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I do believe that his wife supported an underage girl forced into prostitution who killed the pedo who raped her.

She's also supported many rapists and murderers.

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It's just funny. Trump should have done this, but he'd never live it down tbh.

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Nah, PDP (the woman's party) is mildly right-wing, while Dodik's (Alliance of Independent Social Democrats) is somewhat left-wing, socially conservative, and more nationalistic. PDP is more in line with EU, while Dodik's party is more in line with Russia:

The Party of Democratic Progress is a centre-right Serb political party.

In terms of bilateral cooperation with other European parties, PDP maintains strong links with the Conservative Party (UK), Moderate Party (Sweden), Christian Democratic Union (Germany).


Reflecting a trend in Eastern Europe for centre-left parties, it has been characterized as a social-democratic party with left-leaning views on fiscal issues and more conservative views on social issues.

Since then, the party has gradually abandoned its reformist ideology and confederalism for Euroscepticism, Russophilia, and a more aggressive advocacy of Serbian nationalism and separatism, threatening a proposed secession of Republika Srpska from the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina numerous times. This has also led to the party being expelled from the Socialist International in 2012 for continuing to "espouse a nationalist and extremist" line.

Alliance of Independent Social Democrats cooperates with several Eastern European pro-Russian parties and the ruling party in the Russian Federation, United Russia.

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After the CEC published the preliminary results for the Republika Srpska presidential race, the PDP called a press conference on Monday, claiming that Dodik only “won by election fraud.” “We won’t give up. Everything we said last night … is correct. The difference was over 10,000 votes,” Branislav Borenovic, president of PDP, told the media.

“We will examine everything in detail and based on that, there is a serious reason to cancel the elections for the president of the Republika Sprska in a large number of polling stations and cities,” he added.

Trivic, a 39-year-old former professor, and widely seen as just as hardline as Dodik, on Sunday thanked those who voted for her.

Dodik was more careful in claiming victory, but did so two hours after midnight. “These are the confirmed results from local electoral boards,” Dodik said, congratulating the Serbian member of the state presidency on her victory, his ally, Zeljka Cvijanovic.

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Women prefer to watch romcoms that are about women (which is why they're also called chick flicks).

To be fair, there's a subgroup of women that are into gay male stuff, such as fujoshi.

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Yeah, I still remember him doing (predating?) Sargon of Akkad:

Representative Jair Bolsonaro reportedly made the comments on the floor of the national legislature Tuesday after lawmaker Maria do Rosário gave a speech condemning the human rights abuses of the U.S.-backed military dictatorship from 1964 to 1985, a regime Bolsonaro defends, according to a translation from the Huffington Post. “Stay here, Maria do Rosário. A few days ago you called me a rapist, in the Green Room,” he said. “And I said I wouldn’t rape you because you’re not worthy of it.” The Green Room is a private room in the capitol building.

Speaking of which, what is he up to? Haven't heard about him in a while.

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With 96% of votes counted, Lula is 4% ahead of Bolsonaro (47.77% vs 43.77%). If he ends up below 50%, there should be a run off on October 30th. For what it's worth, polls were predicting a much worse outcome:

The survey put support for Lula at 46 percent in the first round, compared with 33 percent for Bolsonaro – up from 44 percent for Lula and 34 percent for Bolsonaro a week earlier.

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Anyone who has something negative to say about Trump has the red carpet rolled out for them.

Yeah, it's a quite easy way to get publicity/attention, and many want it.

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why they burned witches

Much of it came from personal animosity/conflict with other people.

Now I wonder why we don't.

We kinda do, it's merely done in name of racism, though. For example, here's a kid being arrested for "racism" online towards a rich soccer player:


Or harassment, abuse, and doxing of Sarah Dye, a mother of three boys and a farmer:


Or a girl being doxed, with people threatening they'll go to her place and kill her because she wore a shirt at a party they didn't like, and the tweet of her doxing reaching 20k+ likes:


Or Convington Kids, etc. These are merely examples - there are countless people who face the same, and worse, on daily basis. For what it's worth, many witches weren't killed:

While execution was a common form of punishment for those found guilty, in some places up to 75% had their lives spared and they instead received non-capital sentences, such as corporal punishment, imprisonment, or banishment, the last of which was often considered worse than death.

Meanwhile, those who were acquitted or set free were often shunned by their neighbors who in some cases were those that accused them in the first place, and they had to live in fear of physical assault and lynching by the villagers who believed that justice wasn’t met.

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One film that isn’t smiling is Universal and Nicholas Stoller’s high-profile Bros, the first gay romantic comedy from a major Hollywood studio (Universal has been widely lauded for taking on the project). The movie, which cost a modest $22 million to make, looks to open in fourth-place with $4.8 million from 3,350 theaters after earning $1.8 million on Friday.

Starring Billy Eichner, Bros was embraced by critics following its world premiere at the 2022 Toronto Film Festival. It presently boasts a glowing 95 percent critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences agreed, giving it an A CinemaScore.

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Many such cases. Shulamith Firestone is a great example.

In The Dialectic of Sex, she argues that we should invest in advanced technology in order to free women from childbirth.

She regarded pregnancy and childbirth as "barbaric" (a friend of hers compared labor to "shitting a pumpkin") and the nuclear family as a key source of women's oppression.

Yet men, as a result of the Oedipus complex and the incest taboo, are unable to love: they must degrade the women they make love to, in order to distinguish them from the mother, the first and forbidden love object. They cannot simultaneously respect and be sexually attracted to women.

By eliminating the biological family and the incest taboo, the feminist revolution will enlarge the opportunity for real heterosexual love, as well as legitimating every other type of voluntary sexual relationship.

“[S]hould [a child] choose to relate sexually to adults, even if he should happen to pick his own genetic mother, there would be no a priori reasons for her to reject his sexual advances, because the incest taboo would have lost its function.”

“Thus without the incest taboo, adults might return within a few generations to a more natural polymorphuous sexuality, the concentration on genital sex and orgasmic pleasure giving way to total physical/emotional relationships that included that. Relations with children would include as much genital sex as the child was capable of — probably considerably more than we now believe.”

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Not all memes are real, and those are largely overblown to serve precisely this type of propaganda, as can be seen in the article:

“The risks of withholding gender-affirming care vary from patient to patient but often involve things like worsening anxiety, depression, and suicidality.”

“Recent legislation to take gender-affirming medical care as an option away across the board is extremely dangerous and will lead to bad outcomes.” A 2022 study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that trans teens were 7.6 times more likely to attempt suicide than their cis peers.

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Speaking of which:

Netflix removes LGBTQ tag on Jeffrey Dahmer series after backlash

On Twitter, a viewer wrote: “Why would Netflix put the dahmer story under lgbtq…. that isn’t good representation like… at all.”

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