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Good living, mate.

I'm almost a bit jealous you're able to get out of the thick of it. It will certainly do your (intellectual) health wonders.

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He's an idiot pro-vaxxer.

Not only do masks not work against airborne pathogens, but, as you mentioned, they make respiratory functions worse:

The only time anyone should wear a mask is if it has proper filtration and a sealant, otherwise it's just a detrimental performative act with zero benefits... especially if the mask is touched in any capacity while it's being worn.

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It's biological warfare done in cooperation with the government. Patents for the viruses and their vaccines were granted decades ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihjNDf32_Ac

It's all a coordinated effort, as outlined by a Dutch politician: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAxuvTzWJLY

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Okay, but the problem is that we're not seeing that happen in any actionable way.

Are there any politicians running on tickets about the defenestration of white women's political power?

And how exactly is that power vacuum created without pushback or resistance from Liberal-minded white men?

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Height can be affected by a number of gene clusters, up to 700 in fact. Polygenic clusters that are negatively impacted by hereditary or birthing defects can also affect height, along with nutrition, sleep, and region (i.e., altitude, weather, etc.)

You can actually read up on some of the clusters and strands that can impact height here: https://medlineplus.gov/genetics/understanding/traits/height/

Anything else?

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  • Days Gone (probably the last AAA game to star a masculine straight white male)

  • Citizens of Earth (a cartoony, Earthbound inspired game. I've had this for a while but never had a chance to play it.)

  • Double Dragon Neon (steep discount on a classically made beat-'em-up with a fantastic soundtrack)

  • Earth Defense 4.1/5 (both games are great. I personally prefer the character designs from 4.1, but EDF 5 has a better weapon selection, more weapons, and more unique enemies. But I prefer the story and mission variety from EDF 4.1)

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  • Old X-Com style games maybe? Your base would have to be located solely in China, though.

  • Lots of 3D platformers... that aren't made in Japan.

  • Puzzle games.

  • Party games.

  • Fighting games... that aren't made in Japan, and don't feature smoking, bars, or any depiction of drinking or gambling, or tattoos. I think Override: Mech City Brawl fits the bill.

  • Flight simulators would be fine as well.

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It's more about the fact that -- as he's mentioned before -- a lot of them enable female subversion.

The logic goes: she's white, she's female, she's good.

But in reality, as Imp usually brings out, what about white female Liberals/Leftists?

They're infiltrators and manipulators, and large parts of the division happening in society is being propelled on an ideological vehicle operated by white female Liberals/Leftists.

It is an issue if the idea is to establish white solidarity, because if a portion of your society is promoting race mixing, globohomism, and wealth redistribution, you're still right back in the same pit as we are now.

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They already did, and they turned her into a raging lesbian.

Seriously, that was her entire story arc... becoming a lesbian.

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She just looks like a typical Goth lesbian from a [current year] media property.

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Exactly this!

There are a myriad of factors that do negatively impact biological growth, and everything from disruptive propaganda, to GMOs, to whatever they're putting in the water, to everything else in between.

One big factor in all of that, though, is the largest search engines and media (and even the education system) hiding a lot of information that would otherwise help people become more informed.

But an informed populace is a dangerous populace, and so that's why there is such effort from the Powers That Be to keep the populace disinformed at every turn.

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Typically that's not how anything in genetics works. It sounds like you are looking for one specific "gene".

Of course, as you said, we already have the science saying there is no gay gene, but if you're going to say there is a genetic basis then the burden is on you to provide that there is a genetic component involved during the neo-natal, peri-natal, or pre-natal development process.

So far, there is zero neurophysiological evidence that even comes close to certifying this point of contention. In fact, the more we learn about neurological functioning during fetal development the more it completely nullifies any arguments about any potential genetic factor being involved.

Even if you want to split hairs that there is no single allele strand then where are the strands (plural)? Where are the genes that aren't affected by epigenetics?

That's why I said you're begging the question, because you've arrived at a conclusion based on zero evidence.

