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Wait till you guys find out what they do with the foreskin they rip of boys in the United States. This is hardly a new horror.

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Its fake, but thats how things were in the early 2000s and 90s.

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Its not political I know but you deserve to see it. What a world we have lost.

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Its always been because of self hate, not porn, alcohol, or any other vice.

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I talked about this in a previous post, this is how the tranny shit starts.

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Companies are using mixed reality simulations to aid in all manner of workflows. It has merit. Nvidia Omniverse is a billion dollar venture that is providing solutions in this space.

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porn did not create the tranny problem, thats just tradcons scapegoating. the tranny thing is grooming and feminism working together to make men and women hate themselves so much that they decide to try to emulate the other.

Keep downvoting geniuses, proof is right here https://kotakuinaction2.win/p/16aA4NLB58/must-watch-woman-coaches-young-b/c/

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We have a another one since 1913 and neither R or D would dare say a word because that blimp owns them ALL.

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Are those real women or trannies?

a 4d chess move by the zog here would be to put sex women in a satan-themed show to make tradcons go even further off the edge of puritanism. Sad part is it would work too.

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Oh but we all know they are just going to replace it with a female power hour story arch.

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hurts their egos

Nothing to do with egos. It makes gamers desperate which makes them easier to control.

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Its amazing how little the west cares for that part of the world. Its the cradle of civilization and yet, as far as the west is concerned, it doesnt exist.

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Another woke remake. RE4 remake which is also SJWd will make bank.

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Israel has entered the chat.

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Dont forget to marry the girls of at the same age.

Oh not like that!

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He says alot more than "heh, wymin". He and his brother have an entire breath of discussions telling men to grow a pair, find a way to make money and stop wasting their lives.

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One of the things that I noticed about a lot of the male influencers in the Tate circle is they are westerners living in Muslim countries, IE Uncle Mike (Mike Thurston) moving from London to Dubai and raving about its civility and lack of crime. And they are friendly with Muslims and routinely do podcasts together. Essentially using masculinity, status, and wealth to bridge the cap between Christianity and Islam. Forming an a Christian/Muslim alliance against the globalist machine.

Who could possibly take issue with that I wonder?

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Former Soviet territory carved out with deals. Afghanistan is the same thing.

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