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They need to know when to aid "protesters" in shutting down critical roadways.

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UK can't spend its way to prosperity like US can.

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The amount of vinyl box houses going up in my area is astronomical. They bulldoze absolutely everything before building, and build everything way too close together. The neighborhoods look terrible right away and in 5 years are absolute trash with tarps on roofs, melted siding from the sun, dead trees, fetid retention ponds, etc.

The amount they charge for the shit construction is even worse. My neighborhood is better (brick, stucco, plank only) but it's hard to compete with all the new construction around here. I need to GTFO.

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If you have ever toured Auschwitz-Birkenau (I have, not sure about other places) they put on a very good presentation. I had difficulty understanding it all at the time, no difficulty any more, all is clear in my mind.

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Can someone ELI5 what this means?

Isn't this just $160 billion? Isn't that like a week's worth of government spending? Does that amount even matter?

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There was a WA governor election in the early 2000s. IIRC King county (Seattle) found uncounted boxes of ballots, 9 times, during the recount. The D won of course after that. Wish I had kept the article about it.

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As many open areas between US and Mexico at least there are some natural barriers, but it is totally impossible to stop them once in CA or AZ. Red states would have to checkpoint everywhere.

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Can't they just do nothing and pipeline all of the illegals to AZ and CA? At the end of the day it doesn't matter what TX does without the other border states.

Also can someone explain to me why the illegals can't declare asylum at an official border entry point? Surely millions do every year at airports too? TX has plenty of both official entry points and airports to pick up the slack.

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Sex-addicted suicidal tranny pilots coming to a cockpit near you!

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Can you give me a short list of mods for a good, evil, and works for both play styles? Thanks!

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That'd be great and all, but kind of out of it at this point in my life unfortunately.

I mainly did White Wolf (Warewolf & Vampire) and Shadowrun, and several others a little. Knew people who were into LARP but never crossed that line myself.

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I loved tabletop RPG, been 20 years though, never did D&D but several other systems...

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I'm a full trump supporter, but I'm under no illusion that he can win. Normies are still too influenced by MSM and there will be many never Trump (again) voters, especially if he has one or more convictions.

I'm barely hanging on with Republicans anyway (always have been, did not vote for Romney or McCain, didn't vote for Obama either of course). But if that new border proposal passes, and it isn't Trump or Ramaswamy (maybe) at the top of the ballot, that's a no from me.

The USA died in 2020, not sure what anyone expects to happen now?

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It would be, but it is clear from anyone paying attention that this has been spreading in the US for weeks already. Massively overblown though as govmedia is begging for another pandemic.

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Try to get him to watch some Louis Rossmann videos on his fun with the tax authorities. Then extrapolate to every level of government and every area. NY is a hell hole of epic proportions, no one would pay me the amount I would require to live there.

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Don't do it, she won't kick you out of the house. Stand your ground and be a man.

Told my boss in 21 that I'd never get it. Ended up my company never required it (I think a few spoke up and they didn't want to risk losing key people) just encouraged it with "discounts" on health coverage. I think those are gone for next FY too.

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I keep seeing this go back and forth. Confirmed, then walked back like 2 or 3 times now. My wife is convinced it is true, and got upset that I was skeptical.

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Heard she is being paid to be a big anti-Trump influencer. So expect to see a lot more of her over the next 13 months.

Oh, and stop watching sportsball. They hate you, return the sentiment

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Red light (and longer wavelengths, infrared, microwave) have the ability to vibrate chemical bonds. You can generally feel this as heat, and too much will burn you.

So no, red light won't cure anything at all. If there is enough energy (heat) to burn your skin, etc. that isn't going to be helpful either for obvious reasons.

It's bullshit stay away.

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The DOJ lawsuit seeks to win “fair consideration and back pay for asylees and refugees who were deterred or denied employment at SpaceX due to the alleged discrimination,” as well as civil penalties and policy changes from the company.

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Good, the more movies that fail the better.

Drinker's review felt schizophrenic He praises the story for being about family etc. that made me think I would rent stream it with my wife. Then he leveled a ton of criticism at it, that by the end I had absolutely no desire to see it.

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Wife and I haven't set foot in there since May(ish). I was really starting to hate the place since you would turn the corner and see some ugly, fat, POC in its underwear. I would nearly vomit on the display stand.

Their stock was way up this morning on the news, looks like finished the day up 3%. I guess profit was up?

Well anyway, fuck Target. They crossed the line. I use to buy a lot of stuff there, especially when my child was a baby.

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Apologies for posting to a paywall site, but Matt Taibbi is the only one I see covering this. The Biden admin seems to have really stepped in it and got hammered by the judges. Hopefully the ruling will reflect that. When this ultimately goes to the supreme court I expect a 5:4 supreme court ruling at best since the diversity judges will side with Biden + Roberts.

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Comic is retarded. However permitted concealed carry holders have extremely low criminality rates.

However severe mental illness precludes gun ownership.

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