There is also no IQ gene, and we know that IQ is heavily influenced by genetics.

This is a false equivalence.

We know that various physiological capabilities/disabilities can be acquired through hereditary traits. For instance, memory retention, coordination, spatial articulation, and capacitive congruence, as well as sensory capabilities such as quality of eyesight, auricular attentiveness, or a heightened (or diminished) olfactory. This can affect a child's ability to retain, learn, focus, or develop intellectual capacities and capabilities.

For example, someone who is an excelled musician will develop epigenetic traits for hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and sensory growth related to tone, pitch, and intonation. Developing traits that influence your biological chemistry can also affect an offspring, same as detrimental vices such as drugs or alcohol. In any case, this is why kids born to parents who have addictions come out with various disabilities or even neurological impairments, and it's typically why kids born to parents who have developed or excelled in an area of expertise, such as certain math, sciences, or arts, are more likely to develop in that area as well via cultivation. If you look at most accomplished music composers they were born into a home where one or both parents were also accomplished musicians.

The same thing applies to a lot of athletes as well, with certain athletes more likely inheriting certain traits that allowed them to excel with specific physical proficiency if their parent also had developed that trait.

However, your comparison falls flat between I.Q., and homosexuality because the expression of intellect is behavioural, not genetic, just like the expression of homosexuality is behavioural, not genetic. However, the capacity for intellect can be genetic, just like the capacity for a higher or lower sex drive can be genetic, but not the expression of said behaviour (there have been plenty of rapists who were impotent: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1795615/).

Furthermore, even then, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the expression of intellect, from sleep, to nutrition, to subculture, to education:

In short, this is why there is no single I.Q., allele strand because "intelligence" cannot be quantified as a singular paradigm, and much like homosexuality, we usually measure the epigenetic components of I.Q., after gene expression has occurred (usually after a child has developed and has been influenced in some capacity by their environment). It's a construction of behavioural expressions based on various genetic and learned factors.

Now homosexuality is based on behavioural acts, typically estimated as being based on sexual attraction. So what is sexual attraction? Sexual attraction is based on stimuli that excites the gonads. Well, how does that happen? Stimulated senses. Well, we now have a problem because as mentioned above, during the neo-natal process human sensory organs aren't fully developed due to the fact that the limbic system that allows us to perceive sensory stimuli isn't fully developed.

So this leads us back to the conundrum about genetic traits versus behaviour, because if there is no allele strand(s) attached to homosexuality, and the required behaviour traits of homosexuality requires sensory input, then it means it's developed post-natal. Because how can you have innate attraction before your senses are developed?

A good way of testing that concept is this: try to explain something you find attractive that doesn't require your five senses?

If you can't, then how can you have an innate attraction to something when the organs necessary for that attraction aren't developed at birth? And we already know that attraction of anything or towards anything is based on risk/reward, punishment/incentive factors related to stimuli, and we can only assess those traits through environmental influence, hence learned behaviour.

I'm saying I have historical and anecdotal evidence that it very likely isn't purely environmental,

Except those examples are flawed for a number of reasons (I added that in the edited addendum of my first comment).

Let us assume all homosexual conduct is socially conditioned through grooming and there is NEVER a biological driver (which would be absurd on it's face). Could that hypothesis pass given what we already know elsewhere: No.

Could that hypothesis pass based on what exactly? Limited information based on anecdotes and historically insufficient data points? That's not a very convincing argument against that proposed assumption, even if it may be true.

To be honest, full genetic determinism is a pretty silly argument to make, because that's pretty much not how humans operate generally. The idea that environment has no effect is mostly nonsense. It's an issue of degrees.

This I can agree on.

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You're 100% right.

For anyone actually interested in the neurological science (with actual studies/research) related to why you can't be born gay, I posted a couple of lengthy comments about the subject matter some time ago here : https://kotakuinaction2.win/p/12ih0L7Pvj/x/c/4J9LzcA967L

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There is no genetic evidence that there are homosexual allele strands. If there is, feel free to link to it.

