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What the hell was obscure about this title?

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Looking for a king and queen, best I could come up with was a pair of threes.

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Have the animal rights assholes wear the harness and be ridden around the track. I would love to bet on the outcome.

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Dogs too, but they got that banned here in the states. People are really fucking dumb.

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OOO! OOO! ISOLATED! ISOLATED! Quarantine the contagion!

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They are about to make that illegal in Florida. It's on a long list of shit they are getting done.

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It was some funny shit. They tried to play it off as this tragedy, but I laughed. Two cheating faggots ruining their lives and those of the people closest to them and one getting what he deserved for it? LOL.

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Like the aristocracy of the past. 14 last names. The Spanish monarchy is still this way.

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tl;dr - aka, Disney's women meddle and nag until the brand's heart and soul goes out for cigarettes and never come back.

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I love how the left love to ignore that Doctors were behind most of the world's atrocities. Mass deaths are a normal part of war, but the truly vile shit is all down to doctors.

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IQs have been dropping for a decade in the US!

A lack of knowledge, people aren't getting dumber, they're just getting taught less. Anyone with a basic understanding can tell you IQ is a bullshit measurement.

JP Morgan

Is run by sex slavers, terrorists, drug dealers, etc.. Nothing they say is to be followed up upon.

The seas have risen 5 inches since 2010. Not everywhere, just specific places. The rest have it at less than two inches.

I trust nothing these people say. Erosion and settlement of ground levels is more to blame than any actual sea level rise.

The UN won't back down from it's non binding declaration against Russia.

Thank god. Once Russia pulls out, China's not far behind and the rest of the world will stop giving any credence to these elitist scum.

Side hustles now part of income for taxes on US.

Anything over $500 total always was. Now we have idiots who grew up with digital shit and never understood why cash. Suffer, bitch, suffer!

Abortion Pill Advocates/Pfizer and others are pissed the abortion drug is now illegal.

Why are whores so intent on taking something that's obviously bad for them from an evil corporation? Oh yes, laziness. Can't let biology get in the way of having a good time making a living!

12-month school plan

We already have a problem with trannies, pedos, commies, and lazy teachers with our current system. That's not even mentioning the animals in human zoo. The solution is not more 'education'. These fucking people need to be slapped upside the head with a ruler.

A professor quit his job

And the world was made slightly better. Fucking commie scum. Fucking lazy commie scum at that.

White House Leaks through Minecraft

They are 100% behind this. There is no doubt. I am so sick of these god damn dictators. The democrats have destroyed our country and the republicans let them.

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More people leaving for remote work. One woman's story. "I found that I got a lot more work done when I was working the hybrid days,"

Guarantee she held multiple full-time jobs, barely doing either and her bosses knew this. Don't let these people fool you, they're just as big of cheats of the system as their welfare queen counterparts. I don't feel sympathy or empathy for these fucking people. I work 2 unskilled labor jobs just to not be able to afford a car and take these entitled cunts' rage over not being fast enough to somehow read their fucking minds and wave a magic wand to deliver instant results.

Optimization: a love story - I can't say I agree fully with the article, but I see it's point.

Most people have no fear of going without, the reason we have always held jobs. By cooperation, they are rewarded with access to society and its resources. We don't need big solutions, life-affirming revolutions like this bitch has decided. It is not necessary or needed to find fulfillment in our work, and this is not an onus the job provider should have to offer. Hollywood and easier lives have given people in big cities this delusion and they are finding themselves miserable when they shun the little things that used to make them happy in favor of the gamble of a dream career/life. Hence the 'work life balance' bullshit.

A job is a job, it provides you with money, its only purpose. It is up to us to develop a life beyond that. Sadly, most lack the brain power to realize, let alone do it.

Meta workers freaking out. They have to justify their jobs. The major bosses live in some other country. A third of the company was fired. The perks have all gone away, including the cereal.

Some times, life is really good. It's about the little things, you know?

Gravity creates light.

