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Surprised no one has mentioned the mom and "spouse" are lesbian. That, no doubt, played a damn big role.

I knew multiple kids in in middle/high school who had gay parents.

The guys I knew who had gay dads both become masculine, traditional, based, found religion, etc. They both still have good relationships with their dad, but not close.

The two guys I knew who had lesbian moms are insane basketcases. Depression, anxiety, you name it.

A friend of a very close friend is a married lesbian raising a boy. I feel so sick and sad for that kid.

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Yes, and while multi-generation links to Hollywood may be disproportionately Jewish, do you have any evidence that Whedon is--or his family is--Jewish?

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It's not bad, but I think it's also a show that hasn't aged that well... or at least, I really liked it when I was a teen, but it doesn't do anything for me now.

Joss really invited the modern "quippy" style of movie dialogue.

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Hmm.. I mean, there are a few odd things (e.g., Pelosi holding a drink in his hand), but this looks pretty straightforward. Pelosi looks scared shitless when he opens the door, he's holding on to the hammer to try to protect himself, etc

Why the hell didn't the police officer charge in when Pelosi is clearly in pain as the crazy guys tries to regain control of the hammer? SMH..

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I've seen the same thing, it's so weird. My best guess is that most people realize, if only on a subconscious level, how much they are slaves to their appetite, and most people are not REALLY happy with how they eat and how they look.

Now I'm curious, is Intermittent Fasting more popular with rightwinger/libertarian types?? It's the ultimate in "your willpower controls your body." If you believe in your own individual power to improve your life, you believe you can make positive changes.

If you're a lefty who belives it's societal or environmental or out of your control, why even bother trying?

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I mean, she gave birth while in office, so there's that.

I get that it's current year and all that, but I've noticed an awful lot of verfiably false claims here that various female politicians are actually trans. (Ok, Lori Lightfoot is almost believable!)

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The induction burner I tested was one of those portable plugin units (and not an extremely high end one). It's nice to have, and I will use it again at some point. With kids, I'm often cooking a good amount of food, using big pans. It seems like larger pans don't tend to do as well with induction burners because the "hot" area is generally a bit smaller than with gas. I DO like the efficiency aspect of induction, and it does heat up VERY fast which is nice.

This video was really helpful to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY3yNn0AHjQ

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I had to get a new range/oven a few years ago. I cook a lot and I researched all of the options obessively.

I almost went with induction. Induction is a newer technology, more common in Europe, purely electric and based on magnetism, but I didn't like how it performed when I tried it out. Additionally, it's expensive, and they make awful capacitor/electronics buzzing and whining sounds. (I am very annoyed by this kind of sound). EDIT: YMMV on if a particular unit makes annoying sounds, or how annoyed you are by the sounds.

I'm also a bit of a nut when it comes to chemicals, BPAs and plastics, PFOAs, forever chemical, phytoestrogens, etc. So I did a good bit of reading on the health impact of gas stoves and appliances.

My conclusion is that there is indeed evidence that gas appliances can have negative impacts on human health, but that if you do just a few minor things like having a good ventilation system and cracking a window, the potential harm is completely minimal.

So, I bought a new gas range and I installed a new externally venting hoodfan above it. I bought an "Airthings Airwave2" air quality monitor, so I have a pretty darn good idea of the air quality of my home, I am not in the slightest bit worried.

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Funny how you remember these things. Only slightly related, but I had an algebra teacher who was in her first year of teaching, was hot, and the kids loved her. A security officer once stopped her in the halls cause they thought she was a student or didn't know where she was going.

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And omg, the KF thread is insane. I highly recommend reading it.

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Since it seems to be getting censored on reddit, it seems worthwhile to note that the powermod in question is "Steven Joel Atkins" aka u/Bardfinn aka "Penny."

There is a Kiwi farms thread about him. Not linking as I'm not sure if that's kosher or not. Google will find it.

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When Britain really ruled the waves –
(In good Queen Bess’s time)
The House of Peers made no pretence
To intellectual eminence,
Or scholarship sublime;
When Wellington thrashed Bonaparte,
As every child can tell,
The House of Peers, throughout the war,
Did nothing in particular,
And did it very well:

"Iolanthe" Gilbert & Sullivan, 1882

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I had forgotten this, but my experience was very similar. There was one poster on Slashdot who I found kept making reasonable points. He also posted something about this "gamergate" thing which I had never heard of, or only vaguely had any clue what it was.

I followed him to Reddit, discovered KiA, some men's rights subreddits, red pill (which I never bought into that much, but I found some respectable ideals and people), etc.

This must have been late 2016 or 2017.

I just looked up that guy on slashdot. He hasn't posted since 2020 and most of his last comments were modded to 0.

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The real answer is: they are insane.

But it is a really good question. These snowflakes are the ones who start reeing about "gender dysphoria" if they get "misgendered" or "deadnamed" or some other made up nonsense, but they want to CHOOSE to play as a dysphoric trans in game? Something doesn't add up..

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I was there, I remember. Watched slashdot get completely taken over by gay commies

Haha, I still read Slashdot sometimes. It's like the same like 15 autistic commentors who reeeee over everything.

I used to have some really good conversations on there.

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The really funny thing about this is that the teacher spent several minutes introducing the CONTEXT of the art. She explained that not all Muslims agree that it's forbidden to show images of Muhammad, she explained the historical artwork she was about to show (and that was drawn by Muslims), and then she showed it.

The head of the Muslim Student society is the complainer.

The school's administration is, inexplicably, backing him.

This is not only the administration acting against free speech, this is the school administration acting as the ENFORCER of conservative Orthodox Muslim belief. It's fucking crazy.

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Not going to lie, that movie is awesome, and that one scene is beautiful.

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