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It's been in the make for decades. I trained with a fat bag from there, and xir was woke before it was a term.

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Yup. Twitter is fb but X'd, now. Just expect slightly less pedophilia, from elonic lizardry.

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Feminism has elevated le femme so high above leftist men, that such leftist men become "women", to raise their status... And such leftist trannie men think they make better women, than leftist women. Are they right? maybe for the left... This is the end of feminism; pun intended.

Leftist women: you can be different than leftist men, xor you can be replaced by them. And you deserve what you engendered. Pun also intended.

Nonleftists: carry on propagating the human species. Stay away from leftism: it's anti-human, and will literally maim and sterilize you.

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Um. Ok. I don't care, except enough to leave a parting fart. 💨

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Sometimes privileges must be credited, as exemplified by the weak-woke millennial gen "men", known collectively as The Man Bun. But reality has a way of making you pay later, in any case. It remains, that leftist culture would just rather cancel ALL manhood, trannie style; this is the cancer killing the west.

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Lack of sympathy for manhood is programmed in to western culture, too: exemplified by "multitudes of men die in war, women worst effected". The sacrifice is biblical in origin and scope, because - from the beginning - the husband is to protect the wife ... Yet no room is made in the western heart, for such acknowledgment.

No man needed. --AreYaSure?

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The woke should die.

That's just a frank aggression.


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This is certainly one way for a PhD to assert that, OP...

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If you ask the AI to picture him, he'll be brown.

Screw the gooj.

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Biology doesn't care about your preferred anti-humanity...

And God - who made your biology - HATES your anti-humanity...

Enjoy the grind.

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Nope. They can literally f*ck themselves (again); and then ...eventually... die alone, abused, and unloved.

This crap ain't repentance, so they get nuthin'.

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It has been a good journey, to here. The number of time-sucks I have both jettisoned and wholly avoided, has become innumerable. All I had to do was tell them to suck off without me. Who knew?

Don't give your limited time to joy-killers, folks.

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Seems about right, if you're in a blue state cesspool. It's about $300k/yr otherwise.

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Fact checking is itself garbage gatekeeping.

NOBODY can police what is true, without making a man-in-the-middle attack: BY DEFINITION. So the hearer must decide for himself, after getting as close to the evidence as possible. Himself.

∴ Snopes is a garbage company.

Always was.

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