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The fact they are made that other people aren't being forced to take the vaccine that "totally works, guys, and it protects against the COVAIDS" tells you everything you need to know.

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They're not "basically". They fucking are rotting wounds. The entire reason they need to dilate for their entire life is because it will literally fuse shut because it's trying to heal itself.

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I've noticed the show has become more and more one sided lately. Combined with the shift to more direct continuity and it's no wonder I dropped the show at the start of Season 23.

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The past 2 years with b00sters and masks shows that the normie population is a fucking lost cause.

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It didn't even make any actual jokes. It outright says it "wants to make some jokes about [topic]" and that was it. However, just the mere idea of possibly ridiculing a group of people was enough to set people off. Fucking 2 week ban for this shit?

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PC Gamer is basically just regurgitating reddit comments and linking reddit posts.

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Keep in mind that the "debloated Win11" should not be used as a daily driver. It's an interesting project, but don't expect any kind of actual support or fixes.

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That was my first reaction to this and I'm not surprised I'm not the only one to have this reaction. The Grammys were always stuffed with the usual attention seeking "me monkies" and this is no different. This is just a group of people who live their lives being fawned over by the plebeians they couldn't care less about.

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Even if they weren't trying to push "the message", the service sucks ass. They really put the crunchy in their name with the bitrates.

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Parents need to stop giving their child a fucking nightmare rectangle will unrestricted access to the internet. Obviously, trying to hover over their shoulder 24/7 isn't gonna happen, but at least have a good enough relationship as parent and child that you kid can be honest about what they're seeing. The second they feel like being "attacked" (something that those videos will pump into their heads), it's over. Like... be a fucking parent.

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YouTube's response? Remove comments on videos marked for kids.

Wasn't that the response to them illegally gathering and collecting data on users under the age of 13?

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For one, I'm not lying when I say my client is used for Linux distro downloading.

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Not the first time an AI has been purposely retarded because it was based.

by lines
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Hello, handshake account praising the other side of collectivists.

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why does he think DeSantis is even running

Because the establishment is astroturfing the fuck out of it to create a rift within the populist voting demographic.

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Uncle Ben is a fucking tool and the Trump/Santis "rivalry" does not exist.

Also, until I hear that the "anti-Semitic" bill is struck down, DeSantis is not /our guy/.

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This is one of the dumbest fucking Twitch dramas I've ever seen.

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I was using the Reddit app.

You're a lost cause.

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