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Brother you're too obvious. You realize the bait gets eaten, yeah?

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This is too on point to not be a bit.

I'm not saying it's a bit, either, because this is how women are; especially epiphany-phase grifters. You may think they're engagement farming but they really are that retarded.

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Nah, we win when we don't grant it to them

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Nigging is the same in every language

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This is retarded as it assumes men will not defend themselves strictly because they aren't defending a random whore.

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That video on modern trailers ruined all trailers for me, and for that I thank it.

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She's the 6est 6 I've ever seen. As you say, another case of not-as-bad-as-it-could-have-been. It was telling that she wouldn't even dump the wedding dress for the sex scene. Was that only done to disarm the raider of all weaponry, by the way? Also, is anything going to come from that like a pregnancy or some shit, or are we supposed to assume that he was too irradiated?

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All of these milquetoast little faggots remove the agency of everybody by using a minuscule subset of the people they're describing and applying it to the whole set.

The crusty nigger telling me the same story about his car breaking down to try to wrangle $17 from me and asking me to go to an ATM when I interrupt him to say I don't carry money will not be "empowered" by anything this flimsy faggot does to try to help him. Meanwhile. those "down on economic times" already have the means to recover by having entrepreneurial spirits in their own right.

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Oh I'm highly delusional, but only because I think Dems would launch nukes if push came to shove. The U.S. is very big, after all.

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Disparage Skyler or Jenny from Forest Gump in front of a woman and you will get a day-long monologue about how she was the victim protagonist.

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The chanting is done on purpose, to enrage people who would be dumb enough to act in small numbers.

This will need to be all 200,000,000 against a small few. I wouldn't put it past the Feds to nuke their own people either so that is something that needs to be considered.

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Well, see, Maximus merced the tranny by putting a razor in its boot so that made it all good. But I also noticed that the Brotherhood referred to the tranny as "they" since pronoun politics is what matters in a post-apocalyptic wasteland you see.

I went in completely blind. I lasted until the third episode because the ghoul fascinated me until I realized his fight scenes were as shittily choreographed as the Vault 33 fight scene was in the beginning.

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I googled "Fallout sucks" to see what others who echo that sentiment think and found this Reddit thread: https://archive.ph/lz855

It seems that what causes umbrage is pretty consistent among those who dislike the show; the detractors just give their usual "that's just your opinion man" rebuttals while not addressing those criticisms. That's probably because the haters are real people while the lovers are shills/bots but I digress.

The comment about Lucy behaving exactly like a post-wall valley girl screenwriter despite the 50s aesthetic sums it up nicely. You can tell that a lot of work went into the show but the stupidity and lack of ability of the writers and possibly the actors put a cap on its potential. Shit like the turret scene, the gulper scene (which is when I quit watching) and Titus dying to the yao guai and Maximus immediately doing things like crushing skulls with the same armor that couldn't knock out a bear with a straight cross would not have existed if the writers were not smegma growing on the unwashed dick of modernity.

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That could be it. I think "not as woke as it could be" is a possibility though this shit was still fucking woke. Every fucking woman and girl was a girl boss, the worst being that bitch that repairs Finn's power armor component.

Whoops, I called him Finn, not Maximus. A proper Freudian slip, and probably why I quit the show -- this was just the new trilogy set in the Fallout universe.

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Where are you hearing praise?

Here, for one, which is what made me sail the English Channel looking for merchant ships.

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This bitch is farming for engagement too, she wants replies that say "This is how you fucking retards have been voting forever".

There's a reason the non-anonymous internet fills people with rage. They see faces they recognize and want to interact with them as normal people but to do so is to be suckered into transitively paying them money. When you realize that you've been made into a game to minmax income you start to feel a certain ways.

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I would not take that bet because I would lose. A woman not getting dicked down in marriage is still getting dicked down.

As much as the Red Pill gets shit upon due to its entry into the mainstream, the core tenants still hold true. That every one of those tenants is touched upon in this article is why I'm convinced its a larp.

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I'd call this bad bait if it wasn't published in a newspaper therefore having 20% of the population think its legitimate for that property alone.

Meanwhile I couldn't concoct a better straw man of modern women than this did in the first three paragraphs. It exists as demoralization for people who have trouble dating: the best that can happen for you is a sexless marriage with a woman who lists your "good qualities" in a way that seems insulting, while being entirely open about how much she fucked other men but not you, you stable little man you. Meanwhile the penalty for ending that marriage is to pay her half of the resources your precious stability happened to wrangle up.

Every act of sex is a negotiation down to when they can hug. You're so desperate for woman's touch that you will happily negotiate given that lack. She blames her sexual reticence (but only with you, not every other man she fucked) on her divorced mother "being forced to have sex with her father once a week".

Again, this is longhoused demoralization for the men not having sex that even in the best of cases they will continue not having sex. Some will take that murderous rage that builds as more and more of this bait becomes mainstream and turn it into action: that could be good action where they simply become the "men she fucked" (which is the true good modern outcome), or bad action where the supply curve of women shifts to the left, so to speak.

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