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Welp, we assumed it was true. But when they just come out and say it, it's a bit of a different issue.

So is it reason to remove section 230 protections, or is this more of a government, almost all governments it seems were in on it, squashing the speech of their citizens, because they could get away with it.

Although people will likely voice concerns, I doubt anything will happen. They'll just say that they checked and they didn't do anything wrong.

Something had better be done about this.

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That is where I am at with this. She's done some pretty terrible things, and it seems like he's running cover for it by just blatantly not covering it, even in the slightest. Even just a single mention of what could easily be discovered.

My feeling on it is that it has whiffs of August 2014, where you knew something was up, and the people who should have had your backs are going to side with the creeps of the internet for some reason.

And we know how that turned out.

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No one is trying to promote this person. Just that they're doing underhanded stuff and abusing the copyright system for something that was, and likely still is publicaly available.

For a guy that exists almost entirely on drama and reading other news aloud, you'd think he would want to look into it and y'know, notice the same thing I did after looking into it for 30 seconds.

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Ahh, so it's checks notes mega rich people who are making people trans.

And definitely not the extreme underbelly of absolute vile human beings on social media, and in discord servers, 'cracking an egg' and pushing people into thinking they're trans when they're just young, naive, living in a shitty time to grow up, and are not handling it well.

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We just need that one cardassian dude to determine whether it's real or not. "It's a faaaaaake!"

But in seriousness, it's likely that there are ways for an AI to determine whether another AI voice created that file, or whether it was genuine.

If not, it'll be like ArtemisFoul said, and the regime will deem it true or untrue depending on what their needs are.

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Did he finally fall off the fence he'd been sitting on over something like this?

Way to pick your battles Tim. Geez...

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Not even an hour later for an about face.

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It's a pretty wide category, that's the problem.

If something has hints of it, it gets lumped in there.

There could be, and probably should be more nuance to it, but then we would need more words for it, and woke sorta is a nice big envelope, which doesn't help in that case.

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If only women didn't ruin it for themselves, they might have seen that they had exactly what they wanted. None of the responsibility and very little work to do.

Housework takes like 2 hours a day tops if you keep on top of it. Washing the clothes, keeping the dust to a minimum, keeping the house nice. You can have that done before 10 or 11am every day, and then the whole day is yours to do whatever.

Now they've got taxes and have to have a job to pay for things. Seems like the opposite of what they wanted. And all this at the cost of the family unit who now have to hire sitters or get daycare for the kids (if any) while both adults have to work to be able to afford to live somewhere. Great system they put themselves in.

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Sure, let's go back that far. Right back to the pre industrial times.

Did you forget that women didn't have any of the rights they do now.
Is that what you want? Are you sure bringing us all back to that era for societal equality reasons is a good thing? Are you really sure?

I'm sure it would work out well for you, lady.

Pass me the dapper dan, because I don't use fop.

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Agreed. I was a huge comic fan.

I have many many issues dating back to the mid 70s. I enjoyed comics until they got ahold of them and felt the need to destroy everything they touch.

But they can't ruin what it was, just what they're distorting it to be.

They'll eventually be given the boot, and someone with some level of talent will pick up the pieces and rebuild the ashes. We're already seeing parts of that with the independent scene, as well as a single manga trouncing all of western comic sales, selling out in record time with their fun and imaginative creations, while Marvel and DC have to force comic book stores to close because no one is buying those anymore.

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Such a disappointingly surface take. There are actual nuanced and quite frankly valid reasons why people don't like that.

Let's explore just one of them in this rant. Here we go.

In the past, literally no one cared. Not the audience that propped you up in the 90s, not the everything has to be female or POC or it's horrible and we don't like it crowd.

Fucking no one cared.

Now that it all has to be that way because of some vocal chucklefucks who don't understand what they're asking for, and their enablers, we all know now to avoid it because it's going to be a poorly written writer self insert take on what they think a tiny select group of the definitely not part of the audience wants, and not what everyone actually wants. The characters are capable of so much more, with decent writers who care about the material. We know this to be true. We've seen good movies, and read books/comics with great female leads who were more than one dimensional mary sue joy toys for the writers.

It's now a warning sign that you've taken a character, skinned it and put something else inside it, and are pretending everything is fine. Everything is not fine. We've seen through this dozens of times already, and it continues to happen because for some reason, people are listening to you, instead of the audience that actually cares about the characters that are on screen.

And you can tell they know, and that they don't care because their arguments do not hold water. Every time it comes up it almost always goes back to this old dodge. "Women were here from the start, even if it was a boys club hostile to women in every single way, but we're here now and it's our thing now boys."

You contradict your own argument with every single word. You were either here from the start and you enjoyed the same things we did, or you're new and you hate everything you saw from the past and want it changed, meaning you don't care and want it destroyed.

