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I saw a black farmer working the stables once. But it was in a movie.

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She's looks like a fucking dike I can't even stand looking at her.

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Third worlders coming here and getting asylum is so dangerous. You have to get vaccines and meds to go their countries yet they come here and bring it with them.

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Really sad to see Microsoft as the lesser evil right now. What a joke.

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Series X for me it is. Tired of this pandering trash. I would upgrade my PC but I need to upgrade my motherboard, gpu, and get a new tower etc. Plus I hate being stuck in an office while I could be in the living room with my family. Sad because the PS5 had some great features with the controller etc.

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Kamala makes me sick. Biden is just a sicko corrupt typical career politician declining cognitively.

Kamala is just pure evil

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Muh Foreign interference

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Yeah a lot of people with the back the blue shit but ultimately most of the military and police are going to protect themselves and do what their told.

They aren't going to risk their comfortable family life and future someone not paying their paycheck. Sure there will be some that absolutely will but will not,

The left doesn't have jobs, families etc. Look at antifa mugshots for example. They are rejects of society with nothing to lose. Hence why they are doing this without any repercussions. Also over 70% of people charged just in Portland have had all charges dropped.

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I like them however you do it, good work I shared it.

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Good to know. Didn't know that about MGTOW. Interesting.

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Actually doing that now, not just for entertainment but for business in Japan my company is working towards.

We have translators etc but I want to learn it myself and it's a beautiful language.

I was able to play Ghost of Tsushima and understood a large portion of it. So making progress. I read some Japanese manga occasionally to help learn more of the casual tone as well. Cant wait until I'm fluent.

Also Japanese women are absolutely gorgeous.

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One day for Fathers, Mothers, Veterans. Entire month for a bunch of degenerates in furry costumes running down the streets and being vulgar,

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Yes our employees tweak and modify the algorithm. Despite 95% of them being leftists there is no bias trust us. We care about the little guy and average person.

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why are they so hellbent on doing this shit? It's just a population of losers on Twitters that complain about this stuff and real gamers hate it. Why?

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Yeah whats with TV shows and movies acting like for every 5 people there is one gay friend. They always need the token black guy and/or a gay guy.

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Anyone who actually belives this fucking clown quarantined in the basement is a brainwashed idiot. Two of them being my grandparents.

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