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Barnes’s fame predates the internet, and as such, is an old school TV lawyer. Their entire business model (or “hustle” or “grift” or whatever you want to call it) is to attach themselves to high profile people and events. He did this most famously with Wesley Snipes. But he continues to do this today. He tried to attach himself to Rittenhouse despite him already having a legal team. He’ll take on other e-celebs like Jack Murphy and then run defense for them in interview appearances.

So in that sense, his business model is exactly like Milo and Nick. All three attach themselves to high profile people in order to make money and boost their own profile.

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Barnes is a world class grifter, and his success as a grifter puts Milo and Fuentes to shame.

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I'm kinda thinking that Barnes is right and they are both grifters looking to siphon the last bit of money they can steal.

In Barnes’s case, it takes one to know one.

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I like the tweet mainly because people need to stop taking Twitter seriously. The tweet was a stupid shitpost and yet everyone is freaking out.

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Classic professor Peterson telling college kids to clean their room is the best Peterson. IDGAF about his opinions on Christianity or other esoteric topics. What made him so good and useful was that lots of young people need a father figure that was there to help them figure out how to be functional adults. This new stuff is too far astray from what he does best.

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Alt right used to mean anyone on the right who wasn’t a traditional mainstream Republican, built upon the ashes of the tea party movement. Then the leftist mainstream media started painting the alt right as a bunch of while supremacists. Around the same time, the MAGA/America First movement started picking up so most people in the alt right moved over to that. The only people who stuck around with the alt right moniker were people who were openly racist like Richard Spencer. And so the alternative right is basically a dead movement save a handful of white nationalists within it.

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According to at least one poll, soccer is fourth.

With the sports rankings being:

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Baseball
  4. Soccer
  5. Hockey
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Remind me who votss 80% democrat

That would be nig nogs.

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Exactly. And it was the “greatest generation” types like Nixon and Kissinger who architected the offshoring of jobs and pushed globalism to a huge degree.

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Wouldn’t that imply that they foresee their own destruction at the hands of millennials?

Or maybe they know that millennials will tell their parents to fuck off and die alone in nursing homes.

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Look at all of these septuagenarian millennials!

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The boomers always have been and continue to be the most selfish generation. Boomers were lambasted even as far back as the 70s as the “me generation”.

Case in point, if conservative boomers actually gave a shit about their grandchildren, they’d be homeschooling them while their children (the parents) work. Instead you see boomers living states away from their children and grandchildren and they fuck off to far away vacations.

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If you can’t control what you install on your device, then you do not own it. Sideloading should be a thing. In addition, app stores should not be in the business of content moderation.

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I’m sure that Elon has connections to elected representatives in Texas. With the upcoming legislative session coming up, now is the perfect time to pass an App Store neutrality bill. Texas is too big of a market to ignore, so they’d be forced to comply. This would be a good follow up to the successful censorship law.

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This kind of dehumanization is the precursor to genocide.

Which is fascinating, because you dehumanize women every day.

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Isn't political lesbianism more prevalent than political coal burning?

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Modern people are so divorced from nature that she can't even comprehend how her life would be like, that is, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

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