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I just hate how their shitty ideas infect society and are celebrated by the mainstream and the amount of retards who spout this garbage. It sickens me. Those 185k likes are all your enemies, and not even a fraction of them

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A lot of people are npcs then ( what a surprise!)

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Look at the amount of likes and faggots supporting it lmao. I'm so sad that there are so many worthless people running amok in society. Remember that you see these "people" everyday on the street depending where you live. Your enemies are in the tens of millions, they are all around you, and they also all want you dead. They should be treated as any other opponent in a war, whether or not they fired the first bullet.

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As always it's "rules for thee not for me". I just want every x leftist and feminist ( actually, every leftist and feminist) to get the Rwanda treatment. Literally worthless human beings, I wish I could punch every single one of these faggots across my screen. I have nothing but scorn for every single person in that thread who liked or supported more retarded feminist garbage. https://x.com/marionumber4/status/1792598196771864872 I wish these people didn't exist

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Why can't these people just die already?

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That's why I wish they were all fucking 6 feet under.

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I hate women so fucking much. God's biggest mistake. Females are worthless.

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I like how she says it's not wrong to consume this content after saying that pushing manga with cartoon titties is funding misogyny ( like its funding arms for the fucking taliban LOL)

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I just hate this nu-jack Thompson shit so much man.

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I only have a ps4 with a broken controller, if I had a ps5 I would try it.

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She's some fat Brazilian nigger btw 🤣

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Yeah men were so uncomfortable with MCU Thor, which is why the majority of the people who went to go see his movies were men and his movies make over a billion dollars in the box office.

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So their solution is to make all media sanitized and safe corporate slop instead of making games for women and letting games for men to still exist without bitching? I saw a poster on r/mendrawingwomen say that "we shouldn't sexualize anyone, just give everyone a power fantasy", fuck it's like your Christian mom telling you "those video games and metal music should have less killing and more educational things" all over again.

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I truly hate faggots

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Tell women to stop sexualizing themselves, and then we could talk about FICTIONAL media depictions. And stop acting like every fucking movies in the universe is some dude bro bikini girl action movie, there is literally plenty of media for women to watch that is catered at them. Maybe stop intentionally going into things that aren't made for you? Ffs the western gaming market for the last decade or so literally goes out of their way to not sexualize female characters in order to not offend women.

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Is this is the case, then why don't men in real life dress up as gay strippers with cock pockets to attract women? And why are women the only ones who go around parading their bodies, while men who do it in a similar fashion only really attract gay men? It's almost like men and women are inherently different, especially in terms of sexual dynamics, you stupid faggot (inb4 "it's cuz of muh patriarchy!). And lmao at this dumb fairy saying that men in romance novels LITERALLY TARGETED AT FUCKING WOMEN aren't sexualizing the men lmao (it's almost like women like actual dominant and strong men, not weak pussy faggots like you!). Imagine listening to these "people" and letting them dictate what you are and aren't allowed to make or consume.

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