. All those places did is serve to agitate me. Occasionally someone will ask me, "did you see ___ say ___ on Twitter?" I just answer with "No I don't really go on there anymore" and that's the end of it.

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I haven't tried many garage sales, but thrift stores can be good too or there's this "antique mall" that's more of a junk shop that I've bought at. I tend to overdo it a bit when it comes to books/games/movie collecting. So a couple years ago I set a pretty tight budget on that now just as a personal goal to force myself. I was buying stuff I would watch/read/play just once and be totally disinterested in ever wanting it again, but letting it take up space. It's been good to try to understand my tastes and be more selective.

Cell phone wise, if I could get my first BlackBerry before everything went smartphone and touchscreen, I'd be happy forever. I think technically it did internet, but very poorly. It was very good at texting, e-mail, and calls and that's all I really want from a phone.

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Interesting one. Since I presume all of this is based around continuing to live in the current world as we know it I'd have to throw in a few caveats like required use for work, etc.

Otherwise, better availability of physical media mainly outside of the internet. Books, video, music, software, games, etc. A lot of this has gone to either non-existent or hard to procure locally at times.

Also, a legit old school newspaper. Not the New York toilet times. Something more local with at least some journalistic integrity and like it used to be with physical delivery to my house.

Otherwise, not the Internet but related. I'm not giving up regular old SMS texting, it works too well to keep up with family and friends as it is. Also, keeping a cell phone but a dumb phone is fine. Not that either of these would I mind giving up, but the world has moved on. Phone for example, sometimes you really do need communication when out somewhere and payphones are a thing of the past.

Short answer, if we could roll the methods and availability of product back about 30 years, I could give up the internet right now.

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I got rid of a ton of gaming stuff the last few months. PS4 had been made redundant and honestly was a huge disappointment well prior to me being mad at their woke. Everything was so meh about the first party games. I played a lot of them all the way through too, and I started thinking I'd never want to replay those again because they were not interesting. When the Yakuza series moved to Xbox and a lot of the new stuff seemed even worse the PS4 became very redundant. Funny enough I sold it for almost exactly what I paid for it new, market is stupid on those things.

I still have my Xbox One X, I'll still consider upgrading it too but they haven't made any games there enough for me to want to buy. Kept my PS3 too, lot of stuff on there I'd actually want to play again and even if I buy games they are secondhand. Might even try Gran Turismo for some reason never played one of those on there. Got rid of all kinds of older stuff I had gathered up, probably for a profit everyone is overpaying for "retro" stuff and I really wanted to downsize.

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They all suck though. I've already gotten rid of my PS4, and I'm not thrilled with Microsoft either. I get stuff there because it doesn't have DRM. The next choice is piracy.

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Still don't want it. Even having at least slightly converted to PC gaming, I don't have that Epic launcher anyway. I may sound like one of those PC elitist turds, but if it's not on GOG or Steam I'm not interested. I don't want a damn store and account for every single publisher. I don't really like Steam either, but if you're stuck with one DRM platform that has to be the one.

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Putin Trudeau's decision to expel Canadian Russian media from Moscow Toronto is an attempt to silence them from reporting the facts, and it is unacceptable. Journalists must be able to work safely – free from censorship, intimidation, and interference. That is something Canada Russia will always stand up for.

Altered it into what could be Putin's quote. It's a lie either way.

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Not shocked. I think I had been a Netflix sub going back to probably 2008. I cancelled in 2020 a month or so before the height of the Cuties debacle. I mean, this was during the time that everything was closed and I had nothing to do, yet I still wasn't watching Netflix? It was long overdue and the only reason I hung on so long I think was because I had enjoyed it in the past.

It's hard to blame Netflix specifically though. Content has changed and my tastes have changed. When it comes to Netflix I remember about the time I kept getting suggested some show promo with some waffles arranged like a cock and balls. Apparently they thought I would want that. What it really meant is they couldn't find any better. I had a handful of streaming services and used all of them, right now I just let my Prime go away and all I have is Crunchyroll and an ad-supported Hulu sub I get as a "free" perk from something else. I probably use the Crunchyroll enough to keep when my year is up, and I really only use the Hulu occasionally but find the ads so annoying it's more of when I want to put something on the TV and take a nap than watch anything seriously. I've gone back to physical media and with almost every new TV show coming out not interesting me, well it's been cheap.

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I mean it wouldn't be surprising. I don't even know how much Twitter reports as far as users go but perhaps it's a number that's just ridiculously unrealistic. What constitutes fake as well? If I go make an account to parody Joe Biden is that a fake account even if it's extremely active and followed?

If that was Musk's angle on this to expose them, that's fine too. I don't really care what happens to Twitter. As far as I'm concerned Twitter is such a lost cause that if I were given ultimate control and resources personally, I don't think I could even fix it myself. It's a flawed concept. Just I don't think it can get any worse either, so what they start censoring more and shoving more woke shit in everyone's faces. Those that fall for that at this point are already lost.

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Yeah, manila I believe is correct. For a 50-something supposed superintendent of a school district it's pretty dumb.

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It was very rural, so it's not all what you'd expect of the living on the streets, gang violence, etc. I will say though the way I ended up there first was I was a sub-sub-contractor for a company to upgrade the security camera system to DVR equipment. This was the first school I'd ever seen with cameras damn near everywhere, and I'd been working with a company that provided services to schools and probably been to two dozen different schools by that point. So that right there tells you something, generally the student populace was an unruly mob.

Otherwise, I spent more time there in the summer and on school breaks than during classes, so there's not nearly as much to tell. I will say that a lot of the teachers and administration were just plain stupid. I remember the first day I was there the IT guy was telling me about how a meeting the superintendent of the district kept asking for "vanilla" folders. (By the way she was damn near the stupidest of the bunch, one time I was there working with IT guy and he got called over to fix her printer. She had turned it off...) A lot of my stories would be second hand that I heard working with him really. Graduation rate was nearly non-existent. I remember once being told that elementary school girls would bring up in like "career day" that they were just going to drop out and be hookers.

The whole damn school was kept about as well as you'd expect. It was a trashy shitbox. I mean nothing was well kept. They got all their IT money from federal programs, so they had a lot of that, mainly because it was free to them. The few staff that tried were about out of energy from beating their heads against a brick wall.

If I recall I heard a few years ago that it was shut down due to one of those school consolidations. No doubt rolled into the nearby mostly white schools to bring them down.

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