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The Queen fostered a douchbagery of feminazis, fembots, femboys, femens, and other actual-but-child-killing females. ALL British women - pretenders and otherwise - are thereby douched by her majesty's postumous issue. King Charles is a pedo femboy product of such, her long-long Angleman fem-rule. Disgusting bloody lot, at every class.

Nobody needs you, your products, or your Phœnician culture. The WHOLE NATION can get stuft. Enjoy Astarte and Moloch, to societal death.

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Yup. The naming right was purchased. Keeping the money, is now fraud.

But that Biden's America, too.

EDIT: fixed the imitative dementia-slurred spellings.

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Just rename it Clownwarts Legacy.

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Pfiser will have no place in the boat, at the end...

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It wouldn't be THAT hard.

Make one by 1) capturing the outline and skin-tone, 2) applying a small elision to the outermost outline, 3) redoubling a ribbon of the background towards the normal of the outline's surface, 4) noting sexed characteristics and positions using a convolution against grayscale examples, 5) correcting all colors within the outline to the noted skin-tone, 6) adding stereotypical creases and anatomical texture according to sex, 7) noting any rainbow in the clothing and writing GAY across that person's face.

Et VoilĂ .

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Mutually Assured Destruction.


EDIT: although for rational players, that's an ANTI-suicide pact.

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Huxley was more right than Orwell. That's established now.

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NSFW is "cop burning children alive Branch Davidian style", too. Not just "coochie gotcha tang bait"...

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Hmm. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the FDA's forced some-80% cull of all chicken across North America. Nothing At All.

Gubs helpin'...

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Thus: preddit - both for preditor and for pedophile

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I love this. He actually sounds like this. EDIT: It was forgivable, when I percieved him as a right thinker, and not a trojan horse for leftism lite...

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Diversitas liberirum, mulieres imperare infirmatatum. --LatinDaMouse


Ou gynekes kubernoun os ecthro ton paidion. --GrœkTehExperience

I dub such, Pedo-ecthrons: mostly applicatory to the postmodern pedo left. "Disneys" will suffice, as eponymous, since the brand seems run by such.

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If the legal avenger of blood does not carry thru*, then let God take the guards AND their entire extended families, and possibly their entire tribe; by imprecation. Canada does not deserve to exist, if it does not serve justice.

* as is being stated here

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You sucked as Big Sister. Now you can suck as a Quitter. Frankly, I hope your countrimen hang you, with your tank -refilled- tied to one foot.

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To Markiplier:

Contrariwise: DON'T "fuck me". Neither you nor the baby-killers you so simp for*... Please die off for reals; you and your generations all, the fruit of your loins, your posterity, your very spoo-dreggs; and all the sterility-culture that you advocate and for which you water-bear, too. Truly, good bye, as you go. Bless the wide flooded road that sweeps you away.

* they still don't want you; they will NEVER want you

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Inflate those diplomas, boyos! Crowd out that merit. That won't have society-ending consequences. At all.

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Bonding with guys: fake insults. Laughs. "Ugly bastards." Sports.

Bonding with gals: fake compliments. Sneers. "Beautiful darling." Hallmark.

People suck.

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The men who made these shows, co-developed "colorblindness" with MLK. It was the right thing to do: the human thing to do. Unfortunately only young whites were subsequently raised that way, and blacks themselves en masse re-ushered-in mandatory color-awareness culture (and even enforced segregation), with BLM.

Racism was, is, and evidently always will be, leftist. EDIT: it's too useful a tool to divide voting blocks, so's to play them against each other...

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