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These people dont believe that misandry exists in the first place.

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They also want to ruin all hobbies for men and ban any media they deem "sexist". My hatred for feminists is so bad it's almost imp level now lol.

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To feminists, a sex object is any female character who is even slightly sexually appealing to men. You can have a female character who is smart and strong, but if she has one boob shot, she is a sex object for men. Anything meant to make men like sexy women in media is evil to them and they even admit it.

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I wish people would actually start doing something about these people like harrassing them in dms like what leftists always do. Feminists deserve no quarter. Sometimes. It really feels like the only solution to radical feminists is to take away their soapbox and [deleted] the shit out of them. Not even encouraging someone to go out and hurt a dykes but fuck these people are subhuman. Eventually, the government will listen to them and ban "sexist" media, as every 18 year old girl is whoring herself out on only fans.

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They are the ones who advocate and call for game companies to start treating online games like fucking daycares because some 14 nigger called them a whore or told them to make a sandwich on cod.

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"You just want to say the n word, chud! Muh freeze peach lol. It's a private company they can do whatever they want just don't be a racist asshole". Who knew that this shit wouldn't just be reserved for racist slurs? it's almost like game companies taking away everything you paid for because you said a word in a fucking rated m game just to protect some stupid faggots feelings isn't a good precedent to set?

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The amount of faggots defending this is amazing. These are also the same people who supposedly hate corporations and are also apparently smart enough to recognize that companies "don't actually pander to us or support our message, it's just lip service rainbow capitalism, chud!". Oh, and the same people defending this garbage from the "chud gamers" are also the same people who call conservatives "bootlickers who can't criticize big corporations". Leftists hate big companies until it's time to own the gamers (TM). Sony fanboys and Sony cocksuckers represent why gaming companies get away with releasing garbage and overall greedy business practices, because people will always flood in droves to buy literally any garbage brand (TM) shuts out, and people will even defend multi billion dollar corporations from anyone who criticizes their favorite goyslop franchise that hasn't been good for 10 years. This is very apparent with Sony fanboys, as talking shit about kikestation online will get you swarmed by twitter faggots (especially if you say anything about TLOU2). Fuck anyone who defends this shit.

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The only reason I would want to play wow is for turtle wow. I never played so it's probably too late for me to get into it anyways since I heard it's garbage now ( and this ad convinces me more.to never play it lol)

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I saw this on r/mensrights recently. And honestly, even if it's from three years ago, this is how they think and they need to be shit on with every chance you've got.

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And the best part is the this sentiment is mainstream and is pushed by the powers that be.

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They only got this far in the first place because of pathetic men's sympathies.

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A commenter said that "women's fantasies are more varied while men's fantasies are cookie cutter. And that's what companies want". Men are bad women are always good and their sexuality is valid but men are evil.

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I like how lefties like to go " Anita was right", as she didn't even write her own stuff lol her boyfriend macintosh did it.

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And that movie made a shit ton at the box office because of chicks lol. And I love this famous internet quote

If the guy in 50 shades wasn't a handsome rich man, it would've been an episode of criminal minds.

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Feminists like to argue that " women have been sexualized in media and objectified by men overall for thousands of years", when they're the ones who started the sexual revolution in the first place lol. Over sexualized media only started after the sexual revolution happened. If you watch pre 70s media, there is barely any tits and asses shots. Feminists are the ones who made sexualizing women seem okay in the first place. I guess pin up art could count, but that isn't mainstream media and was mostly used for soldiers in war.

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To feminists, handsome muscular men in media aren't sexualized but a " male power fantasy" for the male audience to self-insert into. Men in media can only be sexualized to them if men are sexualized the exact same way women are ( shots of their dicks and ass and wearing women's lingerie). In fact, feminists think it's an injustice that men aren't sexualized the same way women are in media. The problem is that these people tend to forget that men and women aren't the fucking same, and therefore what men like in women isn't the same as what women like in men.

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"Muh romance novels aren't mainstream, and don't have the same cultural significance and impact on people as video games do" as it's one of the best selling book genres ( and what a surprise it's mostly women who consume them!). And it's funny too because I read that actually 14% of romance novel readers are male (which is probably the same percentage of women who seriously play video games like men do and not candy crush), and yet no man is advocating for men in romance novels to be less sexualized for the female audience. And if you ever read those books, you should never let women tell you that men's fantasies are degrading and gross. The shit that goes on in women's smut books is something else lol

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It's a far left ideology. Feminism is literally incompatible with libertarianism since feminism advocates for state measures and authoritarian rules to be pushed by the government in their favour. Their whole ideology is crying to daddy government to get what they want, which is what liberals are against. Hell, regarding the topic in this thread, feminists would absolutely love to ban any media they deem "sexist", which liberals are very against. Overall, feminism is an ideology that believes in equality of outcome, which liberals literally oppose greatly.

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These people aren't liberals. Liberals believe in total freedom of expression and that people should be allowed to make whatever media that they want, no matter how offensive and sexual it may be. These people are radical sex negative feminists, like Andrea Dworkin for example. They really hate male sexuality and would probably remove men's libido from humanity if they could. They will forever seethe over the fact that men like women's asses and titties. I wish people would call these people out for what they are, man hating feminists, rather than liberals or whatever term boomers use.

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They hate whites, and no amount of them denying it and saying " we just want social justice!" will ever mitigate that. These people are so ideologically poisoned that they let in literal Muslims ( whose ideals and culture basically conflicts with all the faggy shit they believe in) just to own whiteys.

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Socio economic factors causes all this chud. Being poor somehow means you have to be a violent subhuman ape.

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I bet socio economic factors made this wonderful gentleman kill this girl. Damn you whytepipo!

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Funny also how they post shitty "Hawkeye initiative" edits of men in women's outfits in video games ( for example, they will make a shitty edit of a man wearing cammys leotard for example) to show " how do you boys like it if you were sexualized in media!", as if anyone told them they couldn't make their own shitty fujo bait yoai games with men dressed as gay strippers in them, while they're the ones demanding that people they can't draw sexy women because of ideological and moral faggorty reasons ( men seeing chun lis ass will contribute to them objectifying women irl!).

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