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It is so bad. Turn the corner and get accosted by fat rolls on display. Thankfully I haven't gone in quite some months now.

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There are lots of laws already on the books that the executive could enforce to put a stop to illegal immigration. Trump was ignorant of many of them, and none of his GOP handlers were going to tell him, so he tried his best with the wall and ending DACA.

Sadly, you are right, any other GOP president will not have the spine Trump did to try, and those that do will never be elected. Most likely no GOP will be elected again until GOP looks like the Tories or worse.

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Do you ever wonder if the people protesting the funerals were right? I didn't then, but now...

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I guess I'll give it a shot. Never watched Tucker except bits and pieces when my boomer mom had it on.

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He also broke the Snowden story/leaks.

Not that I ever watched it, but I believe that he often appeared on Tucker's Fox show. I assume he will be back with him on Twitter after the grieving process.

He tries to be fair, and he seems to have more journalistic integrity than most of the rest combined. I've listened to his show a couple of times on rumble, but the show is too long for the information he gives.

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Had a conversation in 2008 with a lefty professor (of a science discipline). He was so convinced Obama was going to inspire black people to become scientists and doctors. Obama was going to heal race relations too.

Wish I could ask him if it turned out how he expected, but he would probably deny it ever happening.

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The media could force the shutdown of illegal immigration / fake asylum in a week. Destroy Biden in a day. Why don't they Elon?

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Any good guides on emulating? I have a 3090, I assume that can handle it.

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Nintendo needs to update the Switch hardware. I am not going to play this game on my current switch that is for sure...

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Yep, they got me!

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Yuck, if you look up TERF in the dictionary this bitches face should be right there.

... oh heavens! with trannys things have gone too far! everything else was "fighting oppression".

This bitch can fuck right off.

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Not only that he plead guilty! That was the "deal" What would have happened if it went to trial?l Life without possibility of parole? He was insane to accept that

Edit: I found an article from a local news source that says 42 months. AP may have made an error with this article. Still excessive of course.

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How is this not a free speech issue? Maybe misdemeanor harassment at the worst.

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This article is also the usual leftist trash. Note how the author frames the leftist position on the debt forgiveness and makes it sound lawful while the conservative argument is nonsensical, or just spiteful.

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You lucky bastard. She is some whore that won the lottery because Harry made several terrible decisions.

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The other issue is inflation. Federal funded things are massively inflated (healthcare, universities) to the point local governments can't afford them, breeding the dependence. While plenty of local governments are in debt, the relative amount the feds can do is much more.

There are deeper local problems as well, public sector unions being a big one. However locals will never afford things the feds have caused to be inflated.

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I've been thinking about this a bit.

The lack of pushback is due to the successful implementation of anarchotyranny. For a segment of the population under the tyranny it's full boog or nothing. Whether people ever get there is anyone's guess. What effect do you think things like the "DOJ's school board violence memo" and unrelenting prosecution of J6ers have? They are among the many clear signals to people who would resist.

Anarchotyranny affects at all levels. It is why people need to carry uninsured motorist coverage, and part of why medical and education costs are so high.

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It is going to be amazing to watch how the NPC left twists the obvious harm that was done in the name of their cause when the narrative finally collapses. The sooner it happens the less victims there will be, until then though...

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