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I just assume I’ll get screwed one way or another. She is a politician after all.

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Guaranty he will change his mind after 7 years of maltreatment, starvation, and torture.

His kid might as well apply for the witness protection program at this point.

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To be fair this is what I call stay-at-home-wife-syndrome and it’s a thing. They become detached and developed a quasi state of decadence over the years. Over time they truly believe your money is literally theirs and that you owe her this lifestyle. This is very common.

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This is why men sometimes just lose it and off their families.

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I’ve been married 15 years and do all of that too and I give no fucks. Why? Because my wife stays home and that’s literally her job. I work a bazillion hours and still do the grilling, dishes, trash, toilets, make sure the cars & yard are taken care of, and also financially help out her parents.

We both have our roles to play and that’s how it is. If she doesn’t like it she can add a 40 hr week of work on top of it and fuck off.

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After they abandoned Red Dead Online, I’m done caring about GTA.

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To me it’s always a great barometer of “I’m a good/ moral person...but”.

Yours is the dumbest hill to die on. Pedos.

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Loli art has always been a workaround to age of consent & pedophilia laws. You know it, know it, and it’s creators sure as hell know it. How it’s been tolerated this long is a miracle in and of itself.

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All European armies were like this to varying degrees until the Franco-Prussian war of 1870

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