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I think there's a biological mechanism at play.

Every time this comes up there is a simple question that disrupts this line of thinking and you -- like all others who I've asked previously -- will either have to ignore the question or deflect, because it's not rooted in the basic fundamentals of biogenetics nor neurology, and that question is: where is the neonatal allele strand that determines homosexuality?

You'll point to the studies that have examined the epigenetic effects of homosexuality that claim, post-observation, that they have found genetic markers in homosexual behaviour. As I pointed out in previous comments, all of those links are attached to behavioural traits that were expressed as a phenotype AFTER the subjects became engaged in homosexuality; namely markers associated with depression, emotional imbalances, and heavy substance abuse.

Unfortunately people have been far too brainwashed by all of the misinformation floating around out there by pseudo-scientists and propagandists to understand the differences between social conditioning and genetic influences.


As an addendum.... your deferring to homosexuality having a basis in genetics is begging the question.

Particularly in Sparta, which was so gay it genuinely had population problems, and Spartan wives had to be shaved, dressed as younger men, and placed in darkened rooms to consummate their marriage

This here is the perfect example of, as you mentioned, sociological institutionalization of homosexuality, having zero basis in genetics. Especially considering that if it were gene-based they wouldn't be able to dress the women like little boys to get the men to have sex with them. So they used behavioural conditioning for the men to engage in pederasty and then that same behavioural conditioning to get the men to have sex with the women. That's a mutable trait -- if there was a genetic component there then they wouldn't have been able to be groomed one way and then the other through sociological conditioning.

if homosexuality were a pure social construct that had no biological roots, you would also have to consider that heterosexuality were just as socially constructed, and that it a purely homosexual environment, you could basically eliminate heterosexuality altogether through grooming

You're begging the question again while ignoring basic biological science.

Human males and females are sexually dimorphic, meaning only males can inseminate females for impregnation and only females can become impregnated by insemination. That in itself is biological essentialism.

When puberty comes into play the average man will want to inseminate a woman. When a woman is ovulating, the average woman will want to be inseminated by a man as a biological necessity of procreation.

There is no biological necessity inherent in homosexual behaviour since neither two men nor two women can procreate. So the act is purely out of an expression of lust, and/or a need/desire to engage in sexual release, as evident with homosexual behaviour observed in animals typically when there aren't enough males/females for mating pairs. They (re)act out of primal urges. That's not genetic, it's instinctual; part of a base set of primal hormonal responses, sort of like how perfectly straight men will sometimes engage in homosexual acts in prison due to a lack of female companionship.

And before the instincts tangent is brought into the equation, the arguments surrounding the normalization of various instinctual acts is also moot, because people have all sorts of urges, thoughts, or desires. But the thoughts based on said urges are formulated through environmental stimuli, and without that stimuli the urges have no way to materialize as thought patterns.

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Whispering sweet nothings into young people's mind, telling them how great it is to be LGBTQA+ or whatever and how you'll feel strong. That is a lie. They are just setting them up for a fucked up future, one which they will most likely not have kids or kill themselves.

Obligatory link to a confession from a former gay man who had to leave the lifestyle due to health issues. [NSFW]:

And before anyone says "That's just one guy's story!", no it's not. It's the average gay man's lifestyle, filled with drugs, diseases and suicidal depression:

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it is almost two years after it was first detected and with no viable solution in sight.

Don't be dense. What you're seeing play out on the global stage IS the solution.

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Some people here are still under the false impression that voting "works".

They need to watch the film Snowpiercer. The "revolution" of the proletariat was part of the plan.

Anyone occupying office now has been allowed in.

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police and investigators just endorse and support it?

That's what they're paid to do.

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So the high IQ conversion resulted in a low IQ conversation? Got it.

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Dirty niggas out here looking for a reason to loot & riot smh

I'm shocked people on Reddit are actually this self-aware. Pretty much sums up the logic behind all the looting and rioting.

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