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Well, next time, go slower and relax your throat.

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Personal life decisions like who you should fuck is not a reason to stop talking to/following someone. You missed a whole lotta shit these people did to include personal life reasons as an excuse to create your enemies list. Shoe and White Knight went regressive years ago, they were borderline, maybe even cosplay for money in the skeptics and antifeminist communities. That's the farthest they got into redpills. Raygun had TDS and stopped posting shit because he decided to focus on his career and games. He later went regressive on things because he was always a whiny cunt, Lacy was just a biproduct and had nothing to do with why.

Then there was the worse shit you didn't include that some of these people did, instead of going on small things like DM2525, he didn't promote alt-right conspiratard shit, he has severe TDS, he thinks we are evil, and basically still so wrapped in his Christians are the cause of all wars crap, it has become a religious crusade.

Ruben sold his ass like the good little media whore he always was.

This is just what I know about.

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Considering she has a happy merchan...I mean economics degree, I think you hit the nail on the head. She too knows how to cut corners and cheat to get what she wants.

S/N: That's how you make a happy merchant joke! Might not be hilarious, but it's tongue in cheek, and not racist. Not. At. All.

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The BBC license fee was recently frozen from price increases for 2 years. They claimed it would kill their ability to make good programming and would have to make $3 Billion in budget cuts.

I see they got it backwards. They're killing $3 billion by making cuts to good programming.

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Not this time. I think they are looking to curb their own policies because it suddenly got real instead of just something to make them look not like narcissistic basic bitch cunts. NIMBY at its finest.

Too bad. Look at the feminine Benis, cunts.

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I'll just quote Malcolm here: that's uh a really big pile of shit.

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I'm not going to advocate stuffing this man in an oven and turning it on until long after the screaming stops because that would be against the rules. This person needs to be in a reeducation camp.

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HA! And double, HA! Judges are one of the few things republicans will lockstep in oppose. Dems can't be counted either. The supreme court is going to be a blood bath soon.

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I went to the comments seeking and wasn't disappointed, in fact was elated to find the first was what came to mind.

Clan Nosferatu, represent.

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A freshly cleaned toilet?

Seriously, it's all bad, it's all good. Sometimes, however, the shit is so pervasive you can't overlook it. Then there are places like Italy and Haiti which were never anything more than the ground under an outhouse.

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