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Almost every "woman in tech" is a filthy troon.

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I'm pretty sure this woman even did the whole "these aren't normal Muslims, they are extremists" song and dance.

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Extra interesting how these people think of children and young people. Babies can decide their gender, young kids can be activists, Greta is God, but they can't be criticised. "Little girls can be kinky", 16-year-olds should vote. But Kyle shouldn't have a gun because he is a "kid".
Just like... not a shred of consistence.

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That movie was so bad. I liked the Russian girl, she was fun, but otherwise it was stupid.
The main character is the most boring, un-special one ever, and we are supposed to care because brown lesbian. Like honestly, they forgot to write her a personality.

And the original author still cries the Latino guy is too light, hahahahahaha. Hon, they come light as well, the actor is visibly Latino, it's not like they cast some kid from Sweden.
My Chilean ex has a sister-in-law, a 100% Chilean lady who looks exactly like the actress Kelly Macdonald. They are not all super brown, but hey, leftists be racist.

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When women get hit on by a... thing like him, we feel either disgust or pity. Of course nobody makes a big deal of it when you just can't take it seriously from the get go.

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There is one that keeps posting about some "research" that totally for realz shows that the GOOD pedophiles who absolutely do not molest kids have more empathy for children than normal people.

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The botoxed up whores at those totally real gurlfran daytime talkshows don't seem to mention this. Those are my favourites. Black women especially seem to be into those.

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Can't let those miserable minorities see that they can be happy and not just oppressed babies who need to be treated like children.

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I don't watch this specific show, but I like trashy reality crap in the background. Like on the weekends I like making these time consuming dishes, where I just need some noise in the background.

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Imma call my boss and tell him the same. "Sorry mate, I just can't with Kyle", then I stay home to read Chainsaw Man and eat brownies all day. Flawless plan.

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Rosenbaum serial raped little boys and some whore still shit out a kid for him. CONGRATS BITCH. I can't understand people like this.

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A gigantic, bald ex-cop with a beard. I wonder if they changed his past, though. The popo are a nono to these commie troonfuckers.

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There is new FLCL? Hooo boy.

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This show is just an abomination. And the people who defend it are all retards.

The people who say they thought Jet was black in the anime are such fucking little liars. Dude has the same skin tone as everyone else. He is just buff. Buff, beefy ass men are not just default black. Also, they say he is black because the English voice actor is black. The fuck?
He was created by Japanese people and his original voice actor was a Japanese man (also the original Japanese voice of Professor Oak, lol). He died in 2018. Does that mean Jet is dead now and the Netflix nightmare should leave him out of this shit?

One cunt who is defending this on Yahoo claims that the show is good, because the original creators worked on it, including the... "dude who composed the music". DUDE. Yoko Kanno. A dude. We have a real fan in our midst, boiz.

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Also, troons are involved in illegal, fucked up and disgusting shit. Oh, you stand on a corner as a whore? Do drugs with ghetto trash? Well, hon.

Plus, if they were targeted, all the crazy, violent, insane, perverted ones would be dead. But they aren't. Nobody fucking offed Chris Chan or Yaniv or that Alok freak. They are all alive. Look at the Australian Bird Cultivation Forum. So many of them are all alive. Zach Antolak, Guillaume Labelle, Brian Visaggio, Phil, Rhys McKinnon, they all do things that get them attention and are a nuisance on sane society and they are not murdered.

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And STILL people tell him they feel for him and boohoo.
The pedos who brag about being totally good people who never touch kids are lying. No, I do not trust ANY of them.
And he also claims "a recent study shows non-offending pedophiles have the most empathy for children", FUCK OFF. The fact he wants to fuck little boys doesn't mean he cares most, he is lying. They always pretend to be such nice people and it's all fake.

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confused Hungarian noises
I'm glad though, I had an exhausting week and I would have been pissed if she nuked my weekend.

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And they fucking ignore it anyways. They spy on kids, they abuse them if they are "privileged", they grade unequally, they spread propaganda, they punish the kids who go against it, they are political, they target kids with the personal information they find out about them, like when they find the kids with issues and convince them they must be transgender or whatever.

Are those skills of a good teacher? Telling white kids they are oppressors? Stalking the students online so they can convince them about self-mutilation intentionally behind their parents' backs?

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