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With almost 50% of the votes counted, the ruling Fidesz party and its junior party, the Hungarian Christian Democrats (KDNP), were on course to win 133 seats in the 199-member parliament, according to the official national election office website.

Different source:

Voting for the 199 members of parliament is split between single-member constituencies and closed-list nationwide constituencies. Fidesz was on 58% of the votes in nationwide constituencies, versus 30.4% for the six-party opposition, according to Reuters. And it was also ahead in most of the single-member constituencies, the early results showed.


A far-right party called Our Homeland would also make it into parliament, passing the 5% threshold.

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At a conversation at the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane, Australia, during a G-20 summit in late 2014, Ms. Merkel realized that Mr. Putin had entered a state of mind that would never allow for reconciliation with the West, according to a former aide.

The conversation was about Ukraine, but Mr. Putin launched into a tirade against the decadence of democracies, whose decay of values, he said, was exemplified by the spread of “gay culture.”

The Russian warned Ms. Merkel earnestly that gay culture was corrupting Germany’s youth. Russia’s values were superior and diametrically opposed to Western decadence, he said.

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Aimee was on point:

If you are a conservative with a platform, do not praise Jon Stewart. This is part of resetting the narrative. Don't be a mark.

The edgelord leftist relies on creating fake controversy as commodity, After the political stakes have expired. You are helping them build totally unjustified credibility as a "brave controversial truth teller". Don't do that, it's how they gatekeep the whole thing.


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Disney corporate president Karey Burke says, "as the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child," she supports having "many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories" and wants a minimum of 50 percent of characters to be LGBTQIA and racial minorities.


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"Democracy," other than being a liberal value, is an illusion. It's purpose, other than justifying regime-change and invasions, is to ensure that any hint of illiberalism is squashed, outlawed, or "unconstitutional,", whether it's AFD, Golden Dawn, or Communist Party in US.

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Probably, but the ruling (lib/socialist coalition) is no better from what I've gathered. Some things I remember seeing:

They established this recently:


And aim to be part of EU. The ruling party has also been in favor of letting some foreign companies take lithium resources (while getting like 1% of it all lmao), in particularly they tried passing a law so they could force people to sell their land/houses/etc so they could give them to the companies, which led to protests before they backed down:

The Council said that „the proposed legal solution de facto meant that any foreign economic entity, i.e. a company with which Serbia concluded an interstate agreement, can become a beneficiary of expropriation if the Government previously determines that there is a public interest in such a project.“


And they've tried to pass a law re: freelancing that didn't go over well, mainly since it'd apply retroactively & be considerably high:

Around two thousand citizens of Serbia took to the streets of Belgrade on April 8 to protest a new tax scheme that would require digital workers – or those who work as freelancers over the internet- to pay exuberant retroactive taxes for the previous five years.

Before they delayed it because of elections.

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TLDR; You have a lib/left (pro-EU) candidate, a "green" candidate, a "democratic party" candidate who's a monarchist and in favor of "renewal of Kingdom of Serbia," "Defenders" candidate saying things like:

Our program is not promises, but a vow that we gave to our ancestors who fought for our country.

"Patriotic bloc" candidate:

in 1999 he founded the association of citizens, the Serbian movement Dveri , whose views are based on Serbian nationalism, Euroscepticism and anti-globalism.

He is an open opponent of same-sex marriages and gay parades, so in 2009 and 2010 he organized the Family Walk event in response to the scheduled Pride Parade.

"Serbian patriot" candidate, who (according to the article):

Vacic arrived in front of the REC in an armored jeep made in Japan, with Russian license plates, in a column of dozens of vehicles with Serbian and Russian flags and a torchlight procession.

The letter Z was drawn on the jeep, a symbol used by the Russian army during the aggression on Ukraine.


"In the past, he has been convicted of extremist attitudes and actions, including discrimination against the LGBT population ahead of the 2009 Pride Parade, as well as of illegal carrying of weapons and preventing officials from performing their duties.

