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Dont forget killing nuclear for gas companies

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I'd say the issue is that the conflation from cognitive dissonance and social media is creating a regressive intelligence. The idea that anyone who googles something is now an expert or instant trust in an idea simply because it appeases your sensibilities. The mass cries of racism, transphobia, sexism, islamaphobia, etc all point to backlash from the very real fear they are truly inferior. This mass push for equality of outcome is derided from this fear, the zealous pushback on genetic differences between the sexes, the inherent idea that all cultures must be equal, it is all fear derided from the stark reality that people aren't equal.

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How long until coyote is a racist dogwhistle because brown people.

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Assuming they have the functionality that they had when they were seven.

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Nothing new, they did the exact same with hilldawgs emails

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Wrath is my favorite, wakes me up like a cup of coffee, increases my workouts, and gives me the edge to make the little pc princesses cry. Plus the constant disdain makes the male version of RBF.

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Do we need to pull a martin luther? Ill unravel the parchment.

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They're trying to slime back to their old ways. We need a new resurgence in the Republican party and banish these neocon subversives.

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Female success in schools is because the entire classroom structure is designed around female learning. They has been countless studies that show men overwhelmingly learn in a hands on and active participative environment, while women learn from a passive environment. The damage done to the western schools was intentional and the same reason why gender segregated schools overwhelmingly outperform their counterparts.

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Between this and that horrid update that rendered party chats impossibly complicated, they are systematically tanking their market presence in the US. Sony will lose to the xbox/ PC crowd due to this and possibly move the way of Sega.

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Its always funny when someone says one in a thousand black men die to cops and you can counter that black children only have a 66% chance of not being aborted.

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Truth and reconciliation is an odd way of saying subjugation and reeducation.

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Science as a religion has been the most peculiar and dogmatic trend in western culture. It would be hard to argue a more destructive force in the west since the protestant reformation of the church and the mass destruction of religious art and literature. The appraisal of science only extends to when it dares question Christianity and Western philosophy.

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Its still a non-argument. These companies acted in bad faith and are now reaping the results. They do not deserve special protections that others do not have. If a new company takes over because they hold themselves to a non editorial status and promote free exchange in the public square then that is an economical result not a political one.

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If the company has foreign investors then they do not represent the American people

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This move just killed their new console, PC is becoming the last bastion of sanity solely due to their third party options.

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You cant rationalize to a zealot. Being a victim/martyr is all these people have to get attention.

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It also holds true with loans and financing. Chinese americans have the highest loan acceptance rates. Never mentioned when complaining about whites getting more loans then blacks. The current ' social justice' dogma is nothing more than social retribution on people who weren't even alive for the Jim Crow era. Rule of three always shines with grievance groups. Grandpa was a victim so I'm due.

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By the numbers, black immigrants have always heavily earned more that 'Black Americans'. The first black millionaire in America was a former Haitian slave before/during the civil war. 'Black America' has been have a culture crisis for the past 200 years. The problem is that the worst of that culture has been promoted and focused on.

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Its amazing not only the lack of foresight, but any and all options to mitigate any of this was just brushed over. Frankly, I dont feel any pity for her, she chose every single stupid decision and then cried victim when her purse of a husband died. If she knew she would not physically be able to bear children due to her health, then get your tubes tied. There were thousands of preventatives available before the incident. This was not rape, it was not unforseen and it lays squarely on her shitty ineptitude.

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With 4 adopted kids, the fact that they had no planning at all shows the stupidity

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The most laughable part of the women's rights movement is the belief they were ever oppressed. Women as a collective have never had the oppression of responsibility for their and their families lives. They never had to worry about dying in foreign lands to preserve their lifestyle. They never had to go into mines full of toxic air or break their bodies in hard labor. The entire history of humanity is centered around the appeasement and protection of women. These tradeoffs lead to a vast dynamic where the economic value in a women was her fertility and a mans was in his resources. True equality would be the rudest awakening of women. * It is important to note the difference between women as a collective force and the individual.

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Taxes on income is theft. Taxes on property, goods and services are a part of the mutual agreement of the people of the United States and the government to enable and enforce the constitution.

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Human nature also gave rise to capitalism, philosophy, objectivity and individuality.

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*A morbidly depressed autistic girl who was scared into a deep depression and anorexia by extreme fabrications of the media. She then supports the same candidate that supports destroying the only truly green and reliable energy source.

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