Interesting theory, suffers from the 'early universe' problem though. Light is a threshold factor, acceleration tends to activate it. Movement is the cause of things.


Mimics allergies and reactions to harsh chemicals. And masks make things a shit tonne worse, including lowering immunity due to lack of oxygenation in the blood. It's nice to see India trying to curb their population in the same week their growth overcame china's.

An interview with the woman who put a trans on a bid light. She thinks

She suffers from the same delusion all cunts suffer from. You are not my mommy, you don't get to tell me how to live.

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The self driving bus line in Scotland needs people to run each bus.

'Socialist Paradises' create unnecessary jobs for people to fill, for every person a place and a place for everyone. Up next, more bureaucracy for those jobs!

A power company that uses old car batteries? Yes it exists.

Capitalism is still the best market, and is a beautiful thing.

Humanoid robots are here to steal our jobs. Slowly, and with s lot of fanfare.

Asimov's Robot series' more mundane plot points are the future. Only, there will be less pushback thanks to covid. Everyone will blame this on a bad economy and politics, the commies will blame this on capitalism. The problem is simple human nature, you push back against it, it must respond to you and adapt. You push back hard enough, it must stand down and submit. No one pushes back, they only bitch.

Flux Keyboard

Pretty, but useless. Pretty fucking useless. I got an RBG mechanical keyboard with typewriter keys. It satisfies my retard brain. The lights are pretty, but I can't see them when typing. This is even worse at that.

Public phone charging stations can hold viruses and hacking programs.

The same for gas station phone bricks. This used to be the FBI's bread and butter under Hoover. God damn people are fucking dumb.

A Ukrainian drone company

Crowdsources terrorist campaigns.

Concept cars from the 80's.

I love the tech integration, but cars are like people. God damn did they lose their sex appeal by the time they reached the 70s.

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A new handheld PC Gaming set up is being displayed.

I would be excited, but this has the same problem as every console and handheld game. Using the buttons/sticks hurts my ape hands.

Resident Evil, Stranger Things, Frozen 3...

I would pay to see a crossover based upon those. Especially something that was immune to their magic and relentlessly went after everyone.

The movie could make $3.5 Billion from theaters, disc sales, and streaming.

I could be excited by this, but, cunts made the movie and cunts will get all the glory. If she was put in her place, this could have been solved.

Star Trek

Has milking buckets and a stick for that dead horse.

AI will be introduced to Twitter.

What'll its pronouns be?

Business AI

This is already showing limitations and failures. The future for the tech industry is going to be constantly updating and patching severely outdated programming instead of hardware because too much was integrated into this shit too fast and too much money was spent on it to let it die and be replaced as it should be. Businesses are not in it to stay competitive, they are in it to save money. With idiots running things, they see the flashy and new and don't realize they're being dazzled with bullshit. It's the 1980s with automation all over again.

If they slowed down and developed a computer model that could deal with having the coding switched out like components rather than junked entirely, that would be the future. But no, proprietary software developments means you'll need an entirely new setup once the subscription becomes due for renewal or change.

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It's machine Aphasia. The language models are constantly changing and the machine cannot detect/keep up with the changes as it does not understand context. This breaks it. As with all coding, one small error leads to cascade or complete breaking.

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"And I wonder. What is so beastly about this Mr.? Can he truly be that awful? Well, looking into it, I found things that shock and appalled me. And it should you too." - Andy Rooney voice.

This is not how you go about covering this unless you want to drive people TO the Beast's singing teapot. Then again, this is what Matt has based his entire career upon, being an old curmudgeon shaking his finger at serious topics. If he could discuss these things in the serious manner they deserve without sounding like some old assholish windbag, he would have more reach.

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Oh I know about that bullshit. That shit should be shortened on official documents. They changed my family name to an anglicized one when they came from Ireland because of bigotry and we never changed it back. This one is completely unpronounceable and should be done so too for that reason.

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One in and the same.

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Calm down, tumblr.

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Yes, but only because it was a bad movie that was completely unwatchable.

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No, he's not gay, just a disney cultist.

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