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It seems to mean the narrative is being heavily shaped by moderators.

They often use this manipulation when women are angry about trans rapists in female prisons. Their aim is to dismiss them as bigots.

Probably they are doing the same “shaping” on this topic.

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TLDR : There was NOBODY else involved.

Yet the BBC pushed this family’s false allegations of racism for years.

Numerous stories and interviews.

Many left wing politicians joining in to falsely accuse everyone of “racisms”

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Fragility will increase if you coddle…

Liberals just hope that fragility leads to a desire for more communism.

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I would add that once wokeness gets entrenched, you end up with a cult-like race to the bottom, where managers fear not being woke enough will expose them to attack, whereas it is impossible to be "too" woke, thus there is a race to maximally signal woke virtue and prove that you have the strongest woke bonafides. Since woke ideology preaches that women, LGBTs, and nonwhites have privileged status, these people have an extra incentive to push woke ideology, AND they have been dominating middle management thanks to decades of affirmative action.

Wokeness will destroy any organization. Just look at Boeing’s neverending collapse

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I assume he generated them himself?

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It seems the left has entirely accepted the government can force medical experiments onto the public if the government says is is for your own good.

When will drug addicts be given forced Narcan or fat wine moms forced to exercise?

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I haven’t watched him in years.

Is Tim still taking 30 minutes to make one very cautious point?

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Boeing really went woke and broke.

I remember they had 300 diversity councils right about the same time all their new planes crashed and satellites failed to enter orbit.

Its also interesting to note that 100% indian teams will never employ a western person. So RIP Boeing

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That’s a very interesting point. Maybe because some guys have a fetish for humiliation and so don’t respond as most people do?

But that doesn’t explain the large crowds….

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2030: Prediction- we’ll have flying cars!

2030: Reality- a significant part of the world’s electricity is being used to generate nudes of Emma Watson

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We also had the big tech censors who made it impossible to say how mild covid actually was

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Are there any Middle Eastern countries where a white christian can make a similar suggestion?

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I got it from twitter. Even bloomberg is saying misogyny is going to be criminalised now (repeating the telegraph’s claims though):



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You post this same calculation every week without learning how income tax is calculated?

In many countries for a small enough salary you will pay zero tax…


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