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When I was younger I truly believed that we would not repeat the mistakes of our ancestors. Yet here we are, dealing with the same shit we've been dealing with for the last 100 years.

I've read that a lot of this started in the Wiemar republic. But here we are now with the same ideas but with a new coat of paint. The rot has and will always be there. I'm not as nihilistic as you but I can see the point. The sheer stupidity of most of mankind can be disheartening.

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I took the jab 5 times, are you saying that my brain maybe turn mush? Are you saying that vaxjab gave my butt pain to my head? I'm scheduled for my 6th jab and they've said that with it I'll be done getting more jarbs. My brain hurt. But Tim Pool say vax is now rape?! I don't want be raped, do I need to replace my carpet now?

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I cherish my freedom to be left the fuck alone. Although I'm not sure many Canadians would understand that mentality.

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Wont stop big corps from enforcing one I'd imagine. Can a corporation make it part of your employment requirement? Or is that against a current law? Can say a company mandate it without OSHA forcing them too?

We need laws at the state level now to protect us from these corporations. I saw the Kristi Noem of South Dakota recently gave a speech to the legislature where she said that they were going to enshrine medical and religious exemptions. I don't agree with that because I don't believe this is an exemption but hey, its a start i guess.

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I've had a thought recently. The real world has begun to reflect the internet more and more. People need to realise this before the totalitarians have complete control over the internet. Because once that happens it is game over, they will control reality in a way.

Some may say we've already lost, and we may have but I think places like this and others that are at least some what accessible to new comers is a good thing. It's not like we are on the dark web or buried in some very very remote corner of the internet.

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Hey u/DomitiusOfMassilia can I get a sticky please.

Also, if you can't find a copy of the book you can do a search on the web for a pdf, it is out there.

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I just imagine that these sniveling little fucks have always been this way. These people haven't just sprung up out of nowhere but were always hiding in plain sight. They've been waiting for the moment when they were given the power to be complete sociopaths out in the open.

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Californians are flooding western Montana?

Yeah they are, especially Missoula and Bozeman. Bozeman is expected to run out of water because of all the people moving in that the environment can't support. Housing can be crazy expensive now. You also have a lot of development happening in the mountains with Ski towns and such. I don't get out that way much these days but it has changed radically in the last 10 years in some areas.

It is really concentrated in a few areas but I fear that eventually those cities will be able to completely out vote the rural counties. Similar thing actually happened to Colorado. It used to be more red but that has changed as the cities grew and coastal transfers flooded the State.

My fear is the same thing that happened to Colorado is happening to Montana and Idaho right now. We'll see if they succeed but they have in Colorado.

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Man, I do love some moments in season 4. John Dutton is a straight up boss. They really set it up as "progress" vs the traditional way of life. Felt super relevant to what is happening in western Montana right now.

I'm somewhat glad I live in a place that is considered fly over country because I don't see a bunch of Californians moving to where I live anytime soon. But it does bum me out that stuff like what happened in season 4 is actually happening every day. It is a battle and the old timers are reaching their limit and it doesn't feel like there are any major younger leaders coming up behind them.

Definitely make a post about the season after you finish watching it. I think it is very relevant material for this board given the political elements of it.

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I agree with on the Black ranch hands, makes sense and fits, didn't have any problem with that at all. I hope they don't do that to the Sheriff, I'm going to remain somewhat optimistic about this and I'm definitely going to watch next season. I wont spoil it for you but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the season once you are through with it all.

edit: It'll be interesting to see if they change up the writers and behind the scenes people for the next season. I should remember to keep a look out for that.

spoilers ahead:



The way they killed off the old Sheriff kind of seemed a little strange to me and kind of out of place. They did make it seem like it was sorta part of the story by having John Dutton portrayed as the hero in the shootout. It just seemed like they had a Black character they wanted in the show so they just killed off the Sheriff. It is a perfect character to sell the Left's view on things and it does worry me. Especially with how they've set him up to be antagonistic towards John Dutton.

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I worry about Yellowstone. In the last episode they introduced a Black sheriff. In previous years I wouldn't have noticed but I think it is because it has reached a certain level of popularity now they are moving in for the diversification. Also in the last episode there was an attorney who was black as well. I just find that to be completely out of place. Montana is a very White state with some Natives sprinkled in. This is especially true in a rural county where the show takes place mostly.

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Women are probably numero uno on the list of contributors to green house gases by fashion. Not to mention they control 85% of discretionary household spending. So they also waste a ton of money. Women are #1 contributors to global warming hands down.

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It is quite fun being on this side of the internet sometimes. I often wonder about the intent behind things like this and other posts I see from time to time.

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I'd watch CNN as comedy personally. Just imagine Benny Hill music playing in the background as they run around screaming about covid.

I actually haven't watched any CNN in probably 5 years other than clips posted online. I'm sure if I actually turned the channel on it would cause my eyes, ears and nose to all bleed within 2 minutes.

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I'm just about there myself. Itsallsotiresome.jpg

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RFK jr recently said that if they get authorization for children then they are protected form liability. So they will no longer need the emergency use authorization for that protection. I haven't looked into this to confirm.

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Not sure if this is because of the switch to communities.win or something else. Gab also looks like it is steadily growing. That is if you put any weight into Alexa rankings.

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Gulag was the 2nd, starship troopers was the 1st book.

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Hey u/DomitiusOfMassilia can I get a sticky please, thanks. Also can someone cross post this to KIA2 reddit? Because I lost access to my account over there and don't feel like ever making another account.

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I don't want to sound like an asshole, because I can really empathise as I have been there before.

Me too, I think a lot of us have been there. I think it is just a symptom of the modern world at this point. Many members of my extended family have a martyr complex where there is always something wrong with them and they are going to die in the next X years.

But typically nothing happens. Other times they destroy their health because of their own choices and say "see I was right, I was going to die/get sick all the time". It is bizarre behaviour but I think it is similar to what you are talking about with the LGTBQAP+ community only it is amplified a ton with them.

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I have to agree with you on all of this. It really does feel like he is using this forum as emotional support. I don't have a problem with seeking help online but this isn't really the place for the continued posting. Also all the answers or advice that could be given for his situation has been given at this point. I feel for him, I really do but this obviously isn't helping him.

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Oh man, I feel so bad for her every episode just about. It is a great show.

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Ranking of Kings is kino and its a new anime that came out Fall 2021. And mieruko-chan is another good one that came out this season. A tiny bit of fan service (not much at all) but really good interesting story.

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This is something Western SJW types don't understand; to attract a wide range of potential audiences, you have to actually make something that appeals to them.

Very true and the rest of your comment does a great job describing why that is. There are huge chunks of anime/manga that I don't touch because of my personal tastes. But there is something for everyone and that is what makes it such a great medium for storytelling.

It really does feel like Western media is streamlining to such an extant that it is becoming complete bland. It is all about obtaining maximum market share with every thing they put out because they value profit above all or they value the propaganda above all. Those often go hand in hand because hollywood/games/music don't really seem to operate strictly on profitability, at least in the traditional sense.

Anime/Manga is really a passion project by their creator and you can feel it in the writing and storytelling. It is more individualistic then media in the west in strange ways.

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