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I'll judge them on their actions. Letting go of a few woke contractors means nothing in the grand scheme of things. If they start creating compelling content that isn't pushing their fucked ideology, then maybe I'll give them my money. Until then, they're still the same company that pushes pedo and tranny bullshit.

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Does anything ever happen?

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The lying isn't for us. The lying is for them. It makes them feel better. They don't have to think. They just have to accept the narrative.

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Check PC Part Picker for current prices and where to buy parts. If you're near a Microcenter, I recommend shopping there.

Logical Increments has tiers ranging from dirt poor to Jeff Bezos. That should give you a rough idea of what to get at whatever price range you're looking at.

GPU prices have been dropping and the crypto crash will make them cheaper too. If you need any advice for building a PC, there are a ton of tutorials on the Internet/YouTube. Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.

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I used to not care who the protagonist was in the media I consumed. I'm very suspicious if there is a minority or a woman main character. Hell, I'm suspicious even if there's multiple women or minorities as side characters. They are never used as people, they are only there as props for whatever social justice message that want to sell. If there is a minority or a woman there is GUARANTEED to be a subplot or recurring theme of oppression even if the setting doesn't call for it.

I'm not white, but it never stopped me from liking Spider-Man. It wasn't Peter's race that I identified it. It was him doing the right thing as a person. Now I have to wait and see and do research just to know if there are toxic ideas in the show I want to watch while relaxing. It's exhausting and I believe that exhaustion is the plan all along until you give up and just accept the propaganda.

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How much of a cuck are you that you can't even denounce baby murderers throwing Molotov cocktails?

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This is a plus sized super model who believes in Healthy At Every Size.

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Like most other franchises they've killed (Star Wars, Trek, Terminator, Aliens, Ghostbusters, Marvel etc.), I just don't care anymore.

There was a time where I would have been excited to watch a Halo movie and that time was almost twenty years ago.

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The first two years of Obama was all about blaming W. Bush.

Biden is following the same plan.

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Oi! You got a loicense for that post?

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It is always malice. Leftists are largely stupid, but policymakers and their mouthpieces in the media are evil.

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Junior Spies from 1984. You're not supposed to love and care for family. It's more important to love and do the bidding of the State.

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All of these radical leftists lived comfy lives while embedded in government or other public institutions. They were protected by an army of lawyers and sympathizers. Each one a terrorist.

This is a great read and I recommend the whole book:


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This is a very niche forum. From the OG KiA to KiA2 to this community. Yet shills abound. It's fascinating.

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I thought you said you weren't going to come back after a specific date?

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