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Tell me AOV, what trouble do leftists cause for their sites when they talk about killing whites, men, or minorities that don't drink the Flavor-Aid?

Stop shooting yourself in the foot because of optics. It killed HalfKiA.

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The DA, Chesa Boudin, was adopted by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. His parents were in prison after a bank robbery and murder for the Weather Underground. Even his grand uncles were Marxists.

He had made it a point to let criminals go, "reform bail," and to up the amount for theft to $950 (so that any criminal caught with less will only get a misdemeanor instead of a felony).

Vote for leftists and this is what you get.

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The French tried it with the Revolution.

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I long for the day they get the rope.

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Tabletop Simulator for Gloomhaven is great. There's tutorials for setup and automation as well on YouTube.

Don't give them your money.

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It doesn't matter. The rule of law is over. Chauvin was the canary in the coalmine. Pray you never end up in front of a tribunal.

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It's over for Japan.

Unless they find some political will very quickly, the cancer will spread. It'll be too late and too few of them will understand what is happening. This is a push that has been in the making for decades.

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