Vacic thinks that Serbs should look up to Russia, which, as he states, "through the strengthening of the economy and the army, came to the situation of restoring its statehood to the territories lost under communism."

"I am the only candidate who does not advocate neutrality, but full support for Russia regarding the current special operation in Ukraine," he said.

"Sovereign" candidate:

"The conflict in Ukraine is not a conflict between the citizens of Ukraine and Russia, but a conflict between NATO and Russia that is happening over the backs and lives of the citizens of Ukraine," the statement added.

"Puppet politicians in Ukraine have handed over the sovereignty of their own country into the hands of foreign embassies that use Ukraine and its citizens as cannon fodder for a showdown with Russia. Serbia should not side with NATO in this conflict."

And lastly, "Serbian Progressive party" candidate (a lib), who is pretty much guaranteed to win it, while most others don't stand a chance. His party is also allied with Serbian Socialist Party.

Founded in 2008 as a split from the far-right Serbian Radical Party (SRS), the culmination of a decade-long conflict within the SRS between the party's moderate and hardline wings, the SNS retained the former's conservative outlook while adopting distinct pro-European and neoliberal policies.

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TLDR; Libs gonna lib.

Speaking of "private individuals" on which this journo hangs his narrative on:

For context, this is the piece in question. In my opinion, a profoundly irresponsible and superfluous piece of journalism, whose only effect is to incite panic and direct ire and harassment at private individuals.

Here's the same journo endorsing assault of "private individuals" (Re: fellow lib Spencer):

Your mistake was being a nazi in a country full of brown people and Jews, you fuck.

Not to beat this point to death (so 2 speak) but if u think the country's been taken over by fascists, u gotta be ok w nazis getting punched

People get punched all the time for no good reason. This was an extremely good reason. (Him being a nazi.)


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Speaking of which:

Dozens Killed By Ukrainian Cluster Bomb Attack On Center Donetsk.


The Ukrainian side claims that the missile was a Russian one. The Russian Armed Forces haven't used Tochka-U missiles since 2008 & the last ones in storage were replaced in 2019.

The missile flew from Ukraine-controlled territory.

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May the Palestinians reconquer their land, and may their jewish occupators seethe for eternity. Inshallah.

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He sounds pretty literate for me, and certainly more fun than an average lib like yourself.

I don't have an issue with muslims. I have an issue with people importing them. The same ones with which you align.

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It's not spam, it's the only correct response to people such as these, in my view.

I'm unfamiliar with it (I tried looking for it initially, I remember something like "border to border" or whatever). I'll rephrase it in the future.

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The point above isn't about them, but re; NATO equipment.

I know it's fruitless conversing with you, so I don't intend on doing so, but my stance on "nazis" still remains the same - it being a manufactured villain and a larp, in particularly under the western empire. Russia is merely utilizing the narrative (one of many) out of such playbook, just like them sending soldiers as a "peacekeeping force" echoes US & NATO narrative re: Yugoslavia. I have no issue with it.

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I saw this recently, and it's quite funny. Some Ukrainian woman (who spent most of her life in Ukraine, has family there, and lives in France) was brought onto French TV, where she talked about Ukraine government being shitty, banning media, opposition, etc, and talked about journos disappearing, and suggested that few of them were killed by the government. This was a response from the studio:





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This comes shortly after a pro-Russian major was kidnapped from his home & killed:

Pro-Russian mayor kidnapped from his eastern Ukraine home and shot dead

Taking to social media, the adviser for Interior Minister of Ukraine, welcomed his death, writing: “One traitor of Ukraine became less!”


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It's more about the fact that he's not seen as a villain within society and isn't referenced on daily basis, but fascism and communism are; it's a point about them being manufactured villains, who could easily be replaced with different terminology if the ruling class wanted to do so.

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I find it especially funny since I've equated being called a "fascist" or a "communist" to that of being called a "Genghis Khan follower," because what matters is the underlying function (that of a villain), not the descriptor being used.

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