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Those who deny the necessity of violence try to make themselves good by being harmless. There is a very important distinction between the peaceful and the harmless, for the peaceful are capable of violence and make the choice to not be so. The harmless are weak and 'will suffer what they must' per Thucydides.

This isn't to say that peace is bad. As you say elsewhere, there's a difference between starting fights vs. ending them. The strongest and most morally warranted peacemaker is a veteran, who knows both the how and the cost of violence.

Sic pacem, para bellum.

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There's power in being the one who decides what's problematic, which means everything is a problem.

Meaning taking offense is about power and always has been nothing but a shit test.

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I'm a writer, so I write.

My advice to ye creatives is to write your contracts in a way that presumes hostile entities trying to take over your IP and never sell out rights or give up creative control. Then ensure that your will is written to prevent the defilement of your creative legacy.

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Even if you could pass as white, in the current intersectional environment, why would you?

I strongly suspect that there are many bisexuals-in-name-only-- white people who are playing the intersectional game with sexuality because that's the only protected characteristic they can adopt. Of those who engage in that deception, a percentage will fall into gay or transexual lifestyles.

The trans social contagion is the more severe form of this, targeting your autists and sex-role non-conforming individuals, selling them self-mutilation as the answer to not fitting in. As if becoming a bigger freak is the best way to do that!

Both of these approaches are lies, and ultimately alienate and wound the souls and authentic selves of anyone engaged in them.

This is spiritual warfare.

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I mean.... at least FF 16 has already gotten criticism for a lack of PoCs?

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This made me laugh. It's spot-on critique. That's kind of still Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy 14 has about 500 hours of cutscenes and the very worst/best of the lot warn you to set aside sufficient time for them. (Since it's an MMO, you can be stupid and lock yourself into a cutscene that plays into server downtime. Then you're 'stuck' watching that cutscene a second time.) One of the main barriers to entry for the game is the way you're obliged to clear the Main Story Quests (MSQs.) There's a whole culture of shaming cutscene skipping.

It's silly, but most people signing up for a Final Fantasy game realize this going in.

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It's not just very long, it's very good.

The underlying case, out of Louisiana, is a class-action case which may generate an injunction against government/ngo agencies' ability to demand censorship from social media companies. The judges involved have all been willing to rule against the government, repeatedly, and I am actually optimistic that a ruling against censorship will come down.

(And be ignored by the converged globohomo agents involved)

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Good idea.

FYI threadreader appears to be clipping these tweets, so even the archive will be less than complete.

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India will dye thumbs blue to prevent repeat voting (in person, paper ballot) and that's a more secure system than the US has.

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I agree; the target audience of large swaths of the internet isn't normies-- it's advertisers.

To the extent that bot traffic can fake views for those ads, real people aren't needed or wanted in the process. These review sites serve the clients who pay for ads and coverage-- and they're listening to analytics that are based on impressions, not actual conversions to sales.

Enter Parrot Analytics, which uses social media impressions (even and especially negative ones!) as the measure of popularity which Big Media uses to justify its programing. This is the tail of the bot-driven internet being eaten by its own algorithms in an Ouroboros of shit-eating. The system is so fake and gay that gaming it will push consumerism past the breaking point. The only question is 'when?'

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Unsurprising. They've been putting their finger on the scale since Captain Marvel, if not earlier. The reliance of sites like these on access and advertisement is sufficient for corruption of their algorithms to be inevitable. The unwashed masses voting 'zero' do not pay IMDB's bills and their input will be discarded to appease the Media conglomerates who's content the site relies on.

EDIT: I should add that I was thinking of Rotten Tomatoes, not IMDB. I had reason to be suspicious of IMDB's ratings, but never evidence.

Not any more.

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The Brits are working on common sense knife control. That's the future of gun control, right there. Once the guns are gone, whatever tools are used for criminal violence will be prohibited, with nary a question about criminality or violence asked.

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Syracuse is a blue shithole.

They're getting what they voted for, hard and fast.

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Your argumentation makes sense.

I think that Liberalism itself will fail, though, because no bargain can be kept with the leftist elements, especially if they educate new revolutionaries against every status quo. This is a problem with revolutionaries and bargain-making as a response to them.

Civil Rights is something I agree with in principle because there isn't good moral warrant for the use of oppressive force on Racial grounds, but take issue with as a bargain struck with revolutionaries. The revolutionaries will absolutely continue agitating along different grounds while using our morality itself against us.

The reality is that the policing of anti-social behavior among Blacks continued to the Justice System in America after Civil Rights, with mixed results. I look at NYC halting 'stop and frisk' laws in much the same way: "So the old model's gone. Fine. Now we have more crime. What are we going to do about it?"

I also disagree here:

The host is simply not damaged by removing legislation that is racially targeting that group for sanction, and separating them out (rather than allowing them to integrate) from the host community.

Cultural integration cannot be assumed. A lack of integration is precisely the cancer afflicting the host.

The type of freedom we could agree on is only possible when the institutions of education are used for acculturation and immigration is kept low-- neither of which is happening in modern day America. The cultural and intellectual legacies which make the US individualist (and thus free) are being actively eroded.

Without integration the US's Rainbow future accelerates along the same course as South Africa's vibrant democracy, just at a slower velocity.

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I didn't know there was a manga.

We make a fine pair! :D

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I'm sailing the high seas, myself. As good as anime is, localizers are cancerous middlemen whom I refuse to support.

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Death Mount Death Play gets my recommendation from this season, just for scratching my raging boner for necromancers. It's a helluva ride, although you might want to wait until the whole season's aired, since it's full of twists that will leave you wanting the next episode.

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If you feel the urge to jump from Manga to Anime, the second season of Vinland Saga is currently airing. It's a good time to make the jump!

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The civil rights movement was certainly supported by more than bolsheviks and jews, but that doesn't keep members of the aforementioned parties from using it as a foundation to pursue further revolution.

We don't get to 'Trans Rights are human rights' and Queering without Civil Rights first. I keep that in mind when I see a tribal revisionist history of Civil Rights, like the one in the video.

I don't think there's a Jewish Cabal or Conspiracy, either. I just notice the tribalism and the alignment with the minority against the host country's status quo, for better (as in the case of Civil Rights, broadly speaking) and for worse (as in the case of the Intersectionalism which has followed.)

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