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Sonja is derived from the Russian diminutive of Sophia.

Jehovah has nothing to do with it-- but you do you.

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The lurk is real.

Unfortunately, so is the Leftism.

The ride never ends.

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Oh yeah. Definitely.

I'm all in favor of giving leftists all the diversity they ask for... in an "Escape from NY" themed 'paradise.'

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Welcome to the pit. Everyone who even shows a hint of hetrodox thinking vs. 'The Narrative' winds up here, eventually.

Keys to the time machine are kept above the windshield screen. Remember to keep the screen down when orienting yourself towards the future, so you don't go blind!

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Rural resident of deep blue state checking in.

The big cities will never release their death-grip on power unless forced.

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The lobster is a nice touch. :D

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Are you talking about this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wolfen ?

It looks wicked interesting, I haven't read it, but plan on looking it up in my local library.

Agreed on the rest.

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The shark analogy is brilliant, a perfect metaphor for a parasitic ideology. It grows & moves forward to new hosts or it dies.

The more and more I think about even technological progress, the more I am convinced that there is an optimal usage for technology, and that use of technology beyond that point merely hobbles the user-- just as using a crutch or pressure wrap is detrimental to the muscles and joints of a healthy person. Technology which makes life easier lulls us into complacency; we hobble ourselves by replacing morally necessary struggle with convenience & compromise. It's unnatural.

We need real, physical adversity to develop strength. Modern technology has robbed us of many of these adverse elements. Progressive Ideology wants to rob us of the rest. The conflict adverse, soy-addled future would not survive the conditions of nature which reigned prior to the technologies that have enabled our modern dystopia. This is "progress..."

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Clear rule 16 violation. (/s)

Mods are leprechauns confirmed!

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I do not think there is a warrant canary statement for .win at present; maybe they can't do one because the site's already gagged. Would be a good question to ask on T_D, just getting a 'can't comment' would be enough of an answer.

There was talk that if you can login with incorrect credentials, then the authentication is compromised/disabled, which means .win has been re-directed by a hostile actor-- the reasoning being that they have control over their authentication, and if that is not active, a bad actor would just let everyone in.

Not sure if the reasoning is still solid, but that's what the theory was the last time this kind of scare happened. Assuming things will get worse is probably warranted. You have to assume that alt-tech will be compromised at some point, so the 'private' conversations you're having will be read by 'anti-fascist' lefty hackers (or even government agents) at some point.

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Yup. No point in intervening in this struggle session...


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(Man. You're not wrong, yet I must rant. Please forgive what follows, none of it is directed at you, it's about me being fed up with trans shit.)

I really hate slang use of 'x-phobic' to indicate 'bigoted against x.' (I wish these people just would come out and say that, instead!)

People aren't molecules and this isn't chemistry. I mislike 'cis' for the same reasons. I don't make a habit of torturing language and I hate PC neologisms.

Strictly speaking, the psychiatric definition of a phobia is: "an an abnormal, intense, and irrational fear of a given situation, organism, or object." Note the AND conjunction of these three indicators.

That definition fails on its face when someone yells "transphobe!" at me.

There's nothing irrational about my distaste for transgenderism, nor do I suffer any fear of trans people. There's no intensity, either. Mine is general low-key disgust, coupled with an understanding that the person is likely to be unbalanced if they are taking opposite-sex hormones. (Basically, second puberty!) Definitionally, suffering sex dysphoria is a mental illness that is being enabled by people too afraid to contradict someone who is not of sound mind. I have some sympathy for the underlying condition, but refuse to enable someone who is mentally ill.

The world has too many Yanivs and transtrenders already..

(Yeah, I'm not well adapted to the clown world. But being well-adapted to a sick society makes you sick yourself... so I'll try to stay healthy.)

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Obviously, it's best to not play their semantic game, as it accepts their framing.

However, if you have to play, poison the well by insisting on "biotypical" rather than "cis" as a frame. "Biotypical" should be our "preferred" self-label because it's got the same pseudoscience feel to it, just like "neruotypical" (an 'in' phrase to describe "normal" by mentally ill wokists) and is a subtle dig at transgenderism flying in the face of biology.

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I've been playing Valheim, Imperator: Rome (the 2.0 update is quite good. Really!), Vintage Story, and Pixelmon.

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Let alone revanchist positions. They make peoples' heads explode!

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It's the religious vestment of idiocy: people demanding you wear it are stupid, as is wearing it...

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Ideological possession is real.

The ideology possessing them is that of the "Synagogue of Satan," as Jesus called it in Rev 2:9.

Which makes it Demonic possession, because the Ideology possessing them is Satanic-- i.e. Demonic.

It's figuratively demonic, rather than literally Demonic-- but hey, demons are demons. The only thing they fear is you.

(Note that it's their beliefs make them demonic-- you don't even have to believe in an Abrahamic faith to have to deal with demons born of them.)

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In reality, any voter (or elected representative of voters) in a state affected by fraud has standing, due to having their votes overidden by fraudulent ones they are injured parties or the representatives thereof... but getting a judge to admit that is like pulling teeth.

Clown. World.

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