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Blocked and Reported podcast (Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal -- I enjoy it) just did an episode that talked about this issue. Not this California law specifically, but it was an interesting conversation.


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Lesbians are pretty much on the path to extinction. Young lesbians are almost all transing. I've had disagreements here with others before, but I know some based as fuck older lesbians (as in 40-50+).

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Not a fan of Lincoln for what he did to the Constitution and the future of the states, but this video is such horseshit. "Lincoln had at least 4 intimate male relationships, possibly even sexual." Erasure of male friendships. This is just female yaoi strokeoff fantasy.

Good thing they got the best of the best to comment on this video. A professor of history from that bastion of scholarship, Eastern Connecticut State University.

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Blatant fucking lies. Anyone can easily live off vegetables and cheap proteins, THE DIFFERENCE IS CHOICE.

slight disagree here.

The easiest AND laziest choice is to eat fastfood, freezer pizzas, processed prepared foods from 7/11, etc.

You CAN eat healthily for very similar costs (see Dave Ramsey's "Rice and Beans" or about a million youtube channels that focus on healthy, cheap, and fast), but nothing beats the laziness factor of fast food.

So yeah, you're right that it's a choice problem, but it's a problem because people are choosing the shittiest easiest laziest options.

(This is not just a black people problem either. That shit is awful in parts of Appalachia, etc.)

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Yeah, agreed, that is some f*ed up stuff. I am 100% aware I could never be a vet.

We had to have an elderly and paralyzed dog put down a year or two ago. It was a hard decision as I had literally been carrying her inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs for about a year. She had a healthy appetite, but as her movement became more and more limited, she lost all quality of life, and was becoming a nervous wreck (constant barking, etc.).

They have euthanasia vets now who do housecalls, and that's what we did. This was news to me, maybe it's always been a thing.

The person who did it was very professional, but I remember thinking at the time, I couldn't understand the mentality to get into that line of work! Constantly going into people's homes and, ngl, I was sobbing my eyes out by the end.

The vet was so caring and good with our dog. I asked how she ended up in that line of work, and she said the pay was good, hours were very flexible, and she didn't have to have an office.

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I'm simply saying that it's possible, or even probable, that this dude was actively resisting being moved off the track.

Honestly, If I was driving along and I just saw a dude in a wheelchair stopped on a track, I don't think I would stop.

And yes, suicide, public suicide, suicide by cop, etc., is awful and self-centered. Literally the easy way out while leaving others to pick up the pieces.

I knew a guy once who was part of a cleanup service that came in after fires, suicide, old person corpse rotting in an apartment for 2 months, that kind of shit. He said the deathfats were by far the worst, but after that, shotgun suicide. He also didn't seem that bothered by any of it. I guess after you've seen enough... He was an odd duck.

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He could have been attempting suicide and refusing help.

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Moderates excluded

Yeah. So the only thing this really tells us is that, at the extremes, men are becoming more conservative and women are becoming more liberal.

And what % consider themselves moderate?

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Tell me this is a joke. Please.

"If not for my cat and weed I'd be in a real dark place right now."

That's the definition of "dark place" you fucking muppet.

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I think in many--maybe most--cases that's true. There are situations where rational people may wish to no longer live. Intolerable quality of life from disease or other mental/physical affliction. Intolerable quality of life from old age. etc.

If an adult, of sound mind, without any coercion, wants to kill himself or herself, so be it imho.

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Then they can off themselves.

People do. There's something called the Hemlock Society (apparently it has a different name now) that operated in retirement homes, almost like a secret society, for people that did want to off themselves (heard about this via relatives who were in a home).

That's ALSO a slippery slope, because what's the line between murder and suicide (or assisting suicide) when it's all done under the law?

Legalized ethanasia does NOT have to be a slippery slope. See Switzerland. It's pretty minimal.

Government recommended--NO. Government sanctioned or encouraged or even assisted--NO.

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Did you realize that the Prime Minister of Ireland, the Mayor of London, the Prime Minister of the UK, and the First Minister of Scotland are all South Asian?

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Man, I wasn't that good, but I loved Heroes. Rexxar!

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Yeah. There's so little voiced dialogue anyway, it even works for my youngest who is a slow reader.

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Her voice didn't bother me at first, but after watching a cutscene that both features Zelda and repeats fairly often enough times, I'm quite sick of it!

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Zelda's voice actress still sucks

I'm no weeb, I don't speak Japanese, and I haven't watched anime in years, but I found Zelda's voice actress in BotW so annoying I flipped the game to Japanese voice. Much easier on the ears.

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Eh, beg to differ. The Ottoman EMPIRE was very diverse (Christian Europeans, Christians in the Middle East / North Africa, Muslims, Jewish, Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Greeks, etc.) and it lasted 700+ years.

Turkey of today is not very diverse. They genocided Greek Christians and Armenian Christians and expelled a shit ton more. Today like 90% is Turk, most of the rest is Kurdish, and a handful of Arabs. Christians/Greeks/etc were basically exterminated.

If the European powers hadn't fucked over the Greeks after WW1, pretty much the entire coastline of Turkey, most of the European side near Istanbul, and most of the Black Sea coast, would have been Greek majority and should have been part of Greece.

So yeah, genocide is very effective.

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I was in Washington a few years ago and went to the timber industry museum. It was fascinating. Private land owners and lumber companies own immense amounts of lands. They can be harvested every 30-50 years, and they go it in chunks, so that it's not just strip clear cut every tree for 50 miles. This helps with erosion, regrowth, etc. Driving along, you could see old growth forests, clear cut areas, young growth, etc., and all had different ecosystems and supported different wildlife (birds, mammals, etc.).

Additionally, millions of acres is National Forest land. This land is managed by the governemnt TO allow lumber harvesting in a sustainable way.

tl;dr, you want to live in modern society, you need wood, which naturally sequesters CO2 from the air, and to get wood, you need a timber industry.

It's a win win.

(Not to destract from the fact that this troon is a freak.)

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1986: Holy moly as a 13 year old boy

Hello fellow Oregon Trail enjoyer.

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Listen to Hannity on the radio occasionally, so I know he often talks about how the good average FBI officers are good people doing good work, but it's the administration who is politically corrupt?

I would say CIA is different. I think the Directorate of Intelligence, which is literally thousands of people, is just rotten to the core. I would eliminate it completely. Having some 20-something Princeton grad with a masters degree in Political Science from Georgetown trying to dictate foreign policy on Russia or Iraq or Afghanistan or whatever is a recipe for idiocy.

I met some based upper managers. These were generally people who had spent their careers abroad and had face-to-face experience in the field. One senior leader I met (and respected) had been on one of the last helicopters out of Saigon AND evacuated from Tehran in the 70s. That person didn't put up with any bullshit. Not pencil pushers sitting at a desk in McClean VA like Michael Morell.

I worked at CIA for a brief period of time 10+ years ago. I met some smart people and some good people, but none of them were analysts. It was also clear to me, literally from day 1 of orientation, that most CIA officers were more concerned with (a) THE CIA and (b) THE GOVERNMENT than they were actually doing the right or actually supporting the United States.

"The CIA sits at the head of the Intelligence Community circle, we are the first amongst equals, and we do what needs doing and that the others can't--or won't--do."

Orientation was two weeks of "rah rah, go CIA, here are some cool things we've done" and indoctrinating employees into being loyal to CIA. It's ingrained from day 1.

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