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As a child abuser


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A good example of Doublethink... and doublethink is;

To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself—that was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word—doublethink—involved the use of doublethink

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Yeah, yeah... all love, whatever, blablabla... but when a country gets invaded, the first to give up are women, that in the vast majority become all whores for the enemy... in fact, this bitch would be the first to get selected as a personal whore for some russian general... and that only if she is lucky of not being gang raped before.

This is why we are fucked, because not only dumb retarded bitches like these have this fucking retarded shit going on in their head, there's also a bunch of dudes like this... the west is full of retarded bitches and retarded faggots.

Again... who in their fucking mind is going to fight to defend these stupid fuckers?... fuck these people.

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Oh!... that's just nothing, Israel was selling most of the hi-tech military equipment that the U.S give them, sold most of it to China, and that's how the chinese commies reverse-engineered everything and now are at the top of military tech... and that have been happening for years.

Israel is similar to Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish from Game of Thrones; "Chaos is a ladder".

At least Littlefinger knows the value of people to use... they would fucking sink us into a dark age if they could... people need to hear how that religion works, it's as bad as Islam.

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Reddit is a huge rainbow pedo grooming gang.

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insert meme of black dude hiding behind the tree, but has pink hair and he call himself Shaniqua

Next big drama is going to be about "transwhamans" (losers that can't win against other men) not being accepted in "whaman" football teams because of "wjhayte zupremazy" or some shit.

It's going to happen, i'm calling it right now, fucking clown world never disappoints.

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Oh no!... if all of them, so "stunning and brave whamans", the most progressive scum over our western countries... listened to all the "nazis", the "homophobes", the "transphobes" the "racists"... all that bad people that the news told them to hate.

This could be avoided.

But no, they all decided to support the depravity, the degeneracy, the insanity.

Enjoy the fear girls, the suspense of what is coming, the view of "her male genitals" (LMAO), later is gonna be "her uncomfortable erections", then into "her inappropriate touching" and ask yourselves... ¿who is gonna be the first?.

I don't give a fuck.

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I don't see the irony.

"My body, my choice" is a legitimate argument when you are talking about someone forcing a medical procedure on your own body.

"My body, my choice" is not legitimate when you are talking about killing another different human being, in this case, babies... they are deciding over another life, another body, not only their own body.

But, of course, this retarded brainwashed low IQ evil monkey is incapable of thinking about the mental diarrhea he's vomiting out most of the time.

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Sign up to learn how to be the best beta cuck provider you can be...so you can lick the zinc out of that whore deseased pussy after Chad, Tyrone and José have their turn with her... and also, check these 3 friends of ours that will give you more happiness, "The "ambiguous" flavor; suck dick and get fucked in the ass", "The Whaman flavor; become a troon" and "The Love is Love flavor; rape a bunch of kids"

That's what all that shit ends up, degeneracy always go down that path, thank god all these human trash are not gonna survive the next war.

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The rule of the 3 red flags that i follow to know if something is going to be woke trash.

Company; Netflix [first red flag]

Casting; Any race/gender swap from original source (second red flag)

Director and Writers; personal social media is woke af (third red flag)

Never fails.

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"Matrix: Recycled": The worst of the franchise, by far. 1/5 stars

"The premise of a Matrix where the Matrix movies exist was promising. But what matters is not the premise, but the way in which the premise is executed. The "self-comment" is rigorously LITERAL: There are entire scenes consisting of characters commenting on the Matrix movies, which are laconic and stereotypical expressions of all real-world interpretations of "The Matrix" (with the notorious omission of the words "red pillling": which the Wachowski brothers hate). The plot doesn't make the slightest sense, to the point that some elements are unwittingly humorous, and everyone talks like the Architect's speech all the time." "And if you think: "I don't give a damn that the movie doesn't make sense: I want to go see explosions, Kung Fu fights and car chases", ... well ... There is hardly any of that in the movie, and it's all together in the last 25 minutes. And the fights are hideously poorly choreographed." "Larry Wachowski is one of the few remaining directors who uses CGI sparingly and prefers practical effects when possible. A little star for that"

That's a review i read today, i'm not going to watch that trash, not even pirated.

