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Necros has a nice ring to it.

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It's too late. They've been talking about immigration due to low birth rates. They've allowed with Western countries to wokify their games and manga. It's a slow process, but the cancer will spread.

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And this is why I don't care when trannies and tranny enablers hate her. She brought this on herself.

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I think Imp is a retarded but you fags who follow him everywhere are somehow worse. Stop spamming the board.

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They are free to come up with their own math. I'm sure it'll work out for them.

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Stop giving them money. Stop giving them views. Stop hatewatching.

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There's a quote attributed to Einstein that roughly goes, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Clearly, no one wants you here and no one is going to give you money yet you persist.

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Judge Mary Marubio reportedly ordered Taylor to pay $500 toward his bail in order to be released. Taylor has been convicted of five narcotics-related felonies since 2018, according to prosecutors.

Hahaha. $500 bail despite being found naked, hiding under a bed, with $50k and narcotics strewn about. Never change, Chicago.

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Would you care to make a wager? I bet their content will be just as woke if not woker, one year from now.

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We can't stop here, this is subpoena country!

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Tale as old as time whenever a bubble pops. "We thought the bull run was forever! I can't believe we made all of these risky investments. Please government, bail us out!"

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Website goes down briefly. National news.

Calling them clowns is an insult to clowns.

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Why do you believe this isn't on purpose to destabilize society?

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I still remember your sock puppet, Tim. You're a massive faggot.

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The people who left California were mostly conservative. That's also the case for other blue states.

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words words words words

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Even sharia isn't this retarded. Women need 4 witnesses for rape or adultery since their testimony can't be trusted.

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