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You claimed covid was engineered to kill all men and not hurt women at all.
Yet you find it inconceivable that doctors would want to harm you. Interesting.

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Then again, would you trust the same doctors who pushed the rona madness, transition kids, claim gender differences don't exist, claim non-whites need to be prioritised in healthcare, perform abortions and circumcisions, etc.?
Meanwhile they are fighting tooth and nail to deny healthcare to evil evil conservatives with bullshit excuses.

My issue with artificial wombs/sperm, hell, even just sperm banks is that. You literally have to give 100% control of a normal process you can do to another person, who may or may not be benevolent.
If involving a woman makes you so uneasy, involving ANOTHER person, who has even less of an incentive to care about you and your potential child should make you double as uneasy.

I'm not saying all doctors are Moloch-worshipping Satanic libtards. But as we have seen, many are and giving them power over one more basic part of your life isn't necessarily smart.
Especially knowing how libs love to position themselves as arbiters. Not sure how much you would "win" from the situation where all your fetuses just mysteriously died or developed totally unforeseen illnesses/disabilities because the doctors/lab techs saw a bumper sticker on your car or snooped on your Twitter where you called Hillary Clinton a hag in 2015.
Call me fucked, but I absolutely do not trust the goodwill of the side of the political spectrum that fantasizes about conservatives' daughters being raped by black men so they "would want to get abortions" and such.

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In my language we have no gendered pronouns, but the few ultra leftoid crazy girls hopped on the gender perversion still have to announce their English ones. Go figure.

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You don't get it, men are clueless damsels. He LOVES his fellow men that he regularly makes them all look weak, stupid, useless nothings.
Just like a feminist does with her fellow women. :D

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Also, how do you become an expert? What qualifications do you exactly need? What makes you more equipped to do it than anyone else?

Let me guess, some rich tiny hat's kids needed a job.

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Then again, look at how they treat their own kids even now. They will be all forthcoming about how they got abused and molested as kids, how "missing and murdered indigenous women" are a serious problem... yet they all just pretend it's not fucking done by their own communities when it's happening RIGHT IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES.

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And yet Tyrone, his wife's boyfriend, still won't suck his dick.

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True. But if you assume every employee = 1 value, then you are wrong. If he fires all the useless shitheads, but keeps the ones with knowledge, skills and ideas... then is there a loss?

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I went to a therapist a few times. I think it was good to talk about shit in a way that was more structured, with a person who didn't know me.
I'm not sure it would have been extremely useful to keep doing it continuously.

She was nice, though. Not really a super pretentious, new age type.

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Certain people have a monopoly on Western entertainment. Of course they claim they don't, but look at all the big names who own and manage cinema, music labels, anything.
Even if you refuse to admit that more often than not they share a.... facet of their origin, you have to admit that they are politically all the same.
Also, almost everything is owned by the few big companies held by a few almost identical people.
This is how we get identical products that bash Christianity, white people, men, heterosexuals, not fucking disgusting troons. Commie shit, whoring, abortions, romanticising drug use and underage promiscuity, etc. Identical cookie cutter leftoid shit.

Then people discover a whole new source of entertainment that, while not flawless, still has a lot more variety. Anime and manga still cultivates an actual fanbase most of the time. The creators accept that maybe their stuff will appeal to 14-year-old girls. Or older men. Or fasion-conscious young women. Teen boys in their angsty phase.
And they are okay with that.
The creator of that deep fried madness Chainsaw Man did not expect your grandmother or your 10-year-old to enjoy his shit.

You can still have entertainment that is for you. Not telling you to change your worldview, your interests and try to rewire your brain.

And the people owning Western media can not accept that. They want you to be forced to watch the newest Marvel shit with the annoying smartass black little girl. The nonsense stories, the forced leftoid bullshit. They have to make sure you are captive.

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Typical bullshit about different tones people's superstition being exotic and cool. White people stuff is boring and bad though.

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She left behind a 5-year-old and this troon daughter's dad AND her stepdad.
Just so you know what is most important to her. Her mutilated freak accessory, not the small child that actually needs a mother.
I really hope she will feel like it was worth it when the fat troon will still off herself or turn even worse, while her son will grow up to resent her forever for this shit. The men, well, she doesn't care about them anyway, so I hope she loves box wine and cats.

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Germans say this, then they turn into turbo Nazis who think they need to colonise Hungary and starve us until we accept their libtard shit. For equality, of course.

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How can she claim she is all about her culture, when she disrespects the values, the respected figures and the lore of her culture?
This is some degenerate shit for real. Like what does she say about her culture then? The gangbanging pimps? Being a criminal? Is that Dominican culture? Not the history and belief they have?

This is exactly what hiphop and rap do to black people. I would love to hear about their actual culture, but all you're allowed is crime. Misery, death, drugs, crime, whoring, etc.
Imagine if with all the black artists that are popular, we would hear about legitimate African/African-American culture.

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I call that motherfucking efficient. What should hey wait for? This is what they want. They got elected. They got to work, as they should.

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You always get obsessed with one woman and just talk about that one incessantly.

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Your new masturbatory fantasy is Mommy Melinda. You keep talking about her. Monomania sucks, eh?

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