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I would NOT be surprised in the least

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I mean, there shouldn't of been in the first place. The original trilogy pretty much left it all on the table as far as stories with Neo were concerned. Ow I would of loved to see something set more in meatspace during the war ala Terminator salvation but whatever, what's done is done

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Saw a post over at patriots that someone decided to start sticking 'It's ok to be White' flyers in their buckets. Might have to start that up myself.

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I heard about this. Honestly I think it's an expert level of social engineering and trolling. From what I understand since every opponent he was matched against refused to play him the TOs had to give him the wins, or else that would look like discrimination for political affiliation, which is illegal in Spain. The organisers couldn't change the rules just because of what he wore or his politics.

Honestly I find the whole thing fucking hilarious.

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Comparing the NetFux adaptation of Cowboy Bebop to the original is like comparing the before and after of that one Jesus portrait that was ruined.

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Here's an idea. Police cordon areas with said pallets and detectives investigate who dropped the pallets full of bricks off.

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Checking for updates... Installing latest patch... Booting...

"If you think Rittenhouse is innocent you're a racist!"

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Defends a woman

Whelp, this is it lads. The apocalypse is upon us. Godspeed to you all.

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After finding out that he just got released from a mental hospital for wanting to kill himself and proceeded to go straight to Kenosha, I honestly think he was going for suicide by cop.

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Yeah he'll probably be ok, after some therapy. Watching the live feed you can tell he's scarred by the events that took place.

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"How do you sleep at night knowing you shot 2 men dead and crippled another?!"

"With the fan on medium and one foot out of the blanket.*

Kyle Rittenhouse, probably

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