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My personal opinion is that it is the censorship which is causing all the trouble.

In the real world if somebody disagrees with you (perhaps he votes for another president you don’t like) then you cannot ban him from society.

But reddit does.

We have to compromise and more importantly our view of what is normal includes him and his type of voter.

In the fake online world - people create a bubble. Their bubble implies that “ultra rightwing” is “somebody who still votes democrat, but prefers Bernie”

This narrow and fake view of humanity makes the social media user fragile and unable to cope when exposed to different opinions.

This is why big social media users like AOC are frequently seen making up childlike lies (i was nearly raped by trump supporters) and (they only hate me because they want to date me) to cover up her blatant failure as a granddaughter whose relatives live in complete poverty while she buys another supercar.

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Why isn’t he arrested for murder yet?

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Note the vote at 11:08 - all old women voting to shut down free speech.

Giving women a right to vote without any responsibilities in society was a MISTAKE

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Explains why they thought they’d be worshiped for making TikTok videos

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Forced insertion of a drug into your bloodstream has potentially worse side effects than being raped.

I like the term because it will trigger feminists by using one of their holy words.

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This is why the UK will never be great again - they are constantly nanny stating and trying to ban new technologies.

This creates dangerous self perpetuating industries like - the UK was the first to ban drones - because of lobbying from the helicopter union about how dangerous drones were. Now they need a license for anything with a weight over 200grams (less than the weight of a small bird).

The histrionics of the BBC also forces them to adopt men hating and vague laws. Previously it was legal to take photos in public. But they manufacture a law by constantly reporting how 1 woman had her photo taken while breastfeeding and now the police can arrest anybody taking photos “to check for breastfeeding photos”.

These vague laws will only give the police more power at a time when we see 99% of laws don’t apply to their chosen riots - BLM riots were encouraged and praised by all Marxists.

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Is he in the UK? He’s probably been taken to Gitmo already

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We need to view what happened here as a mafia shakedown.

They made demands with a threat of violence and the company caved in to their demands.

Now the mafia has more resources to do more violent shakedowns

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Prepare for shelves to be even emptier and inflation to spike even higher.

Why does every marxist and communist government quickly lead to bread queues?

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Just some comedian I follow since he got banned from twitter for offending the woke a while back

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My hope and understanding is that it will have the license fee cancelled and will be forced to sell its lies and propaganda on the open market…

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Melbourne is the Australian version of Portland?

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The app allows them to track you more.

Smart phones were a mistake

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If the virus was scary - the government wouldn’t have to lie.

If the vaccine was needed - people would freely choose to take it.

If there were no side effects - especially for young people - the drug manufacturers would not have legal immunity.

If we were following the science- immunity from a prior infection would be recognized instead of forcing the vaccine on everyone.

If the vaccine worked - you wouldn’t need to take 4+ doses of it.

If the vaccine worked - you could protect yourself from infection by getting vaccinated.

If Pfizer was such a trustworthy company - they wouldn’t have paid billions in criminal fines.

If Pfizer was such a trustworthy company - they wouldn’t have outsourced their vaccine trials to a third party.

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Just to be unequivocally clear: it's confirmed that Novak didn't break any rules & there were no determined issue with his paperwork or exemption, which was valid. Hawke states this clearly in the court docs. He was deported for the govt not liking his public opinions. That's it.

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The state of this propaganda-

They are holding the people who never took antibiotics responsible for antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The true failure is the government that had 2 years to build more hospital beds and never bothered to do so. Instead encouraged nurses to make tiktok dance videos and riot for BLM.

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Always tell these fuckers to go fuck themselves AND be sure to actively follow the victims of censorship

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I got it here -


Some people saying there is now only ad ad for lockheed martin. I will delete the post.

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