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oh snap.

It was Dank's ballsack with a blushing anime face on it. I think it was the same shot that he trolled minaj's fans into sharing.

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Dank's whole timeline has been fire since he 'donned the robes.'

The most amusing part is that when he slaps back, 4 or 5 times out of 10, the person he demolishes deletes their tweet.

I heartily recommend taking a gander.

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Actually, someone mis-parked the time machine on Mars, so we have to ensure Elon's colonization efforts work out. We'll know we succeeded when Hitler shows up at the patriarchy clam-bake next Thursday.

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The only right answer.

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It's like they looked at elven and elfin and merged them. Gross.

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Almost like they have dual loyalties, or something. How curious!

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I've heard that 1.19 stratifies the overworld's underground in a way that loses the feel of the original. Arguably, this is evidence of MS Mojang losing the plot.

It's more fun to experience risk at Lava layer and find all the shit you need than to stratify out the gold and iron from each other, and force diamonds behind cave walls so you can't get them easily.

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Even Brave has a 'show sponsored images' option under the 'customize' section, which I had to neuter when the cryptobro ukraine colored ads made an appearance.

Otherwise, it's a fine choice of browser. Built in ad-block, minimal bullshit.

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Getting dicked over on a site full of faggots and tranny pedos shouldn't be a surprise...

but here we are.

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You expect the commentariat to actually play the games they opine about, filthy pleb?? For shame.

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Not pictured: The US taxpayer getting fucked up the ass.

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This is why they tried to pivot to Warhammer+ and a subscription model, which failed.

I expect their next move will be transmedia appealing to the mythical 'broader audience' in an attempt to bolster their IPs so they can sell out to a media conglomerate.

I hope the execs responsible die in a fire.

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Games Workshop is pretty much a lost cause in this regard.

Their "Warhammer is for everyone" campaign pretty much showed they have chosen a side in the culture war-- and it ain't ours.

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I've got Wraith: The Oblivion splats from that era. Demon Core book, too.

As opposed to core nWoD, the vampire & antagonist books and nothing else.

Easily 4 or 5 times more of the older books.

Similarly, I have loads of 1st & 2nd edition Exalted, but only the 3rd ed corebook.

They've gone down hill on the road from black dog to onyx path...

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There's back and forth over biolabs vs. weapon programs in propaganda over the last several months. Older US fact sheets had 46 biological labs in Ukraine. I've seen the numbers of 36 and 38 thrown around-- probably a subset of those labs from the above that are still active.

My money's on dual-purpose tech. The sort that's: 1) plausibly deniable, 2) maximally useful militarily, and 3) legal-- under the most generous interpretation of the relevant laws.

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Hunter was the 'governance and accountability' officer for Bursima, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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In terms of vaccination for someone like me who's not vaxxed and also had Covid, this is basically a silver bullet to the argument 'it can't hurt,' since it's proof it doesn't help, either.

The null hypothesis claims another scalp.

Thanks for posting.

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