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This is a clear violation of his civil rights

Rights are for those the elites consider useful for furthering their power.

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when will the Christian 'prayer' folks who attempted a cultural genocide against the Indigenous peoples

I dunno, when will "Indigenous peoples" stop genocide each other themselves?

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Every state has some kinda meme about it. Stop being a crybaby.

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The same dangers to society that fall for telemarketing fraud while communicating solely in memes.

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Hey, remember all those articles about how "playing violent video games causes the 'aggressive' parts of the brain to light up"? Just curious. No reason.

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The Bush-era military jingoism is not the hill you want to die on.

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Mom says it's my turn to post this next month.

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An absolutely based chad on reddit was scraping the site for the past 8 years and uploaded pretty much all the important content


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The problem is that reddit is trying to force people to use their guttershit app in order to get as much data from their users as possible. The entire pricing structure is an attempt is a deliberate attempt to make sure that none of them are able to exist without outright banning them.

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Because this site is full of people that are no different to those they claim to hate.

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It's worth remembering that Elon isn't /our guy/, but he at least seems interested in hearing from more than just a single side. That's just my read on it.

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Trying to get an genuine OEM part from Samsung is a complete fucking nightmare. Ended up getting jerked around by several companies before just settling on harvesting the oven door panel from another stove that was close enough.

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D&D was already "inclusive" to everyone. Literally the only barrier to entry was actually having an interest in playing the game.

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Old things are "better" because all the stuff that wasn't good has basically been forgotten or abandoned. That said, the reason a lot of newer stuff fails is because of all the extra electronics shit added to comply with some emissions regulation.

Also, never buy Samsung appliances.

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Ah yes, Petsmart. The company known for throwing away live fish into dumpsters. What a great, moral company.

Others pointed out that PetSmart has carried similar products since at least 2019.

"Yeah, goyum. Just accept things being the way they are instead of every fighting back. Don't you know that once it's happened, you're not allowed to push back after enough time has passed!"

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Wow, two manipulative, opportunistic scumbags who take advantage of the public in the same room. I am on the edge of my seat. At least Tate managed to stop doing that faux-Mr.Burns thing with his hands to get them on a copy of the raw interview footage.

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what being drip-fed a constant stream of TEOTWAWKI and not having much fiscal security does to a motherfucker

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Well, in a roundabout way, if that plastic drinking straw had made its way into a "recycling" bin destined for Asia, it would have ended up in the ocean.

Which wouldn't have happened in the first place if recycling (outside of several metals) wasn't a massive waste of money.

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