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When we are talking about a national election, I mean the freaking country. You assume I'm some secret agent sent by the Mighty Vagina, but I am talking about my country.

Anyone who absolutely fucking hates women like you wouldn't be allowed to win, because most people, even anti-feminists think that is lunacy.

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Novák is not leading us. Orbán is.

Here is the thing, what the fuck else are we supposed to do? Who is better for us than Orbán? He isn't perfect. He has flaws. But you bitch like we have some Incel Messiah we should have gone with instead.
In this case, Orbán is making sense. You are the only fucking person who assumed that being a constant moaner is accomplishing ANYTHING. An imperfect one is always better than mumbling in our basement about some non-existent perfect person, meanwhile liberals run everything.

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You will never find a man who never had a positive interaction with a woman. It will always be you moaning that nobody is pure enough.

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If you read what I said and also were intellectually honest, you would know that's not what I said.
(I think he was placed by the US, but that's another can of worms.)

You claim Lithuania sends the Ukrainian women to other countries as assassins to kill men, because you couldn't find English statistics about murders by gender in Ukraine, Imp.

I do not agree with your paranoid schizo idea about some Vagina Conspiracy EU Ukraine Assassin Pact thing.

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The Hungarians in Ukraine weren't even allowed to have an education in Hungarian. They weren't immigrants, but the borders got changed around them after WW1.
Yet we took in the most refugees. And that fucking plant actor Zelensky is making demands on TV? Demanding we join in?

I have no hate for the random little nobodies. But I find it interesting that the big strong EU and leftoids worldwide gave no fucks about the Hungarian native minority in Ukraine, but now they are all experts and hating on my people.
Fuck the Redditards and assorted shitlibs who claim blacks in America being expected to use proper English is LE OPPRESSION and rage about "living on Native land", but they ignored this whole issue and now hate on us for not going to Ukraine to die for them.

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Meanwhile, I'm sitting here with my peg leg and eyepatch.

The whole "I wouldn't have seen these movies" thing holds no water. You can browse through their list on other sites and even torrent websites have these packages of multiple movies.

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Look, if you disagree or whatever, go ahead. I am more than willing to talk it over. I don't think I said anything outlandish. Gays are people, like everyone else. That includes the failings humans have, namely greed.

People who become activists for a living are also almost exclusively of a certain personality type.
Do you think people who enjoy hearing their own voice, who enjoy the attention, like to regulate others, etc. WANT this opportunity to end? It always, without fail, devolves into them generating more and more problems to stay relevant and to make it seem like they are still needed.

Think of this. Every other industry likes to keep itself going. Your dentists are not interested in developing a magic drug you take once that grants you perfect teeth forever without maintenance.
Some go as far as to fuck patients over, but even the "normal" ones want you to still depend on their services.
Same with hairdressers, mechanics, IT guys, everyone. Their objective is not to go out of business after one time.

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Riiight, because as we all know, humans are known for their restraints when it comes to taking power. They get some and just go "yes, enough, thank you very much" and live in peace. RIIIIIIIIIIIGHTO.
I mean, so many can be content when they already had a taste of societal power, money, the influence to police others, etc. and not at all go full on tyrant.
I guess gays were just built different.

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It's contra. He is a retard with a fetish and lefties still try to make him sound like some wise and rational big thinker.

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Some grown woman who can profit from it says something happened VS there was the actual raped and murdered dead body of a 13-year-old child. SAME FUCKING THING, eh? Why are you so dang special?

The stereotypes of YOU guys, though, eh? No sign of always blaming other people and cultishly defending each other, yeah? You never blame others for the bad deeds of your people and deny everything like that ever happened.

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Leo Frank raped and murdered Mary Phagan, who was 13. He also tried to blame it on a black man, James Conley. When people finally took justice in their own hands, the ADL was started, and they still do anything they can to fuck over non-Jewish white people in any way they can.

That is all I need to know about them as an organization.

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Just because they are black doesn't mean they have no standa...
Tammy Slaton has a black boyfriend. FUCK.

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"Pro choice" is always such a weird way to word it. You had choices.
Use condoms. Use the pill. Use any other form of birth control. Use them in combination. Do it up the ass. Don't do it at all. Do it with a different guy, one who doesn't make you hate the idea of being together and raising a kid. Give it up for adoption.

So many choices. Just not the one they want.

Also, HAHA.

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So she is an obese, black-ish woman who is poor, already was pregnant at least 3 times by the time she turned 18, had kid after kid even though she stayed poor, then dumped all her kids on her mother when she could fuck off to become an affirmative action darling for a science that's not a science.


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I reference whatever I want to reference. You are paranoid again. It was a cartoon about lions.

There was a time when you talked about how you will enjoy saying no to women in need when society collapses and all. That is a weird fantasy.

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I know. Been part of this community since forever.

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I'm also anti feminist. That doesn't mean everyone is a lunatic who wants the human race to die out and fantasizes about a crisis where he can play Scar from Lion King and push women in distress off cliffs.

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Dude, everyone knows he isn't one of us, you are the only one trying to pretend you are some ridiculous freemon fighter. You also believe all men want to join you. Which... yeah dumb.

You hate people who want to have kids as well. Almost like nobody is pure enough for the cult guy

That last quote. Jesus, you are laughable.

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It's almost like.. let me think. Almost like Elon Musk is his own person.we find some of the things he does to be funny but we don't think he is one of us.

I can't follow you, though. Women "shitting out" kids bad. Abortion bad. So then???

Oh, sorry. Makes soooooo much sense now

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I'm sure he had touched a pussy in his life, so he is the slave of the Ukrainian female assassins sent by Luxemburg.

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Then again, his new books have like "genderfluid" characters (aka a shapeshifter girl) and unnecessary homos and shit.

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