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Europe it's already fucked, when the muslims get the right numbers, they are gonna behhead all those femenine men out, and rape and enslave the shit of the rest.

And those nice muslims that the local people trust so much and are supposedly are not extremist, are gonna be the first to target them.

The entire religion is based on conquering by any means, even if is the strategy is being a "good citizen" their entire life and have the biggest family they can have or falsely convert to another religion.

And with Christianity being so cucked these days, only the real radicals would oppose them, but when the time comes, probably is going to be too late.

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If they push any kind of policy that goes against individual freedom, private property, self defense laws, it's always a no for those fuckers.

But one of the most important things, that maybe people don't care that much... is language... if they speak with woke words... don't matter how good are those shit they push, i don't vote for them.

Becuase if they can't see the culture war and are talking like the enemy, they are not really useful... and i can't trust them... you can't fight a culture war if the langauge you are using, is full of falsehood and conditioning people to accept terms of the enemy and the ideas of those terms subconsciously.

The term "transgender" for example, is not designed to trick people to think that humans can change their biological sex... no, is designed to trick people to separate biology from sexuality... if you use that term, you recognize that gender is a separate thing from biology in your mind, and that is not true.

Call them whatever the fuck you want, but don't use words that are accepting lies and are words of the enemy.

After reading 1984, and reading a lot more about how langauge affects the general population, how authoritarians design langauge to serve their purpose and control the ideas of the people, is probably one of the most important things to notice, because words are one of the most fundamental weapons they use.

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Your view is using authoritarianism to jail kids and parents and using public schools to groom kids... or going back to medieval ages, and make legal to abuse kids.

And i'm the deranged one?.

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Great argument, shit is fucked up, so let legalize people abuse 13 years old because they were "whores", same with boys being abused.

Don't try to fix it, don't have any kind of morals, don't do anything

No, let's just say "haha", "fucking whores" "retarded".


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You are talking about forcing shit on parents and being ok with school indoctrinating kids, and pushing sexual shit on them in the hands of strangers. (just what is happening today with the lgbt mafia using education to groom kids)

And not only that, you want to jail kids for fucking up with thing that they clearly don't understand, and defending pedophiles that abuse them knowing really well what are they doing.

Serioulsy, you are fucking crazy, read wtf are you writing and think about it for more than two seconds.

That is what is happening in Canada, jailing parents for refusing their children being convinced by strangers that is the opposite gender and jailing a father for "misgendering" her daughter... or shit in California, where a 19 year old can analy penetrate a 11 year old, and is not considered rape because the legal age gap is 10 years now (they passed that law from 5 years gap to 10 years gap, and that is only for gays... if gay man does that to boy in the ass, is not a crime... but if a man does that to a girl, goes to jail... opening this "age" gate leads to shit like that.)

Unbelievable... all this shit you are writing, are the shitty arguments that people use to open the gates of evil so children are harmed with the consent of the state... pure insanity, dude.

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The reason why i said is not my problem, is because I can't force parents to educate their kids different, and i can't use the force of the state to indoctrinate children and push sexual agenda on them, that's against my values... not because i think that is not that bad... i can convince parents with my values on my community and country... that's all i do, so if those kids fuck up with other kids, and they commit mistakes between them, you shoudn't jailed them unless there's abuse or rape... because at that age, as i already said, they develop desires and urges, they commit mistakes, both of them are on that stage of their lives when they still don't think about emotional consequences, trauma, and the impact on their lives.

Pedophiles don't do "stupid shit", they fully understand what are they doing... as i said, a decent adult should know better (i already explained what adults understand about kids and teenagers, you are making me repeat this shit again, go back and read).. but we are talking about pedophiles, so they don't give a fuck about respecting kids, they are criminals.

