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Those lazy ass 10-year-olds, to the coalmines with them.

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Ah, I see, we have another raging lunatic here who just showed up to screech like an absolute fucking monkey.

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I also can't help but feel it's not good for kids' mental health to be forced to act out traumatic and awful things.
Call me "but think of the children", but we are totally accepting of the fact that certain roles are emotionally difficult and demanding for adults. Yet we chuck in kids into stories about genocide and shit? Horror movies?

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She isn't even really ugly. I have seen her properly made up for an event.
She surely isn't stunning, but they did their absolute best to make her look not pretty.

Because they think a woman being just 5% pretty would ruin her character. Like that would make her somehow fail at being a character.

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I was a child when Sailor Moon was going on. Even worse, a female child. I was the literal target audience.

As much as sadcase fake lesbians on Youtube like to make "video essays" that make it sound like motherfucking Shakespeare, we all liked it because it was CUTE. They can make these big declarations about how it was a feminist landmark in culture and create these revisionist narratives about how it inspired them to be manhating legbeard bitches.
But it was about cute girls in colourful dresses, with shiny jewellery, cats and shit.

This Wheels and Roses thing is ugly. The characters look like fucking babies. Of course they will spout Current Year bullshit, while looking like literal toddlers.
Sure, they may appeal to arrested development SJW women, but the literal point of Sailor Moon was how glamorous and pretty it was.
So like... whatever, this shit is not going to hold appeal for men, women who are not adult toddlers, or children. It's a nothing.

(Also, the whole "taking up space" tells me the creator is probably fat and annoying. Like who the fuck wants to describe their work as "taking up space". My Eastern European mother literally uses the joking insult "with you here, there is just more of us" when I'm being useless. Like all I added was one more person without bringing any value. This bitch describes herself like that. And thinks that's a good thing?)

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Why do idiots think using AI/computers a bit means no human input happens?

My workplace has a very complicated schedule structure. THANK GOD we have some computer system to at least do the first basic sketch of the planned schedules, otherwise it would be madness.

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UnseenJapan is a propagandist fuck. He used to sneakily pretend to be a Japanese lesbian, meanwhile he is a middle-aged white men. His job is basically to shit talk Japan and prime them for globohomo leftoid shit.
He always hated them and his job was always to make Japan look evil.

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I mean, of course they need to make that a thing, they have a whole underclass of male prostitutes pretending to be women.

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Same women who say being a whore is good, because you "get your bag" and they value it higher than hard work and actually making an effort.
Like I am so over women pretending to be so proud, yet the moment it's time to decide between the easy road and hard work, it's suddenly okay to be trash.

And this is why women contribute a lot less; too many women would become prostitutes if they had to choose between that and struggling for some years while creating something worthwhile.

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Oh, the woman who is totally disabled, too sick to live a normal life, but not enough to stop the ridiculous amount of preening she needs to pretend she is from an age that she would consider horribly oppressive.

Do it for the aesthetics and vibe, you lying rugmunching whore.

(These bitches never have enough chronic fatigue to not go to Disney theme parks... curious.)

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Good job when being the nice respectable black person, yet going straight back to "pimpslappin them hos for being mouthy" the moment he doesn't just get what he wants.
This is something that often comes out with minorities, even the ones who seem to be civilised. Like when your lovely Musim "friend" who isn't like that gets into an argument and it all comes out.

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Yet they just had no idea that a man with proven, years long relationship with terrorist orgs could prose a problem? REALLY?
Fucking joke.

Same with doctors and teachers on the lookout for child abuse. They somehow couldn't detect that fag couple pimping out their adopted kids, but a normal parent taking their kid to the hospital gets separated from their kids so they can be privately interrogated.

Never trust the government. Ever.

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Not even just that.
We are physically inferior. I said it. And that is just ignoring the fact we are in a sub-optimal state compared to ourselves regularly.

Like you need zero thought about procreation and how it works (Which... I'm not sure cavemen really understood), yet you would notice that CERTAIN members of your tribe are a fucking mess quite a lot.

