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No, you're spot on. It's why I refuse to play it.

I infrequently watch people play the game (mostly the RTX 4090 realistic mod videos) and none of it looks remotely fun. It has bullet-sponge enemies, braindead AI walking about, the city looks cool but feels completely lifeless, and none of the missions are anything more than 'Go here, kill these people, leave; rinse, repeat.' recycled over and over and over again.

I still remember that one mission in GTA IV Lost and Damned where you had to go to the junkies' place in the apartment complex on the second or third floor, and I used a baseball bat on those guys and we fought all the way out of the apartment; I clocked the one guy on the head and he fell down the steps in a very realistic manner thanks to Euphoria. That was well over a decade ago at this point, and that mission still stood out to me because there were no big explosions, no big scripted moments, no over-the-top shootouts, just a lad looking for a slag in a rundown apartment with some junkies and it turned into a brawl.

None of the missions feel grounded or real in Cyberpunk 2077, they all feel like basic event-point quests where you are given an event to partake in and you go to the point where the event is, you do it, and that's it.

It really could have benefited from Euphoria, better vehicle physics, and a more interactive world. Maybe seeing someone throw up after drinking too much, or someone getting into a shoving match because they were bumped into, or someone getting robbed at gun point and everyone else panicking when they see it happen. That stuff randomly happening in GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption really helped set those games apart.

And yeah, that's not even getting into the absolutely nonsensical characters and how they're depicted. Cyberpsychosis makes no sense in the context of the game world and who has it and who doesn't; someone with a completely chromed out head somehow isn't a cyberpsycho but someone with some chromed out arms is... like... huh?!?! How does losing your mouth and having your brain replaced not make you a psycho, but replacing your arms does?

Ay, sorry for the rant as well, but that game just makes me so angry with how lazily put together its game logic is. I love the way a lot of the guns look and shoot, but I hate the actual gameplay and worldbuilding. I guess it's one of those things where, much like Baldur's Gate 3, it's disappointing seeing people fall into the trap of thinking it's good due to the market being starved of good open-world games, and because the anime made the game seem cooler than what it is.

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She's going through a separation/divorce, so now she's bitter because she doesn't have the betabux Peter Bob to pay her bills, and she couldn't land Chad/Tyrone/Ahmed during her prime years.

Like a typical used up wench, she's now lashing out because she realises she's a post-wall slag.

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Hopefully patches, DLC, mods, or some combination thereof help it become a better game too, at some point.

No, that just means more people become roped into the DEI messaging Bethesda was pushing. Hoping woke games become "good" means more people accepting the message.

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And then the glowies MK Ultra'd autists into trooning out.

Reminds me of The Ipcress File, where a splinter of secret service used brainwashing on brilliant minds to prevent them from sharing certain scientific breakthroughs with the general public.

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She's in her late 30s? Thought she was in her 20s. Doesn't act like she's in her late 30s.

You're right, though, I've always wondered why she is not married and with child? Even Lauren Chen knew to get hitched so she at least lives according to the principles she preaches.

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Yeah the BG3 stuff still hurts... because I see so many people in general (not just in games channels, but in general media trailers, videos, politics, etc.,) talk about how "based" and "anti-woke" BG3 is while the game is filled to the brim with everything wokies love.

That and Hogwarts Legacy were basically blueprints for how companies will move forward with brainwashing people while still convincing them that they need to play the games lest they suffer the fear of missing out.

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Like she crawled out of Pedro Pascal's ass.

Lately I've been getting him and Mark Ruffalo confused with one another. Weird times.

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First game was crowdfunded, so it was backers paying for a historically accurate game.

Deep Silver is footing the bill this time around, and they just put out a woke Saints Row Reboot even after they did an "investigation" into why Agents of Mayhem bombed after it went woke. They published Red Thread's Dream Fall Chapters, a developer who made one of their lead male characters that was popular with the female players, gay, and the community manager made sure to rub that in on the forums. I'm sure there are other examples, but those were the standout ones.

In short, they are part of the circle of ESG publishers. Expecting them to be "based" and "redpilled" is a fool's errand at this point.

Lethn is right, anyone saying that the sequel will be historically accurate even while it's being funded by a converged publisher is coping hard.

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Once companies go woke they never come back.

This is the lesson everyone needs to learn but have not learned yet, nor will they ever.

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If you're watching a Boyle movie just turn it off halfway through

To be fair, this was the result of Boyle and the other lead writer butting heads big time about the direction of the movie. It was kind of the Bruce Strayley vs Neil Druckmann situation. But I can't remember which one was in favour of ruining the film for the religious messaging? But Boyle and the other guy had a big falling out about it. First half was definitely awesome -- if memory serves, I think Boyle wanted to do away with the Hellraiser/Event Horizon evil captain and focus on the sun stuff.

