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You might not think this affects you until you realize "Chinese standards" are "Global standards" and this will come everywhere eventually.

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Literally nothing.

Everything fucking sucks these days with so much bad news always on the horizon, maybe I'd be interested in indies if I could be assed to sift through the garbage heap, but I don't have the time for that like I used to these days.

The middle of 2018 or so was the time I basically stopped being hyped for most videogames, ever since 13 Sentinels got fucked.

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longform discussion

Podcasts are not forums, those are just a bunch of people listening to 2-4 individuals, and most of the time said discussion is just off-the-cuff conversation.

Not to mention they are listened without people watching much of the time, its often background audio for a lot of people.

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What? What are you talking about? You're talking about the jews now? That's the only group I can think of that had semi-recent official discrimination in a country like Germany (and they only had discrimination after the fact of literally having ultimate freedom in the Weimar Republic to create powerful foundations for themselves) and still had prosperity.

I was not referring to them since their situation is more complicated and jews are unique among most minorities, I was more referring to peoples like the Kulaks, and the Chinese who opposed communism for example.

Or if you want something more topical, how about blacks in America after the 60s? Pre-60s, before LBJ's disastrous welfare and state dependency-creating policies, many blacks were strong, virtuous, family-oriented, civically engaged, predominantly christian, and fought for their education and rights.

Post-government, they're a fucking mess. There are also alleged theories from prominent blacks of government agencies introducing drugs and shit into their communities to ruin their culture, which, if true, is another example of government intervention harming the outcome of blacks in America.

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You mean most of these, where he basically says governments ruin everything?


You can't ruin shit if you don't have power, but let's go through a few examples anyways.

What is ominous is the ease with which some people go from saying that they don't like something to saying that the government should forbid it. When you go down that road, don't expect freedom to survive very long.

So... literally government forbidding freedoms can essentially ruin freedom.

Fairness' is one of the great mantras of the left. Since everyone has his own definition of fairness, that word is a blank check for the expansion of government power. What fairness means in practice is that third parties -- busybodies -- can prevent mutual accommodations by others.

Busybodies (read: the government) can prevent mutual accomodations when the government has power.

Those who wrote the Constitution clearly understood that power is dangerous and needs to be limited by being separated - separated not only into the three branches of the national government but also separated as between the whole national government, on the one hand, and the states and the people on the other.

The government has clear dangers and risk that come from its inherent powers, that were recognized by the founding fathers and checked and balanced accordingly.

Securities based on risky mortgages are what toppled financial institutions but it was the government that made the mortgages risky in the first place, by making home-ownership statistics the holy grail, for which everything else was to be sacrificed, including commonsense standards for making home loans.

Housing market's financial collapse can be blamed ultimately on government.

After the risky mortgage-lending practices fostered by government intervention led to massive defaults and foreclosures that caused financial institutions to collapse or be bailed out, Congressman Frank changed his tune completely.

See above.

Contrary to the vision of the left, it was the free market which produced affordable housing - before government intervention made housing unaffordable.

Government literally made housing unaffordable.

The fatal attraction of government is that it allows busybodies to impose decisions on others without paying any price themselves. That enables them to act as if there were no price, even when there are ruinous prices - paid by others.

When busybodies are in the government, ruinous prices are being paid by others... is this not a fucking outcome too?

And again, Sowell isn't literally some objective arbiter of truth in this.

Look at China, look at communist and totalitarian regimes. Look at the deaths of countless people; those kinds of impacts are pretty much irreplaceable considering what kinds of people were being killed by them. Many of these communist powers are still in power today. One could argue mass deaths and genocides are an ultimate and "final" outcome, perhaps the greatest kind of outcome besides literal national collapse that leads to an anarchy that literally is genuinely scary. There's also the fact that governments are the ones getting people into wars and forcing them to fight them as well.

Financially/Economically (literally look at Turkey), environmentally/ecologically (Great Leap Forward), Human life (One Child Policy, totalitarian genocides, Roe v. Wade), Morality (this is a complicated one but should be easily seen, for example with shit like Roe v. Wade, and Gay marriage's legalization for example), Productivity (the loss of nearly the entire American manufacturing sector can be attributed entirely to America and China's governments), Entertainment/Media (Governments funds many shit places which are propaganda factories, like Ubisoft for example), and so on.

