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I'm going to guess these are examples in an area where the largest population of the school is "diverse". What will that mean? Cut the legs off the better schools and make sure they are all this bad. I'm also going to guess the teacher decline coincided with all the teachers giving more of a shit about gender and faggotry than education. Many of the things they mention are problems that my old school teachers solved by just plain not allowing the shit. Calculators, phones, Google (well that didn't exist yet, but Yahoo did)? All things that would have been forbidden in many/most cases.

I wish my youngest nephew wasn't about to start school or I could talk my brother out of it, he's 4 and can do close to half this list. At best, he's going to be fucking bored.

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I'm not that far off from you maybe a few years behind on the money but close. Minus the inheritance, I'll be lucky to inherit $2 much less $2M. I don't do clubs. My friend group is small and I'm very selective on who I include in it. I have plenty of social for my tastes and don't want more.

So for a few suggestions based on what I do. Have you tried any business ventures? I've got some passive investment (rentals) but I'm actually looking to see if there's something that I can put more time into instead. I don't want to manage residential myself so I may switch to commercial real estate or self storage or something. Still speculation and it's tough to get into right now, but it gives me goals.

What family do you have? I'm close with my cousin's kid and my nephews and that takes up time and gives me a lot of what I'm missing out from in my own family situation, i.e. tending to the next generation. Video games, fun things in person, stuff like that. Stressful at times, sure, but I don't have to be their parents either.

Do you do anything creative? I don't necessarily mean music and arts unless that's your thing. For me it's building things and mechanical things. I'll probably do something like a kit car in the next few years. In the meantime I have a car I'm fixing up that's a little less involved.

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Everything he said leading up to that was regurgitation of leftist anti-white talking points. How they are so messed up that they go to burning alive rather than telling the anti-white lobby to go fuck themselves, that I will never understand.

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Well, that was on my list of new games I'm interested in checking out, and that's a really short list. Now it's a pass.

And no, I'm not buying it and modding it out or pirating it either. For me if I pass on a game for woke-ness it's a full pass. I'd have let them go for a single fag flag too but when a dev is bending head over heels to suck the rainbow dick, it's usually a sign the product is bad.

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I mean obviously I don't know the details of the relationship they mention, but if I were to assume from the comments that we are talking about a man who wants a family finding a young woman who wants the same, then it's really a good deal for all involved. The woman gets am eatablished doctor, so likely a good solid foundation to support a family and the man gets a prime age mother without a bunch of baggage left from previous relationships, marriages, etc.

Everything else about the age is really made up constructs. They are both fully adults.

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Bring up eating dogs and cats to these same people and see how they respond...

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Unions were created to solve 1800s problems like company towns and total disregard for safety in factories.

Today they are used by people who think they should be able to support a whole family as middle class while standing and monitoring the checkouts at Walmart. Even in things like trades where they are most effective, it's just a sap on money for dues so that your union threatens those who want to hire someone who doesn't pay the union. Sounds about like the Mafia.

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Let animals roam free in our streets, and things like this are bound to happen. Urban politics condone this behavior and it won't stop until that changes.

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It's depreciation. That applies to any business investments really. You deduct the value of an asset over the life the the asset. It's not really tax avoidance as to depreciate something the business would have had to spend money on it in the first place, making it not part of their profit anyway. If they do make profit on something that depreciated, then you're required to pay depreciation recapture and repay the benefit of that deduction over time. Where it goes away entirely is something that depreciates to no value, so like for a regular business, a machine that is worn out and unserviceable after X years, or I guess for a sports business an athlete contract. They really aren't being straightforward with something like "There’s little risk that players will stop playing for Ballmer’s Clippers" because it would be tied to a player directly. Lebron will not play for the Lakers at the end of his contract, because he's no longer obligated to do so, such that the value of that contract is now zero. Any new contract would be a new depreciation line item. I don't know how you could possibly depreciate TV deals, as that's revenue. They don't go into any detail how.

The shortest answer though, is a lot of that depreciation Ballmer takes would have to be repaid in the event he sells the team (for a profit), particularly if taken on a whole on his personal income taxes. Yeah there's some loopholes, there are a ton of loopholes. I believe the biggest being inheritance, as a lot of it goes away when it becomes part of an estate.

