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Winter War 2.0. Find the faults in your military by throwing hundreds of thousands of men into the grinder to fix the problems for next war.

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It probably as someone has stated before a doctrine issue. The USSR and Russia afterwards strategic planning never envisioned a scenario in which they would be able to have or maintain air superiority long term over hostile territory and instead is focused on defense and retaliatory actions.

It makes sense when you look at Russia's primary potential enemies are. Also when you factor in Russia's previous military engagements have all be low level conflicts in which there wasn't any form contestable air space.

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But I thought Ukraine was winning and was going to be marching into Moscow any day now?

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About 90% of the German military was tied up on the eastern front. The western front mostly had second and third rate divisions and air support was completely unheard of.

Would the western allies have won without Russia? Probably. The US had 50% of the entire world's industrial power at the time and on paper could have fought the entire world at once.

But without Russia there would have been millions of American casualities. The UK probably would have ceased to exist as a state, by 45 they were strapped for manpower.

The post war of this scenario wouldn't be a time of economic boom, prosperity, and a population high on victory. It would have been a society that for all intents and purposes would have been gutted. In debt, and suffering from massive social strife. Look at Europe directly after WW1 and that would have been the US after WW2 in this world.

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Imagine being so much of a loser where you get scared by something that you made and know what is going to happen.

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He had no way to know that live bullets were on set? That's a bold claim considering the union crew walked off the set the day before for accidental discharges of the guns. And other crew members were allegedly shooting cans on set.

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Santa is real and steals elf labor? So they don't do presents from Santa? I'm so confused.

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A friend of mine said there was a girl in his basic training that couldn't handle the shotgun and would literally get knocked on her ass when firing it. The solution was to have someone brace her when firing so she could qualify.

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I'm sure he will be able to make new contacts and get business rolling again.

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San Fran. But it is a bit skewered. Actual LA is complete shit, but LA county has good areas like Santa Monica and Beverely Hills which are their own cities and part of LA in everything but name. Like you can walk from one side of the street to the opposite side and change cities.

San Fran has nothing redeemable. It is a one and done city. You visit once to see the rock, the golden gate, walk the crooked street and never go back.

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The white men that are aware are already voting republican. The ones that aren't are soyboy simps that want to virtue signal their good boy points.

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I'm intrigued. Have a source?

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Lesbian sex happens approximately four times before women move in together and become platonic roommates with occasional domestic violence.

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