Even if Sowell somehow said bullshit like that somewhere, he would be completely remiss in the wake of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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you vastly overestimate the power of governments to shape outcomes

Bruh. You tie yourselves into knots sometimes just to argue with this dude, some of these quotes are r/atheism-tier cringe.

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Gab fucking sucks, its just political twitter for Q-boomers.

Twitter does too, but at least it has some artists and shitposters (well, a few; most of the good shitposters have been censored off the platform already so its all but worthless if you don't care about artists or memes)

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Each day, more and more, I think people are just lining up to get what they deserve.

We have failed in our duty to vigilance, as have the generations that have preceded us.

The question is: what is going to be done about it?

The sad reality is that America is still likely at least 1-2 decades away from taking any meaningful action, i.e. another generation will be ruined by this shit before anyone decides to take any action. In that time, the megacorps, world organizations, and governments will consolidate and solidify their power and might.

I just hope people won't learn too late.

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Nah, that's just the natural effect of consumerism on much of the generation(s).

Sperging out about things doesn't mean people didn't watch them, unfortunately. I haven't given a cent to hollywood and I'm proud of that fact; The only movie I've watched that was even remotely recent was Joker on a pirated streaming site.

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why isn't this forum talking about what I want to talk about

Literally make topics about things you wanna talk about

not the place's fault for not bothering with something that's obviously shit, its better to just bask in the destruction after the fact if its known to be pozzed (which it is by now) than waste time "analyzing" what fecal particles compose the turd in question.

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that's why we don't live in a democracy, but a federated republic

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Well... Stop buying using Amazon then.

At the very least, stop buying from Chinese sellers, but especially stop using Amazon.

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You gonna deny this one from 2017 too?:


the point is kinda undermined when people are using it unironically. The point he was making was basically to scoff at the notion of it being used at all before, like its fake outrage, but people are clearly using the insult as you can see.

No shit, twitter shows the most recent tweets, that's how it works as social media.

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I don't like or trust Lauren Southern, but this is reaching to call it a defense.

Saying Onlyfans is better than the literal pimping and kinds of things that happen in the porn industry is hardly a defense, particularly when she says she still doesn't like it and only ultimately pointed out that yes, it was disruptive to the established porn industry, which was true.

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This is the future for America and democracies.

Its a scary thing to think about.

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But courts make no distinction between rights they've made up and the ones that are actually there.

Eh... no, constitutional rights are pretty much supreme rights legally speaking, they cannot be abridged by the courts whatsoever. Only the actual legislative branch (congress) is allowed to change the constitution in any way at all.

Supreme Court decisions can (and should be) overruled when they do such things whereas the constitution cannot be changed, but when supreme court decisions conflict with the constitution, it gets very strange, usually they try to be extremely narrow and say how it totally doesn't conflict; so far there has not been any broad abridging of the constitution from the supreme court as a result, but there has been narrow ones.

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most of the books on the list will simply inform them of other viewpoints

Ehh... most of those books are more like brainwashing and propaganda than anything if I'm being honest.

I agree with anti-censorship principles in theory and always oppose censorship when I can, but its hard to argue that tolerance for this bullshit hasn't gotten us to this point, because enemies will use that tolerance to take miles upon miles.

All it takes is a failure to teach the kids critical thinking (something that can happen with mere incompetence of the teachers and/or laziness of the parents, which was extremely common before this point) and everything gets fucked.

Tolerance becomes acceptance over time, which eventually becomes something praiseworthy and virtuous.

I can understand leaving the books in the public library to exist sure, but at the very least, anti-racist teachings of said books should be banned in the school, I'm sure the shit that would get banned here are probably required readings elsewhere.. and that's a fucking problem.

The people who are supposed to be teaching your kids critical thinking are... what exactly?

Doesn't even get into next generation, when the people who were educated using those cancerous books become the teachers.

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Maybe if you're butthurt about my discrediting, pick criteria that are not so easily fudged by nepotism and corruption.

Maybe in an uttrely corrupt industry, its a lot harder to determine a metric that hasn't been fucked?

What I would probably use would be main/starring (or major supporting) roles in movies that are consistently rated high by audience standards.

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It'll collapse before it breaks 75% most likely, government can only spend so much on funding their propaganda institutions; at some point they will have to pick and choose which stays alive, and this one isn't one that's likely to.

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