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I wonder if it will be a wild night tonight. Hmmm...

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Bunch of bullshit. I saw this tweet from Josh Hawley and he said that they are voting on a bill that was negotiated entirely behind closed doors and released only in the last day. No one had time to fully read it. Fucking crazy that they can get away with this, I don't know how people can even consider this a so called democracy at this point.

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This is a different account then the last time he showed up. Wonder if Dom banned his original account.

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I'm going to nominate Dune by Frank Herbert.

Hey u/DomitiusOfMassilia can I get a sticky please, thanks.

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Depend really. Kotakuinaction2.win is its own site under the umbrella of communities.win or scored.co. You can use the same login for all those sites and even access kotakuinactoin2.win there as https://communities.win/c/kotakuinaction2 or https://scored.co/c/kotakuinaction2. Communities/scored.co allow for the creation of subwins or w/e they are called now. I made a few, one for babylon5 for example https://communities.win/c/Babylon5.

They switched from using communities.win to the Scored.co thing because of some issues with the .win domain. But the sites are still accessible through those urls. I hate the scored.co name personally. I also prefer the design of https://Kotakuninaction2.win over scored/communities. Kia2.win was one of the original communities created before they had deployed any of this infrastructure so we are kind of unique in that way.

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Hate speech

And let's be clear—there's a difference between controversial opinions and hate speech.

The admins were fine with this, though they refused to answer some questions we had about the lines between hate speech and genuinely-held opinions.

So how do they know there's a difference?

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I think it is the just-in-time system that we've operated under is completely breaking down. We had enough inertia to keep us going these past 2 years after lockdowns but the true effects are starting to show. It doesn't seem isolated to just trucking or transportation. There are so many recalls on food products out there not to mention the overall quality of things seems to be drastically down.

I think it is because a lot of these producers are rushing production in order to meet the pent up demand. They are cutting corners or just not caring about the quality any longer. I was replacing a part and talking to a guy at the local store and he had mentioned that even plastic parts are made of weaker material now. I'm not saying this is the only issue but it appears to be a major driving factor.

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This is all so retarded. I hate the feeling of just waiting for shit to actually hit the fan. We all know it is coming.

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One where all disagreements are settled by playing the arcade version of Pacman. Who ever gets the highest score, best out of 3 wins. This will go for all conflict resolution. Divorce court. Pacman. Corporate mergers. Pacman. Simple disagreements. Pacman. Everything. Pacman. Immigration policy disputes. Pacman. Healthcare policy disputes. Pacman.

All battles must be televised. So you'd flip over to your local City-Pacman-Dispute-Settlement channel to watch if Bob wins his disagreement with Juan over who makes the best tacos in town. Then you can flip over to the State Channel and watch arguments about redistricting settled by Pacman. After that flip over to the Federal Pacman channel and watch abortion be settled by Pacman.

There is one stipulation. That all battles can be refought after 3 months. So things can swing wildly back and forth on big political issues and never really get settled. I prefer paralysis to executive orders or uniparty laws beings passed willy-nilly at the federal level. I call this system Pacmanism. The Pacmanist Republic.


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Ok so your argument is its not big corporate stores having anything to do with it right? Then you go on to list several things the government can do to try and force the issue. So I responded that I don't think it is feasible for the government to actually implement these things. Then you agree with me in this comment. I don't understand your point at all.

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Ok but you are assuming that the laws just magically get a stamp of approval and happen. You don't think there would be significant push back from agricultural states? I know that they want this but don't expect it to just happen. I know it is easy to be blackpilled.

And lets just hypothetically say they do pass these laws. Do you think that States that rely on the economic output of their agricultural sector will just roll over? Do you think Texas will just stop producing cattle? Do you know how big the industries are in these States? Do you know how much these industries are intertwined in the State's economies?

This is similar to telling people in Silicon Valley that you are going to ban software.

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Support your local butcher for one. The only way they have this power is if you keep going to the big corporate stores. If you want to go buy a cow you could but you'll be waiting awhile as most butchers are backed up with a ton of orders because a lot of people are going that route now.

Unless the government comes out and passes laws that make it straight up illegal I don't see this doing anything other than moving the focus of meat purchases away from giant corporation and to smaller more local businesses. And I don't need to raise my own cow. I have a friend who raises cattle and I've bought whole cows from him. And there are plenty of people who come to him to do the same.

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I find it interesting that no one really buys those products but they are taking up more and more shelf space. Its obvious this is intentional. Eventually you'll walk into the store and that is all you will see. But I wonder if people are going to accept this laying down. Where I live you see commercials that make fun of the fake meat crap. Of course on the Great Plains it is part of our culture. I'm at the point where I don't buy meat from the grocery store. I just go to my local butcher. Way better quality anyways.

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I've seen a screenshot of this page on 4chan /tv/ awhile back. Been meaning to read JP and Lost Worlds. I often think of regional differences in the United States and how they've slowly been eroded with the introduction of new technologies like the TV. Think accents and such. Some regional differences still exist but they are mostly isolated to the rural areas. Cities have all blurred into the same mash of humanity, piled on top of one another. There was a certain ceiling on what that tech could do and I agree with Crichton's take on the internet for the planet. It truly is a device of stagnation for the most part.

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Finding physical media is definitely a difficult problem to overcome. I've been thinking about hitting up garage sales and buying old movies and other things that way. As far as gaming goes I'd probably still use Steam just because it is impossible to find physical copies of PC games these days. I don't buy much though so it wouldn't be hard to leave behind, I have a bunch of games I haven't even played that I bought back when the Steam sales were awesome.

I have yet to find a legit old school local newspaper myself. Most of the time those stick to those feel-good type local news and rarely branch out from that.

To the phone point, I've been seriously considering dumping my smartphone for a dumb one. I don't really even use the internet on it much to begin with.

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I wouldn't include things like that, that to me serves a clear purpose that is useful and utilitarian. That to me is more technology then what we commonly refer to as the internet now. I could be mistaken in my definition there.

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I have the same feelings, my work keeps me online nowadays. I do mean social media however even reading articles/papers or what have you give the impression that the people who write these things are not writing to inform you but rather to persuade you in some way. It has probably always been that way but now it is out in the open and they don't even seem to try anymore to be unbiased and fair. This goes for all political sides.

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What are we calling "the Internet" here?

I suppose things like Social Media, News, time wasters, youtube things like that.

I don't have that social media compulsion or that kind of thing but I'd be really annoyed to lose all the readily accessible information.

That would be a big downside but I do have a fairly decent library of printed materials. And if I need something I can go to my local bookstore and they can order it for me. I'm just not sure if having instant access to everything is necessarily a good thing. I think it causes us to put less value into the things we read and learn. This isn't a universal declaration as I've learned quite a bit from the internet but it is made up of things I could have learned a different way.

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Agree with you on all of that. Kind of the point I'm at right now.

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I already have, actually a long time ago now. Never really went to those websites you listed.

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You and I are very similar. I'm at about the same point- that most of the internet is garbage and the only thing still around are smaller niche communities like this one. Maybe as I've aged I've become more interested in things outside the internet.

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I don't think it is completely impossible. But lets go with all non-essential internet usage for the sake of this discussion. So this would also include social media as well as news website and all other casual use.

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Would you say that you are addicted to the internet?

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