I'd be a lot happier if articles like this would go into how broken taxes are on the middle class. They never do that because they need a class war, you're supposed to hate the rich. One personal example, I've done both mine and my mother's taxes for last year, and I pay nearly 10x the amount of federal tax than she does at just a little over 2x the income and I have little to no ability to exploit loopholes. Then there's the actual poor, that pay negative tax, meaning they get paid by the IRS for filing with all the credits.

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How will they spin this into more cries to ban guns while simultaneously making sure no one knows anything about the shooters?

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Not that long ago I would have been appalled at something like this. I've grown so tired of the laundry list of "current thing" fake oppressed people, that at the moment I applaud anyone who has the balls to gatekeep any such group.

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If it's not nasty ass monkey rap, then it's not a true anthem for modern black people.

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So true. Almost all of my friends and family are the middle-class families, and guess what, almost all of them were already on that path in their early 20s.

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I think I've actually been successful with a couple people talking them off student debt. It's just so fucking stupid. The whole "college experience" sold and pushed on everyone is a pile of shit. Want a degree? Fine. I have one. I worked the entire way through and paid as I went at low-end accredited community and state school. It sucked. It was a pain in the ass. I had to fight some professors at times even, because they really don't like people that are abnormal. When I got that first post-college job with the about 50% pay increase, I felt like a rich man because I actually had a fresh start and didn't owe anyone anything.

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Especially with regards to the unwillingness to stick it out and work up a bit. They have to have everything when they are a young 20-something and in reality all the end up doing is pissing all their money away to banks for interest on things they couldn't afford.

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Right? My brother has almost this entire list in the suburbs of a major metro and he makes around $140k. His wife has worked in the past, but hasn't for a few years now. I'm single, have only ever made over $100k the past three years, and have two houses, two paid off cars, and certainly don't feel anywhere close to a poor person. We didn't start off with some trust fund endowment either, my parents were literally bankrupt when I graduated high school and didn't contribute a dime to either of our educations.

I've got a mid-20s friend too looking at buying a house with his wife and kid, and he makes right under $70k. It's a bit of a stretch for him, but he will probably be fine as he is generally okay not spending money to be seen as rich.

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I didn't watch anything to do with the Super Bowl, but from everything I've heard it was about as diverse as the gorilla cage at the zoo.

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The warnings were in their own national anthem and they still let it happen.

Do you hear, in the countryside, The roar of those ferocious soldiers? They come right into your arms To tear the throats of your sons, your wives!

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I think that's some out of context edit to go after white Christians. Last year, I randomly saw some unedited version of what I'm pretty sure are those videos, he's modified those toys to say lewd things and is going around bothering people in the store. It probably says "fuck me in the ass" or something. So of course they react like that.

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Idaho’s abortion laws meant they had to seek care across state lines

That's a feature. This statement distresses a near zero percent of the people who support and enacted this law.

Dr. Julie Lyons, a family medicine physician across the state in Hailey, near Sun Valley, who’s also a plaintiff in the lawsuit, said she now discusses “life flight insurance” with pregnant patients in their first prenatal visits, in case they have a pregnancy complication that doctors can’t treat in Idaho.

I'm pretty sure they only thing they can't do is an abortion. So let's start with trying her for aiding and abetting a murder.

Otherwise though, these fringe cases they always present as sob stories they probably could have won as exceptions if they negotiated in good faith. The other side has no desire to cede any ground, because it will be taken then immediately pushed for more. "We just want to be allowed to get married and keep to ourselves" turned in to provocatively dressed drag fetish monsters targeting young children. No one is buying your bullshit anymore.

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They are only afraid of the interview because it stands to discredit their position. If Putin really is a world conquering madman then it would only stand to reinforce their claim.

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I agree with all of his points as to why, but I will only give them another chance if they were to apologize and more importantly they denounce transgenderism and degeneracy publicly. Then if at any point they back off that stance, that voids the second chance and you don't get a third. Since that will never happen it's irrelevant. I didn't drink their reclaimed urine anyway and there's no way I drink enough in a year to make any difference to an alcohol company.

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It got it's name right along with it's smell.

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These same people couldn't be asked to refrain from their orgies while they had Monkey pox, a disease that only spreads thru direct contact while symptoms are visible.

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