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So you're not allowed to sell stuff at a discount according to paypal.

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Everytime a company tries to implement something like this this always happens. I wonder why... hmm...

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They're trying to get you to buy something that will soon turn bad by claiming that it is still good for a few days after. So either you have to use it all as quickly as possible or you're going to wind up trashing it and buying a new one.

Also, I never heard of anyone who doesn't use the "best before" as an expiration date.

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What is it with vegans and fake meat trying to claim it tastes just as good as real meat? There are so many dishes you can make with actual vegan food without desperately clinging to the "soy chicken" route.

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A guy that never had any real responsiblity in his entire life and everything he did do was carefully controlled by his grandmother is trying to tell people how to live their lives. The irony.

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In certain areas such as agriculture there was more advancement in the dark ages than in five previous centuries of roman rule. The whole dark age motif is very much taken from the age of enlightenment and their love affair with everything ancient roman and greek.

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Because now without Andrew in office they can't justify paying him 5 million per year. It was only a matter of time till he got booted.

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The thing is the imperium is a direct reaction to the horrid universe they live in. They need the empire of man because anything else would lead to chaos or one of the other even more brutal factions destroying the universe.

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They need to keep him from suing Biden for defamation somehow.

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Saint Kyle of Kenosha. Patron saint of killing communists and pedophiles.

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20 year gap in the middle they need to leave out.

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A judge can overturn a guilty verdict to not guilty if he believes a miscarriage of justice has occurred by the guilty verdict.

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Not finishing the job helped his case with that idiot they put on the stand.

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I feel like this is illegal. I know most city codes have laws in place that bedrooms need to have a window. Mostly for safety. If that common area catches fire everyone in those dorm rooms are fucked.

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It is because royalty is now basically a popularity contest because they have no real power. They're not rulers. They're stage pieces who present a perfectly curated public face designed to offend the least people.

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Jersey just became too close to call.

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The only thing Japan can do with this idiot in office over here. Japan since 1945 has relied on the US for defense and now they can't rely on that anymore.

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Wow. Just wow. Imagine an office of men acting like that? Everyone would be fired.

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The most responsible teenager in the house.

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Aren't lesbians pretty much the highest demographic for domestic violence?

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Which company was there? I feel like reading the story will be hilarious.

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