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To be fair, even if that was the case - and it isn't - whether or not she committed heresy against liberalism shouldn't determine if she remains employed, and if people will defend her.

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Reminds me:

Punishment of heretics, whether through actions of individuals and thus abuse, harassment, doxing, threats, or through actions of corporations and thus firing, or state and thus imprisonment, serve to make people conform to those very ideologies and ideals. Faced with the threat of destructive power of such actions, to their safety, well-being and livelihoods, individuals have little choice but to conform. Even worse, they internalize heresies dominant in our society and self-police themselves, their own actions and thoughts, becoming “their own overseer, each individual thus exercising surveillance over, and against themself.”


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of course women play the victim

She's just fucking with people who are throwing a hissy fit, it's obvious she's not doing it seriously. It's pretty funny tbh. Shame she'll suffer personally.


when 70% of black people aren’t rabidly racist

No such thing. Racism was popularized in 60s/70s (it gained similar conception in late 30s/early 40s thanks to Magnus Hirschfeld), and serves as a liberal heresy.

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It's not about "deserving," it's about survival of the fittest, its impact on the parents, community, society as a whole, and the limits of such existence to begin with. Also, reproduction & continuation of the people.

You say it's to help society, but wouldn't it be better to get rid of the people who choose to make it worse than those dealt a bad hand?

Individualism, hedonism... lol.

It's one and the same. Choice is illusionary; genetics, social (and community) influence, influence of parents, knowledge, and most importantly, media, education, etc, all factors in what views one embraces; it's fairly easy to argue that in both cases, those embracing such views & those being born with defects are both dealt a "bad hand." However, only one of those is born with birth defect. While I'm all for suppressing feminism and liberalism in general, the approaches are vastly different because of it.

Whether or not abortion is murder (I certainly believe it is), exceptions to the rule exist and should exist (E.G., in case of mother possibly dying; various birth defects; etc). You can even extend it to rape/incest.

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Oh please, you're going to bring up the impact on society economically of letting these people live?

As I've said, this is what liberalism does to your mind. Shitlibs can only understand the world, or for that matter human existence, through rootless individualism and transactionalism; everything reduces to those things. No matter how much you dislike feminists, fundamentally, you are one and the same, since they too strive for same type of individualism and transactionalism that you do; in fact, they go as far to make sex itself transactional, and let's not even talk about emotional "labor," and various other things they've aimed to make transactional.

I've never once felt like Down's Syndrome people existing makes the world worse

The fact that you think so demonstrates otherwise, and is a sign of the decadent times we live in.

At least they show gratitude.

Get a dog.

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This is what liberalism does to your mind.

You people hate Down's Syndrome kids because they're good people, kind and love their lives, even if they can't enjoy it to the fullest.

If we lived in an utopia, then your argument would be relevant and actually stand a chance at being decent. However, we don't. It's something most rw libs realize, hence why they utilize stigmatized villains (nazis, eugenics, etc) to suppress the topic & harass people raising such arguments.

As he himself has pointed out:

About half of Americans call themselves pro-life, but close to 80% choose to terminate a pregnancy after a Down syndrome diagnosis. When it comes to their own lives, most don’t want to live by the rules they’d force on others.

One's existence transcends hedonism and panem et circenses in general. Humans don't come to exist out of nowhere, and the impact on society itself is of importance.

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Bonus: With any luck this radicalizes a bunch of kids against the CCP.

Did you write this before or after you took your kids to be taught by drag queens? Just checking.

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It has come to the fore that Noah Berlatsky is the Communications Director of an organisation that engages in the normalisation of pedophilia. The name of the organisation is the Prostasia Foundation and it does appear to endorse extremely problematic opinions.

Prostasia calls pedophiles ‘minor attracted persons’ or MAPs, which is an undisguised attempt to rebrand pedophilia as a sexual orientation such as homosexuality. In the past, it has condemned Tumblr removing “MAPs’ and allies’ blogs”. In a post on its website, Prostasia went on to claim that removing such content would harm children.

The post claimed, “An entire community at the “ground zero” of child sexual abuse prevention is being censored, and it’s children who will ultimately suffer the most.” The foundation also claims that “stigma” against pedophilia is a consequence of “alt-right conspiracy theorists” and “sexual conservatives”.

Regarding censorship of “MAP” content, Prostasia opined, “In combination, this has left the support professionals who work with non-offending MAPs at a disadvantage, and has largely reduced spaces for public online discussion about minor-attraction to the echo chamber of alt-right conspiracy theorists and sexual conservatives, who wield the stigma around pedophilia as a potent weapon to undermine the progress of the LGBT movement, the anti-fascist movement, and their other political enemies.”