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I was visiting my cousin a few weeks ago and was talking to his teenage son and asked him about how is dating life is going. He was telling me about a girl he is interested in and that she told him that during the summer she wanted to focus on college applications and stuff and that now wasn’t a good time for her to date, but that he is a great guy (the usual compliment stew a woman gives).

I was naive about such things when I was his age and apparently so is he. I told him some advice I got in the Air Force “if she isn’t enthusiastically saying yes then consider it a no”. I told him to move on because only in movies do women realize that they guy they rejected is the best for them.

Obviously you shouldn’t lash out or be abusive towards women and should handle rejection maturely but I can definitely sympathize with teenage boys and hate the whole incel or “nice guy” attacks. Sure being nice doesn’t guarantee you a thing but I can see how a teenage boy would get frustrated because they get all this dating advice and then women go for the guys who do the exact opposite. Just glad I was able to open his eyes and I hope he doesn’t waste time chasing that girl.