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I love the inevitable future conflict between islam and women’s rights.

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Howdy fellow husband!

I assume the KIA2 users would form a 99% male “marriage” (perhaps one person here can find a woman to join)

Thank you for the citizenship!

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Call me gay - but I had a large breasted girlfriend - they look far better in a bra than when they are “loose”

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Wikileaks is bad is everywhere on reddit.

I never understood how reporting embarrassing news about Saint Hillary invalidates a news organization.

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I love strong women in politics.

No! Not those women!

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Everyone remembers president Trump was reluctant to wear a mask. Almost immediately the woke scientists wanted to signal they hate Trump.

That’s literally the extent of the science surrounding cloth masks

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Her government also said a young adult died of covid19. Then we later discovered that he had been admitted to hospital with a gunshot wound to the head and incidentally tested positive.


Her “environmental” “science” will be 100x as fake.


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It briefly hit 1.03 to the USD. Parity likely incoming as the central bank is keeping interest rates artificially low.

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Trump failed to pardon Assange or Snowden.

Trump was useless at implementing Trump’s OWN policies.

Even If you support Trump - you should be open to someone else replacing him.

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They are not writing the news any more - they are writing cheap fetish material for coddled ultra wealthy liberals.

These are the same Martha’s Vineyard residents who called the army and forcefully deported their 50 migrants after 48 hours and believe they are good people.

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Where do Incels go now they were banned from pReddit?

If we don’t want to let the censors win - I feel it is important to double our efforts to follow banned communities.

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These “journalists” support the new SS/STASI because they believe the deep state will act in their best interests.

We need to highlight how these police interfere with their marijuana smoking and 8 month abortions

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Alternatively - force everyone to say the N-word in each comment.

Then you know they are not fragile professional victims!

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Gab+wikileaks survive and are attacked by every socialist government and activist payment processor.

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Its part of their rules for radicals.

I’m only surprised he’s not been rewarded with a spot on MSNBC and the congressional medal of freedom yet.

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Media companies hire and promote her based off her victim complex. So she believes the whole world operates in the same way.

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I hears The middle east still had legal slave markets in the 1990s!

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