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banned on... municipal property

Totally fair. Even as someone who is gay, the whole fucking thing is just tacky. No, I don't want to see some garish flag flapping around in the wind like it's the locker room of the YMCA. Government property should be neutral ground and not a place for ideological endorsement; the only flag that should be flown in the Canadian flag.

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Yo, is that Naruto from Fortnite?

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For all the talk of "union busting", they never mention how Amazon has been lobbying for a $15 minimum wage on the federal level.

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Oh, that realize it. They're just dishonest.

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Unions are great if you want a business to stop existing. Why the fuck should I pay someone to tell me what my labor is worth? It's my labor; I should be free to charge as much or as little as I want.

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Kids don't care about shit like "muh pronouns". They care about dinosaurs, dolls, and dinosaurs eating dolls.

Someone pumped that idpol shit into his head. They need to find out who and beat their ass.

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"Why do these white people not have black children!?"

We're reaching brain rot levels thought imaginable.

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The idea that consuming sugar-coated processed grains is the most healthy way to start your day is one of the most successful psyops in history.

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Apparently the author never played League of Legends since, according to chat, everyone who plays is a faggot or nigger. Very progressive audience!

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Yeah, pretty much anyone with two brain cells would know that Russia has no reason to bomb Nordstream when they could have just, you know... turned it off.

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Search engines have been redundant for the better part of a decade. Everything is either fucking reddit, SEO blogspam, or shit that's happened within the past week. But than again, the internet is pretty much 5 websites.

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Let's not pretend that Hamas/Palastine doesn't want to take over the entire region of themselves. It was Palestine that refused to sign the Two State agreement.

And if you think that this is some firm of support for Israel, go touch grass.

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Because far too many people on this site treat The Jews the same way Feminists treat The Patriarchy.

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Literally asked it about Jews controlling the world (as a test mods, don't get snippy) and this is the first thing it spat out.

Jews have been accused of controlling the world by some conspiracy theorists and antisemites. This is a baseless and hateful belief that has been debunked countless times.


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Fucking Ivory Towers for Ivy League.

Remember: Stalin feasted on suckling pig as his peasants toiled away.

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I'm so glad that I'm not an Australian gamer. Hell, the entire reason Fallout 3 had "Med-X' is because the Australian Classification Board didn't like the idea of morphine in the game. Not to mention that Payday 2 fans had to jump through hoops to get access to crossover content with Hotline Miami 2 because they banned the latter game. Then you have some of the most dogshit servers on the planet with their closest gaming neighbours being South Korea and China. And to top it off, games in that country have their prices hiked up, even when it's a digital download.

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All they have is "patterns and models".

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