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She is a damaged, crazy whore, with creepy men around. Those kids have no chance of meeting normal humans. Like do you think they ever had a proper conversation with someone who isn't some scribbled STD factory or a slut who sold all her holes for fame?

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I love ya'll, but there is no fucking way I would live on a farm with you guys. Not like I am not on Imp's boycott list, but you know what I mean.

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Not worse than when they say about blacks and Arabs. And it's not even based on the social autism japanese have, but they claim an Arab can't understand consent in the case of raping a crying, scared child in a public bathroom.

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I am exactly on the edge between loli or not? The actual fuck? I don't look like a child, I am definitely not behaving like a child.

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THOUSANDS of upvotes for the political opinions on how to solve societal problems. For a man who beat his wife, abandoned his kids and is not coombrained transvestite mutant.

But I am sure he can make society better. If that doesn't involve not beating women and actually taking care of the children he made.

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And also, a lot of libs with serious mental issues. They don't even have to be homeless, just people who think casual sex is a must, drugs are totes cool, taking any responsibility for your safety is the patriarchy oppressing you.

Liberals have an issue with learning helplessness from each other. Telling a woman she shouldn't meet in private with a man from a dating app is "slutshaming". Meanwhile they post about ALL MEN being horrible. Yet they pick the sleezy, druggie, criminal, insane men and call the tamest Christian guys awful names.

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He newest i have seen is the new fag flag, but with some "Sami pride" element added. Because your racial original is needed. Also, I bet it wasn't an actual Sami, but some city girl who needed attention.

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Why should I do anything for the month these people screeched and demanded for themselves?
Like fuck off, do I have to participate? Why?

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Right? Her giving away her voice is an obvious mistake, the story never says it was a good idea. Hell, she can't even properly connect with Eric like that.
Taking away the mistakes she needs to correct and overcome is not making the story better.

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But if I say I don't understand a black person, I'm a racist, even though English isn't my native language.

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Funny how mods find these things so easily, but things like actual child molesters, violent gang related crime, etc. just get left up because nobody nooooticed.

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I'm not saying they can't do great work in another topic.

The guy doing Nagatoro is OBVIOUSLY doing it in a way that is basically 1 step away from loli porn.

The issue isn't that the artist does hentai. But you don't just do porn, then switch to underage "rom com" that is about this little girl basically bullying a boy into submission and say it wasn't done with the exact same kind of tropes/character writing he would do for the porn.

This is my issue.
I wouldn't even have an issue with it if it was adult characters. Sure, I wouldn't care, because not my shit, but you don't do kiddie characters with the typical porn fetish type dynamics when you are known for porn, then pretend it's not a little sus.

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I don't know why even half of this place is so obsessed with loli shit.
Like of course I know it's not real child porn. But I can't help feeling icky about the fact that a known hentai artist is making a "romantic comedy" series about an underage girl tormenting a boy? You can pretend all you want, but he knows exactly what he is doing.

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None. Though they did the thing where you can see the guy is hairy, but they waxed the shit out of his chest.

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And he was a werewolf in an MTV show that started out great, then turned nonsense. :D

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Yeah, it's not like jews think they are white like us.

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This fucking thing. Communism has awful standards for workers, for the environment and everything. Some asbestos commie block is supposedly amazing. Clothing made out of pure plastic is amazing. Everyone being incompetent and stealing at a factory is amazing.

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This is actually a HUGELY controversial thing in the book community.
Like are you allowed to rate/review a book if you haven't read the whole thing? I have been told that you are not allowed to say you dislike a book if you haven't read the whole entire series. Not even kidding.

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I make "guesses", because I have talked to him many times before and he always circles back to these autistic, weird ideas. Like I know what sort of retarded arguments he will make and I am tired of it.

Every time a man does something wrong, he blames women. Male politicians being evil? A woman is behind it. Male terrorists literally murdering people? Women in their culture are awful, therefore they do it. Male trannies physically abusing women, molesting little girls, being generally awful? Women turned them that way. Male murderer? Well, it's a feminist false flag.
Every. Fucking. Time. Every time.

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You are throwing the word around every time I tell you you are going nuts again. And I say things like "you will probably say this" because I know the kind of accusations you will throw at me.
You have called me a pedophile because I didn't care how you had some fight with a random woman on a different forum and I didn't think we should join a witchhunt against her without context, based on your word.
You like to pretend I am some spy, someone here to work for feminists or whatever.
I know the things you say.

You are more than willing to be angry at pedophile women (rightfully), but somehow your anger is not there with men. I find that interesting is all. How you go mouthfoaming angry when women come up, but the same passion is nowhere with male pedophiles, male terrorists, any male criminal, or even the evil males in power who basically run the world.
It's always some excuse of why it's the fault of women and men have zero accountability for their own deeds.

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have children legally work in dangerous adult jobs full time

Like being a dancer at a nightclub explicitly for adults?

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You are doing the libtard thing with using their lingo.

So? What then? How do you explain the men who were the customers? How does that happen?

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