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Yet they claim it's okay to make Jet black in Shitflix Cowboy Bebop, because his English voice actor was black. Make it make sense.

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You know what's the most fucking funny thing about this is? This bitch isn't even from there. She is some travel influencer who does nothing, but travels around. She is some online whore just spending money and having UWU times in poor countries, pretending that if she wears drab clothing and a backpack in Yemen, then we will think she is down to earth, instead of wondering how a random woman can afford to also have videos about Emirates First Class flights.

So she can pretend she is some big fucking hero of Afghanistan, but she is just a vulture, going there and filming videos in countries she KNOWS are shitholes, but will not call as such. She doesn't care about the people there, not even the women she pretends to be in a sisterhood with, she just wants attention for being a brave little vulture tourist turning geopolitical issues into freakshow spectacles covered in a layer of virtue signalling.

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I will be brutally honest, I don't understand why English voice actors of anime are even considered celebrities in any way. Half the comments is still kissing the ass of this bitch, like she is some goddess.

Extremely weebery is cringe. Simping for the runoff of weeb culture, like some slightly coloured American bitch who makes annoying voices is even worse.

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Sure buddy. Constantly proven to be right. Like when he claimed March was the ritual male murder month.

Here is the thing. He says A LOT of absolutely wild and 100% not true things, but you somehow forget that.
Every time he is not here, some of you just remember him being sane and right and such. Yet when he comes back, it's all "women are coming for us in cave systems drilled into the crust of the earth", which you forget in 5 minutes.

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This thing with a relationship "serving you" is funny, because these same leftoid hoes also say you can't break a relationship if the other woman is doing something you find fucked.
Like I can end a friendship if I don't profit from the other person, but I can't if the other person is on a borderline personality disorder rampage, doing drugs, starts "working" in prostitution (real porn and OF included), if it's a woman who has an abortion, trooning out etc.

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Yeah, I appreciated her. I don't like being babied and that feel good "do nothing, society and people need to change so you are comfortable sucking", but I will be honest, super tough love of being yelled down AngryCops style also doesn't work for me. I'm a sensitive bitch.

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Maintenance therapy is not in any way better than praying or journaling. There is merit in collecting your thoughts. Anyone who is not functionally retarded can profit from collecting their thoughts, seeing some pattern and just making connections. Now, that doesn't work on 70 IQ retards who spent decades drugged up or other NPC cretins, but whatever.

It's just sad that yet again, we took something that was for free and something you could do easily for yourself with minimal effort and made it into a business. I'm not trying to rant about capitalism or anything, I just find it funny how leftists prop up something like this.
Then again, they preach about self care, meanwhile they think actually being self-sufficient is white supremacy and sexism and heteronormative oppression.

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I wonder if you need mental issues to be lefty, or if being lefty just makes people act in ways that causes them harm. Or both, really.

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Now, I went to a therapist for a few times, because I was having anxiety issues so bad I couldn't sleep or eat. Not feeling icky, full on sleeping maybe 2-3 hours a day.
I went maybe 3-ish times to talk about shit.

In theory, I am not 100000% against it. Then again, I feel she was a different kind of person. She did the thing leftoids avoid; told me to get more busy (I was applying to go to school then, plus got a bit of a side gig), get creative (always been that way, she asked me to work on whatever art I enjoy and show her in a few weeks what I made), do something that makes me happy that involves not just myself (I told her I was in the process of adopting a dog, which she approved of and I did).
Basically she said "Yes, these things happened to you and it makes sense you have issues like anxiety and just fear of certain situations, but doing stuff to feel more in control will help you".

I saw it a way to organise my thoughts concerning certain events in my life, then getting told (nicely, mind you) that I need to do stuff. Then again, it doesn't work on people who refuse to do things. That's the main issue.
What I see in lefty online spaces is congratulating yourself for absolute minimal effort. Like drinking water. No joke. It's a good thing to do, you can even be happy about it on like day 1. But celebrating nothing constantly just makes you stuck and not extend yourself more, which makes it impossible to get better.

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It makes me fucking scream. It's retard speech. Use proper actual useful appropriate words to express yourself, not thingamajiggy baby speech.

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