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Journalists attacking the 1st amendment + free speech should scare us all.

They are losing control of the narrative because they have peddled complete woke+brainless+unscientific bullshit for years.

Nobody would listen to them if they were free to choose.

Thats why they want to censor what you can watch

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“ At this point, the functional definition of "anti-vax" is the same as "grifter," "white supremacist," "contrarian," "misogynist," etc.: one who questions or defies liberal orthodoxy. That's how it can apply to those who advocate vaccines.

These are not so much words as weapons.”


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Big journalism institutions like the CBC or BBC would have completely closed down if they depended on customers.

These government funded monstrosities are worse than state propaganda

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The largest study ever done of blind recruitment found that there was a massive bias in favor of women and minorities (study was done in australia) and it was immediately cancelled because seeing a female name gets people promoted and hired faster than a resume with the name removed

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Socialists believe that after they create a race war the new society will worship and respect them.

In reality they will be the first to get shot as useless

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These racist women set out to bully and the school enables them - expect it to get much worse

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GG-AOC just posted a 4-page statement where she purports to explain why she voted PRESENT instead of NO on US funding for Israel.

If anyone could find the part where she actually explains why she voted PRESENT instead of NO, please flag it for me. I genuinely can't find it.


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Vague rules = activists who run big tech will abuse them to push their ideological brainwashing onto people.

Simple rules = free speech for all or you are a publisher

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Each flexible interpretation is a way for twitter to ram through their political desires.

Like how donald trump got banned for “violence” after saying “go home in peace”

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“5G nonsense” seems to be a modern deflection from the fact that covid vaccinations for young and healthy people carry more risk than the virus.

(as evidenced by the FDA rejecting 16-2 against booster jans for the under 65 - and the JCVI saying it was too risky for 12-17 year olds)

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Let’s not forget the work of the great woman - Shi Zengli


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I hope they implement personal methane allowances - methane is much “worse” than “co2”.

And I want to see them measuring farts for their largely fake climate panic.

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