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Jokes on you. The couch became sentient in that moment so it wouldn't have her sitting on it.

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He's obviously a graduate of The Rob Liefeld school of human anatomy.

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And you get a yellow star! And you get a yellow star! EVERYONE GETS A YELLOW STAR!

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What in the ever living fuck happened to the art style?

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Another thing I forgot to mention is we also need to have a maximum age limit for office to go along with the minimum age. It would help curb barely functional fuckwits like Pelosi and Biden.

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The "put the servant back in public servant amendment".

All politicians will be paid at the poverty line

Term limits for all publicly elected politicians

Politicians must wear the branding of any group that contributes to their campaign

Any large group of politicians that can't come to a decision in a timely manner shall be locked in the building without food, water, or restroom facilities, until a decision is made

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Flay a fascist, crucify a communist!

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Hopefully it's not a hallucinogen. They wouldn't even be able to tell if it was working in a NYC subway.

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Eugenics 2: Snippy Snip Boogaloo.

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Small men fall and their cities die. Let it be a fallow season. -Madder Mortem

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Actors are well trained monkeys. And somewhere along the line some idiot decided to start paying them money instead of bananas.

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How about the 36 MILLION people that have died from AIDS?

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Because humanity is so dense it's a gravitational lens.

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It's like a fake show that's shown in another show.

I'd buy that for a dollar!

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Fun fact! Einhorn is German for unicorn!

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Ladies and gentlemen... We have the vaccine min maxer!

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