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Its not kia 2 lol i just made a typo in the title.

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Its funny because a large portion of the working class in america are conservatives, and you know what leftists want to do to conservatives

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People argue that the male gaze is evil and degrading, while the female gaze is emotional and has good looking men without sexualizing them and also treats its men as actual characters. This is a common argument I hear. Thoughts?

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Can you explain how conservatives buy into the male gaze theory or feminist theory?

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Leftists will claim that

Well, WE are actually anti-establishment because these capitalist companies are just paying lip service to our cause and are engaging in "rainbow captialism" (which means that these said companies dont actually care about the leftist narrative, but just want to make more money by profiting off our view points).

And yet, these same companies are not just pushing leftist viewpoints in the media they produce (and I'm not just talking about race swapping, but also things like "batman is a facist" in the new blue beetle movie trailer), but are also willing to push said viewpoints even if it loses them money (like Disney releasing this movie in China for example). So are these corporations truly just paying lip service?

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And whats even the difference between "sexy" and "oversexualized"? Because these people never really seem to differenciate the two.

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I hate these people a lot. Most western mainstream dont even sexualize women anymore. Just fuck off already. I guess men enjoying sexy girls in a game will make them see women in their day to day lives as sex objects. Since you know, most men who play games are fucking adults, they would understand that women in real life arent the same as fictional characters. And they even admit if the men were sexualized too, it still wouldnt be enough. MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING GAMES WITH SEXY MEN IN SPEEDOS, I DONT CARE! These same feminists will excuse other media avenues where will are sexualized (the culture of women selling themselves on onlyfans, music industry, social media, modeling industry) because "those women choose to do it, while video game sexy women are made by men for men" . As if constant ass shaking on tiktok for millions of followers doesnt also reinforce said "patriarchial views". But video games have to get all the flak.

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In South Korea, men have forced military service and are forced to train in really harsh conditions. Never hear anything about that

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The common leftist counter argument I hear to this is:

But you chuds listen to the daily wire and fox news and will also discard any news source that you dont agree with hur dur

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If someone has the info or any sources that can also further refute her claims and articles, and that can further proves that the SK radical feminist movement IS in fact misandristic, and that the men in SK arent just "misogynistic" monsters, then that'll be great.

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Its kinda amusing to see how feminists deny that their movement is filled to the brim with misandry and blatant man-hating, and then at the same time spew blatantly-misandristic viewpoints and vitriol, and even then trying to justify that EVEN if said misandry is rampant in their movement, its actually a good thing because its a reaction to those "gross and perverted men". Like the feminist in pic related; she has posted blatantly misandristic garbage in the past, and yet is tying to make it seem as if a radical feminist group in SK who has proven to say a lot of nasty shit in the past is somehow this noble womens rights group that misogynists are lying about because they hate the womenz. And it's really telling that their sources are already biased, gynocentric, and mainstream media networks. And honestly, I'm not going to listen to someone who operates from a ideological framework of blatant-man hatred anyways (because like I said, this said person has posted things trying to justify the hatred of all men in the past).

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Same person also posted the image here and is also the same person that argues that real women sexualizing themselves is good, while sexy women in fictional mediums like games and comics are bad. Also, this person also thinks incels are privileged too. Any thoughts on this other set of articles this person sent?

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I posted this like 3 weeks ago but I got shit on for it by everyone so I just deleted it because I thought there was no point of it staying up.

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They want to destabilize the "cis-normative-heteronormative-captialist- patriarchy" (whew, that was a mouthful!), in which they believe ALL MEN (yes, even you and me), and ESPECIALLY white men, to be a part of. Feminists view men / white men as an oppressor class.

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Funny thing is that I actually used this argument against a feminist (the said argument being that if you replaced "men" with "black people", it would sound pretty offensive, wouldn't it?). Their respond was:

The only one who brought race into this was you

So either the dyke I was arguing with online knew the point I was trying to make, and was being intentionally obtuse and dishonest, or is genuinely just a fucking idiot.

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Feminists dont hate men! You are just brainwashed by right wing grifters!

Now replace "men" with "black people". A feminist unironically posted this to try to prove a point. Literally the gender KKK

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They sure do love categorizing everyone they hate as neckbeard shut ins.

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Leftists will look at this and then say


Because kids cant get mutilated anymore.

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