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That John Carter movie was actually awesome and in a just world would have found great success and had several sequels.

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He was though, so I absolutely want to see him humiliated and brutalized no matter how pathetic he becomes.

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Funny thing is I guarantee she’d consider her male doppelgänger undateably ugly.

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This isn’t the worst I’ve stumbled across on YouTube: most of these chicks these days seem to floss their labia with their yoga pants: https://youtube.com/shorts/0pc4F4D3i9g?si=xxsUzZZxEyOLg36u

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Ok are we talking about the same thing we were at the beginning of the comment chain? You asked how Jewish subversion could be defeated, I gave you an answer that seems a whole lot more realistic than fucking genocide. YOU seem to be the one that’s implying genocide is a more feasible possibility than just passing laws to strip an overpowered overprivileged minority from gaming the system.

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But logically since “neo-nazis” don’t believe the holocaust even happened, they don’t necessarily want to “genocide an entire group of people” they just want to stop jewish subversion of western countries.

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Almost every noticer on the internet started as someone who wanted to own the evil Nazi racists and eventually realized their arguments made sense.

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Let’s call it what it is: a total fucking shitshow. Nobody had any idea what was going on, the blue jacket guy seemed to be confused about who he should help in the heat of the moment, and the cop who tackled him probably don’t really know either but he probably (foolishly) expected his female colleagues to have his back and not stand around doing nothing (I think one of them runs away). Just shit police work, and women should not be cops.

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“Where it’s flat and immense, and the heat is intense”

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The thing is though, this just didn’t pop up out of nowhere. Anyone keeping tabs on Rackets over the last year or two has witnessed his (not so) slow descent into narcissistic degeneracy, drug abuse and alcoholism. People like Josh Moon and Andrew from Legal Mindset have been telling him to “pull up” for a long time and he ignored all of them. Also, the guy has five kids and he was obviously driving them around drunk and on drugs. That’s why he got pinched, a mandatory reporter called in a case of possible child neglect. Honestly, fuck Rekieta; he’s reaping what he’s sown.

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Maybe I’m interpreting your comment too uncharitably, handshake, but the way lefties openly and smugly gloat about cheating is a special kind of disgusting.

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Jimmy is no longer a pothead, he’s been sober since sometime last year.

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It would be funny if she kept getting harassed by PBD to set up a Minnect account, finally did it to shut him up, and set her rates prohibitively expensive so she’d never be bothered by people contacting her through it.

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Israel isn’t an ally; it’s a tapeworm.

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I hate music “competitions”… it’s a subjective art form. It’s like ranking “best colors” or “tastiest pizza toppings” and pretending it’s objective.

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You’re not wrong (because I hate that smarmy faggot) but he still didn’t rape any of those bitches. Including the one from trailer park boys. Ew, no.

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more single women in the future

They don’t care about being single. They really don’t. They care about money and financial stability. You’ll rarely hear an affluent woman complain about being single.

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I nominate Cory Henry’s solo on “Lingus”, “Levitation 21” by Tigran Hamyasan, and Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson (came out in 1990).

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