There's a difference between two minors having desires, urges, and commiting mistakes or doing stupid shit between them, because they generally don't are able to understand the consequences of their actions... but adults, in this case pedophiles, they perceive and see those urges and they groom them into having sex with them, perfectly understanding the damage they can do to that minor.

The first, are two minors that don't undersand all the shit that could go wrong in their lives if they are irresponsable (a strong family unit with a good education is the best way to prepare those kids to not do stupid shit)... and the second, is an adult with a full understanging of consequences and damage he could cause, and still decides to have sex with that minor.

So, to not have a stupid blurry line in between.. the best idea until now, is to have a safe key with age... 18.

Why 18?... go back and read,

I can't make it more clear than that, dude.

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I don't have double standard... yes... i don't think minors should have sex, but that doesn't change anything, because i already asnwered that, you just didn't read.

What part of "minors doing stupid shit" sound that i aprove that?

And again, read, ffs... 18 is about having safe key between minors and adults, and i already explained why... do you understand the concept of safe key?.

And just because is legal somewhere, it doens't mean is morally right, or the correct way to deal with the dangers of pedophilia.

"No premarital sex" means nothing when is legal to marry them while being minors.

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Goes on with a lot of teenagers being pregnant from dudes twice their age, and becoming single mothers... that's becomes a problem of generations growing up in disfunctional homes... and lowering that child oportunnity to become the best version they could be.

Ask your self why the U.S has become such a shithole full of psyschotic people and why the rest of the world is going for the same path?... and even more... ask yourself why countries that are already shitholes can't get out of that shit?.

It doesn't goes on as normal... there's a reason why two consenting adults can make a good family, raise their children right, and make them become a good asset of their communities... strong families are the heart of great nations.

Keeping with this shit of decriminalizing sex with minors in this ultra oversexualized society we have is not a good thing... it already affected the entire west with entire generations being fucked up in their minds... that's why i talk about that 18 is a good safety key, especially for females. (even if culture is transforming them in retarded bitches).

Just because something is legal, it doesn't mean is morally right.

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I didn't say anything about minors doing stupid shit, if people didn't educated those kids in the right way, is not my problem... but that doesn't give adults the right to abuse them... adults should know what are the consequences of minors being involved in sexual activities and how those things affects them for the rest of their lives.

It's all about a safe key, don't talk shit about "50 years old that but 25 years old the other"... that is not argument and is a false dichotomy... when they reach 18, generally they already have an understending about consenting and what it means to have sex (good education is part of that)... when they are 14, even if they have desires and urges, they don't understand shit about almost anything... when the years pass, and they reach 18, they have a general idea about how shit works, even if they don't have real experience.

Again, a lot of minors want many things at that age, that doesn't mean it should be allowed to happen... that's why there's a safe key... and is 18 years old, is 18 because of the body and is because of average understanding of actions and consequences when they become young adults.

It has nothing to do with marriage, interest or any other shit... with that logic, having 9 years old wifes in some middle eastern shithole is ok because it's legal to marry them... even worse , under that logic... if a child becomes interested in gay sex or any kind of sex because they are being groomed, once you already allowed "interest" being a safe key to pedophiles... how are you going to stop them from arguing "the kid was interesed" when they get caught?... "hey, is legal to fuck that 14 years old over there because the kid was interest and is legal to marry them... well, the kid i just fucked was interesed, i would marry this kid now, and they want to marry me"... and there you go, pedos have a new free way to legally groom children and abuse them.

Seriously, wtf is wrong with you?

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Oh man, i laughed so hard when someone edited the haircut and it's clearly a dude with make up.

Here; https://images-cdn.9gag.com/photo/a5E9Qdg_700b.jpg

Looks like a black transvestite or something, the woke is top tier on this one.

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