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Funny I've been thinking about that King Arthur flick recently, mostly because of Guy Ritchie. Might give it a watch soon, depending on the mood.

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And of course all of this hinges on the overall cultural damage on younger generations not being so far gone that they're unable to develop a taste for actual quality work and art. (I'm usually not "too" cynical about this concern, but I'm not going to deny that it is a legitimate risk.)

I wish I carried an ounce of your optimism, but alas... I do not. Every time I venture into normie space and get a taste of what the gen-z types are eating up, content wise, it proves how far they have strayed... or rather, how far they have been led astray.

Many of them defend woke media, woke education, and woke principles. Only the ones who regularly consume manosphere content or purposeful anti-woke content have any sensibilities about them.

Sad times ahead, unless some kind of pivotal cultural cataclysm happens that wakes up a large part of the youth generation.

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Yup. Only gave it a watch because of Charlie Hunnam. He's a real lad, and usually picks better films (He was quite good in The Gentleman, and that was a ballsy and well-done film). Boy was I disappointed...

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Just for the people who still don't know how dumb:

  1. All the straight white males are killed over the course of the two films
  2. The only "good guys" left in the second film are women and minorities.
  3. The only straight couple left that they've focused on is an interracial couple, because of course.

Basically just nu-Star Wars with a different coat of paint.

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unless they uncancer themselves.

I have never seen this happen to any corporation that went woke. Some might point to Twitter being bought out by Elon, but all he really did was cut off a few corners of the rot; it's still woke.

Any captured institution by the woke mob is a lost institution.

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'warhammer always had retcons'

This. I don't even follow Warhammer news much and only know some of the surface level stuff, but for the news channels covering it, there is a non-negligible amount of individuals who I see that keep saying that line you quoted above.

It lets me know that the rot has infested enough of the fanbase that gatekeeping at this point will not happen in any regard.

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Everyone who accepted the "it's just changing 'gender' to 'body type', it doesn't matter" are now reaping what they're sowing when it comes to acquiescence.

It never ends at just that.

As you stated, it will go from body type 1/2 to just body type 1. And everyone will be an androgynous-looking tranny. But it will be too late to complain, as that will be the norm across the industry.

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Have her be warp tainted, tormented by the spectre of Khorne, always half a step away from giving into bloodlust.

Then they couldn't push their obvious "awesome lesbian power couple who triumphs over all" story nonsense, since they can't make the Chaos characters good guys. That's the only reason they want them out of the armour.

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Ha, I can usually spot that nonsense from the trailer... and when I watched the trailer for Ambulance (whenever it first aired) I instantly wrote it off. It reminded me of the movie Kin (2018), where a delinquent White brother was always trapped in criminal mischief and his adopted younger black brother was the good son, and of course the delinquent older brother got their White father killed. Sound familiar, eh?

They all recycle the same tropes for establishing predictive programming patterns in how people view races. Once you establish what the patterns are you can spot them a mile away, which is precisely why I stayed away from the film Ambulance. Saw all the usual tropes and patterns of the Left rearing their head.

That being said, I know exactly how you feel about the demoralisation and paranoia of trying to avoid media that is designed to purposely demoralise you with Lefty propaganda. It messes with your sociocultural equilibrium, so much so that it makes it difficult to consume or engage with anything culturally without filtering them through the lens of the culture war.

It can also dampen the enjoyment of non-woke films/shows/games because you're always watching/engaging with the expectation that it may go woke.

All that being said, it's become a bit easier these days to spot the patterns before engaging: is it from a major Hollywood studio? Likely woke. Does it star or prominently feature the moral minority trope? Likely woke. Is the female a commanding, snarky girlboss? Likely woke. Etcetera, etcetera.

But yeah, Baby Driver was a decent flick. Jon Hamm being the final boss was a bit unexpected, as well as Kevin Spacey not being the final boss. That one surprised me.

The Channel (2023) was another halfway decent Western crime thriller/heist film -- had some really good action beats. Always been a fan of Clayne Crawford and Max Martini, too, so that was a good treat. . Somewhat predictable but also pretty badarse, and they weren't afraid to show black guys as ruthless thugs/gangsters, which was a surprising twist.

EDIT: Almost forgot about Spectral (2016) and 13 Hours (2016), those two were both really badass too.

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I adore some good bad-action movies -- we used to have plenty in the 80s, which were a good way to burn an afternoon and come away feeling stoked to workout or get active outside. We don't really have those feel-good, cheesy action films these days, so I'm all for that whenever a proper one rears is head, and Boss Level seems like a decent go of it.

I've actually had it on my watchlist for ages but I've never sat down to give it a look -- so I will need to make time for it at some point.

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An uncovered tractor propeller shaft also gets the job done rather expediently.

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