And people are fucking tired of it. We see it. We know to avoid it. It's not a female lead problem, it's an entitlement issue. Some think they can lay claim to an intangible thing like a part of a fandom and just ... claim it and kick out the established audience who enjoyed it for what it was. You can't claim something you hate, and fuck it rotten and claim it's the same thing as before when you know deep in your cold dead hearts that you're masquerading just so that you can ruin something that someone else enjoys.

Am I wrong? Let's look at how they turned on a dime over their precious beloved Harry Potter franchise. If that's not collective group think over a 25 year spanning fandom that is only just recently realizing that the creator is not in complete lock step with the good thought patrol and has stepped out of line and must be destroyed always. It had nothing to do with the characters or the lore of the series, it was a comment about a group of people outside the fiction, but inside that group's little narrative fiction in reality that you just can't say.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why you do not capitulate. They'll like you until they hate you, and they'll never let you forget it, and they'll hate you for the rest of time ... until something else grabs their 15 minute attention spans.

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Man who gets paid to lie convincingly to you on TV continues to lie to you convincingly.

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Do you know how busy the costco parking lots are at all hours of the day? Do you know how angry people can get over parking spots? You wanna hear all that noise all day?

Enjoy that as your front lawn.

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I'll say here what I said elsewhere about the vax.

If he believes that people were lying about the vax, and that not enough info was out there to make a clear decision, then there was no reason not to wait and see along with the rest of us. Regardless of your like/dislike of government or corporations, at the time there was not enough info to make a judgement call.

The fact that they wanted to classify the info about the vax for 70 years was more than reason for me to never get it. And it should have been for him too. No one hides all the good positive information from the public if they want to encourage you to do something.

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Cancel culture is bitter, resentful people looking for reasons to get offended, and go around finding them, and then get offended by them. That's the only way to describe it I can think of without wholesale lifting John Cleese's discussion on it.

It makes useless people feel like they're doing good, even when all they are doing is ruining someone for something they said maybe decades ago. As the op pointed out, it doesn't even have to be something horrible. Just whatever they feel is not currently the good thoughts. Which they get to dictate by cancelling anyone who says something they don't like.

Then they'll have the nerve to turn around and say that it isn't real, or that they self censored. Of course this was after caving to pressure that certainly didn't exist and certainly wasn't from them. Bonus points for someone apologizing to make this go away, only to realize they just wholesale let them into their house to further control and destroy them.

Or they'll say someone wasn't really cancelled because they can still speak elsewhere. Y'know, just not on social media anymore, and with a big chunk of their revenue gone because advertisers dumped them, or they got fired, and for the people who liked whomever just got canceled's content to find a new venue for it wherever they set up again, to inevitably become a target of constant cancelling because they're now bad people who did bad things.

It's always someone else's fault that bad things happened. Y'see, all they had to do was think, talk, and be exactly like the good people who just screwed someone's life over. The old no bad tactics, just bad targets dodge.

Their arguments for doing it hold no water as today's lens changes so damn quick it's inevitable that everyone will get cancelled over something innocuous that is now bad, but before was just some off handed comment decades ago.

It's all so damn tiresome at this point.

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Historically, getting in late for a console is never a bad thing. Some of the late games for a console when everyone else has moved on have been historically some of the best looking, and sometimes the most pricey to hold on to.

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I never had a reddit account. I didn't need one to read the few topics I cared about.

And reading this, I'm kinda glad I never made one.

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I'm just more concerned that in the future, it'll be more annoying.

With temperatures slowly climbing, annoying bugs, typically mosquitos, that require some kind of water to spawn will be able to push further north because of the availability of water melting at an earlier time in the year.

So mosquito seasons will last a longer.

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tl;dr: They're slow as fuck and unreliable sometimes.

From the testimonials I've read (mostly from disgruntled people who don't want to buy there anymore, so keep that in mind) it takes up to six months from digital release to physical copy for them.

The most recent gripe I read was that someone mentioned buying the recent TMNT Shredder's Revenge physical game for switch. The game released, and they got their physical copy about 100 days after the digital release date.

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Todd Howard is gonna get his sweet little lies song taken away from him at the rate we're lied to. About everything. Ever.

But mostly about this.

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The people Trudeau is paying to still exist are mad at that specific thing?

I'm shocked.

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Yeah, you hit the nail on the head there.

It's scooby doo in that it's wearing the skin of the characters. But it's absolutely nothing like it. It's a badly written writer vehicle for their pet ideologies using scooby doo characters as nostalgia prop bait.

And not all the characters are there anyway, last I checked in. And then checked out. Admittedly I did zone out a few times out of boredom.

All it reminded me was that I miss Casey Kasem voicing Shaggy.

Even the live action movies were way better. The ones with Mathew Lillard playing Shaggy anyway.

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