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Energy independent to energy poor in under a year. Bravo Biden....

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College football has been getting more and more popular now. Especially since the NFL went woke. I see this new rush of money to the players taking away from the game and eventually it will become just a minor league for the pros. I don't support it at all even though the school I'm a fan of has a ton of money already and will no doubt benefit massively from this change.

I do believe that they are there for school, however, a lot of schools don't even require their players to go to class. Some fans make jokes about how SEC players can't even read a book. If they do go to class they are given As and Bs without even doing the work. It is just a show at this point. So I see why they want to start outright paying them through these advertising/marketing dollars.

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This doesn't seem all that shocking. But then again I've paid attention to this since the beginning and this video doesn't provide anything new other than an FDA employee saying some incriminating things on camera. Maybe it will shock or wake up some normies but I just expected it to be more explosive. And O'Keeffe has said that each video will be more shocking then the next but this really was not.

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Got the vision of Stallone saying "I AM THE MAINSTREAM" 95' Judge Dredd style. What a tool. I don't even know who this Bill Mitchell guy is- is he some radio host or something?

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That is some BS but it is to be expected of YouTube. I don't watch Schaffer much but I've seen some pretty spicy take he has given on his other YouTube channel.

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It is not a hard rule but more of a preferred thing. I would prefer to read fiction myself.

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Really like the work Tony Heller does, it helped me get out of the cult mindset that Climate Change is 1000% real and going to kill us all type thinking. I used to be a dick to people, ranting about climate change back in the late 00s and have since drifted away from that position. His videos are just one of many things that helped.

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Maybe we could do a swap of some kind. Alberta for Minnesota? Although I love camping/hiking on the north shore there.

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Loved both of those. Please limit the suggestion to one book though. If your comment is the highest I'd have to add both books to the poll and that is a bit unfair. You can edit this comment and put the other book in a new comment. Thanks!

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Last read this when I was deep in the amazonian rainforest. It was monsoon season and I remember it so well because I'd read it when the downpours started. Good book. Loved how it really showed what it was like returning to earth which was really a comparison with returning home from Vietnam. It was like coming back to a different planet because of time dilation. Also interesting how earth decides to deal with the overpopulation problem.

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Probably would be best to limit it to one or the other. You can make another comment with the other one. Good suggestions!

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A book that my friend wanted me to recommend is "Crimes of the Educators". He doesn't have an account so I'll post it for him:

Here is a synopsis:

"Utopian dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mao are criminals – genocidal psychopaths who have killed more human beings in the last hundred years than any other ideologues in history. They don't limit their murder to individuals, but to entire nations.

In the United States another form of utopians, the "progressives," have tried to destroy traditional America by strategically dumbing down her people. America's future is being crippled on purpose in order to fundamentally transform the nation, its values, and its system of government. Laid out a century ago by progressive luminary John Dewey, the fruits of his schemes are plain to see today. Dewey got rid of the traditional intensive phonics method of instruction and imposed a "look-say," "sight," or "whole-word" method that forces children to read English as if it were Chinese. The method is widely used in today's public schools, which is a major reason there are so many failing public schools that cannot teach children the basics. This can only be considered a blatant form of child abuse.

American author and veteran educator Samuel Blumenfeld and journalist Alex Newman have taken on the public education establishment as never before and exposed it for the de facto criminal enterprise it is.

Crimes of the Educators reveals how the architects of America's public school disaster implemented a plan to socialize the United States by knowingly and willingly dumbing down the population, a mission closer to success than ever as the Obama administration works relentlessly to nationalize K-12 schooling with Common Core.

The whole-word method of teaching children to read – introduced by John Dewey and colleagues in the early twentieth century and which permeates Common Core – is a significant cause of dyslexia among students. Public education's war against religion, the "great American math disaster," promotion of death education, and the government's plan to lower standards for all so "no one is left behind" is destroying the logic, reasoning, and overall educational prowess of America's next generation."


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My suggestions for the next book of the club is:

The Survivalist.

My dad had the entire series when I was a kid and I remember loving it. It is about a survivalist who has to deal with the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. But this series gets really crazy. There are something like 25 books if I recall correctly. I understand that people don't want to start a series of books so I understand if people don't want to read it. But I wont spoil it for you. Here is a short synopsis.

"For years John Rourke, ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons and personal survival expert had planned for just one thing.

Survival. For him and his family.

The emergency wilderness retreat had been found, fortified and supplied. Now the ultimate crisis was upon them: nuclear strike and Russian invasion.

With Rourke half a continent away from family and home.

And so began a desperate, epic journey to a home that might not even exist any more, across an America shattered and burning, where murderous bands fought and killed. Killed for food, for clothing, weapons, and even from a sheer lawless lust for destruction"


The book is campy but it is a fun quick read. Something a little more light than Starship Troopers on the political and philosophical side. My Dad and I were talking about it the other day so I figured I'd just nominate this as an option if others were interested.

I was going to nominate The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand but another user posted in the last Book Club thread that they were nominating it.

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It is about perfecting mRNA tech and also getting people used to routine injections. They'll use the things learned from this experiment and apply it to genetic manipulation. This will eventually allow them to craft the perfect slave race. Not saying this is what is happening but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out true.

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I don't have Telegram so can't watch it I guess? Could you just give me a run down on it? What exactly is Q? Also why do you believe in Q? Like what leads you to believe in that stuff? I haven't spent much time looking into anything Q but its always come across as a bit strange to me. Genuinely curious as I don't go on GA.

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They certainly are adding up but who and what will bring them to justice? At this point it doesn't seem like legally we can work to a solution. I'm still not blackpilled mainly because of where I live so I'd love to hear you reasoning on this.

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No shit man, so sick and tired of this kind of crap. This is the first I've heard of this as I don't pay attention to Glen Beck but has he said anything about when this supposed briefing is going to be revealed to the world?

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Were you active on Reddit? Can't say I really remember you over there. I'm still on Reddit to crosspost the Book Club thread, that is it. No more comments or anything else.

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It is nice to see that she is backed up by other customers and the store security. Really shows that most people are over this shit.

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Thanks for the suggestions, however within this post I mentioned that we will have a thread for suggestions this Friday.

I'm going to post the recommendation thread for the next book of book club on Friday. Please don't post them in this thread or DM me, wait until that post.

I was also considering nominating The Fountainhead!

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Whoa, whoa, whoa.... slow down there, you are getting quite extreme!

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I'm not a fan of drama type posts which I'd consider those to be but here is the amazing thing. You don't have to engage with them. And that is 1 user. If you have a problem with them and you feel compelled to debate them then don't resort to name calling. Defeat their arguments through the merit of your own points. You don't win people over by calling your opponent mean words.

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What a cunt. I really feel for you Australians. It must be truly hell. Man, I constantly think back to when I was younger and hated living in bum fuck nowhere that I just had to get out. I'm glad things led me back here after leaving for college. Because my State is sane.

The guy isn't even considering crossing the border. He is just worried about his current state of affairs. He was probably asking if anyone crossed "legally". These fucking people who want to narc on their fellow countrymen are beyond disgusting. And this isn't even starting on how ass backwards insane it is that you can't travel to another state within your country.

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