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Those two are anathema to each other. You can't have it be always woke, but not PC enough for today.

It's a lie either way.

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This is how you know they don't actually want to create anything.

Just tear down the things you like.

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I'm glad I got out when I did. That is atrocious. No wonder they don't you home schooling. You'll be ahead of high schoolers by the time you teach your kid what you oughta know in third grade.

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So instead of bringing back the dollar menu and having actual value meals, they just inflate the prices during certain hours?

I hope the companies they buy from to get the things don't make also do the same.

Did you think it'd be a top down thing you gigantic morons?

With a revenue boost like that, everyone's gonna put their hand out, and it's your customers who wind up paying more for the same thing. You are only hurting those who actually want to still go there. This is one of the dumbest moves I've ever seen a company pull.

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It's too late. There are three switch emulators of varying degrees of quality. If Yuzu doesn't run it, one of the other two will.

I will fully admit to making my own copies of games I own. Since ownership is no longer a thing to some companies, I don't care what they think about what I'm doing with the things I have bought.

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Nexusmods will host mods, except any they might not want you using in your single player experience.

At this point, just don't upload any mods there at all. They've chosen a side, which means they're ideologically driven. For awhile, they'd host anything except blatantly adult stuff, which is why lovers lab exists.

Now they find things offensive, so you can't have it. And that's just fucking pathetic.

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Okay fine: "You went out of your way to feel special, but didn't realize you'd actually have to work at it, but didn't, so no one cared."

Feel better?

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Okay fine. "The least qualified person should not get the job, nor should anyone else but the most qualified"

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This is fantastic. It's a perfect translation. chef's kiss

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The Burgertime burger with a face, and anime icon there have no argument.

We've seen localizers admitting to changes that made no sense in context, as well as 'just to see what they can get away with' as well as all the vitriol filled BS during the GG era added to translations because they could.

Enough already with the disingenuous arguments. Every time I see someone say that it's all disingenuous, I have to remind myself that they're talking about themselves. They have no argument, so they just try and weasel word yours.

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Oh here, let me just localize that tweet real quick.

What they meant to say was: I hate everything dicks dicks dicks dicks

Still think an accurate translation isn't worth it?

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Just make them wear little arm bands that tell us what they are and what religion they have.

Then when you see too many of one particuilar type, just paint what it is on the front door so that a concerned group of locals can have a nice struggle session with them.

This is all perfectly fine.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with that idea.

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The Church of the perpetually offended does not take kindly to lack of control.

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Tifa's swimsuit is the exception, not the rule. They have uggos in every other game. Fucking Christ nothing is ever good enough.

They throw the original audience a bone, and these people throw a fit.


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They've lived long enough to watch themselves become the villain in their arc.

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When something is fact checked, I check to see what it is they're checking, and 99.9% of the time it becomes weasel word salad.

So when they 'correct' something, I know the opposite is true.

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This is really reaching for news. Westlock is a rural farm town and has less than five thousand people. This is a storm in a tea cup. The pride flag wasn't banned, it was voted against for flying at government buildings. You can still have a pride flag on your home if you really want. No one is stopping you.

Also, the way they say it's "north of edmonton" is a bit of a lie. It's north alright, by 90 kilometers, or about an hour and ten minutes by car. Taking Chicago as a distance example, if you drive an hour north, you're no longer in Illinois.

The mayor of the city and the council are 'deeply disappointed' in the vote. In the off chance there are some of you around, just remember those of you who might actually live in Westlock, your mayor is disappointed in you.

Perhaps remind the mayor on election day how disappointed you are that Jon Kramer is the mayor.

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Yeah, it was bill C-110, I think. Lots of really dumb laws and regulations like this, from someone whose been at it for far too long.

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It's not approved by the government, so canadians can't share it on the internet.

It's a law that Viva Frei railed against and is one of the major reasons he's not in Canada anymore.

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He was white.

His teeth later in life however

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Gender studies researcher doesn't know the meaning of words.

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Unions are good when they work for the people that wanted them created to be their voice.

The second the union goes from being a collective bargaining agent of the people, into existing so that it can continue to exist, is when unchecked power and the best of intentions collide.

It leads to unions that exist so that they may collect money and power for the purpose of continuing to exist, and nothing more.

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Wait ... it's real? I thought it was from a parody account on youtube.

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