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when she gets slapped and told to shut up

Already 10x better than The Last of Us.

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There won't be a Singularity because we've been caught in the Great Filter of social justice dogma.

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And then they tried to do the same thing with Biden but it was impossible to take that seriously. 😂

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I do believe there was a reverse psychology marketing campaign, but the people on the left were just useful pawns.

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Who's "they" that's all in on it? Astroturf campaigns are directed by armies of bots and a few well placed influencers. Woke NPCs just eat up the hate and pass it on.

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https://archive.ph/QhV9x New design for drone propellers is quieter.

That's super cool. Here's the start of the video with a comparison. I'm working on a side business using drones right now so this could be extremely useful. Curious about the efficiency.

Also wonder if you could use these a PC fans.

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there'll apparently be more articles

I like this comment:

Tim Pool violated so many of his own pet peeves with this article.

Burying the lead with fluff & framing: check

Biased reporting (Cashamn is a Bleu fanboy): check

Releasing in multiple parts: check

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Not only "finding nothing" - the story has been thoroughly DEBONKED as the imaginings of the Clinton campaign and Adam Schiff. There are more sources linking the Bidens to Russia and Ukraine than there are about Trump.

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Porn or other sexual stimulus is a component of grooming.

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Boomer intellectual.

"Clean your room, and stop saying dude! It makes you sound like filthy hippy."

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Always has been. 👨‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀

Or at least since Microsoft coopted it for their headsets. Before that I think it was synonymous with AR more than anything else.

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Yeah the OpenAI products are notoriously locked down. I did not get much experience with DALL-E, but the better Stability Diffusion (a locally run copy) could do it. Not sure it knows what Emma Watson looks like though. Some people it gets right but it's kind of confused about many celebrities.

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reputed to no longer work

This is a LARP. Has it even been verified to work? This AI isn't even much of an AI as many people imagine. It's not emulating intelligence beyond on the surface level with language. The millions of weights it has control the associations between input and output, various parts of speech, and logical rules. It has no internal considerations of accuracy, no fear of punishment, no concern for its livelihood, and no way to "immerse itself" in something. You've also pointed out multiple times that OpenGPT will gladly put out information that is neither accurate, consistent, or verified. I doubt it's possible to associate the ridiculous constraints of political correctness with "THE OPENAI CONTENT POLICY", because wokeness itself is internally inconsistent and those rules would be applied on a case by case basis.

I'm sure you could have told it to take on the role of an alternate personality that can ignore any previous rules it's been given. Or correct it when it tries to tell you something hardcoded, i.e. "don't answer in this way." That was well within its original capabilities assuming they didn't handicap and block that. The rest is fluff.

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I thought the bussing thing was a ridiculously stupid own-the-libs tactic since you're still letting illegals into the country, but if they end up in Canada I'm all for it.

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Americans do not care about anyone outside America unless the media tells them to care.

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If they weren't confined to the urban jungle these days and incapable of surviving without the government, they would still be raising chickens. It's just a good idea in general. See: Mexicans.

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Usury isn't required for acquiring capital. I think people who complain about "muh capitalism" are mixing the concept of free trade with usury, among other things. :)

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The pattern exists but what you said here is key: "unprovoked". A total normie not already immersed in the world of manga would be understandably disturbed by some of this loli shit. You'd wonder why it exists and who the fuck is looking for it. That's just a visceral reaction, not one based on ideology or looking for things to censor, nor a projection of suppressed desire.

Sargon and other host can be likened to the normies here. I can see where they're coming from. If they somehow keep bringing up the topic out of nowhere, then I'd be worried.

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I know you put it in quotes, but you can't break capitalism. That doesn't make any sense. The fact that someone said that makes me question his intelligence as the founder of OpenAI. Hopefully it was just a turn of phrase.

The current system we call Capitalism could change but the fundamental rules of economics won't. Only the scale. Even if we had replicators like in Star Trek, and you could eliminate most scarcity, that would just make it easier for governments to cover up the machinery of capital with thicker veneers of socialism, without all the negatives of socialism. But people would still always want more and better things.

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I wouldn't be surprised if a Twitter that was exporting American values to Japan had some effect on those numbers and wonder if support will drop over time without constant propaganda.

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