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I don't think I've ever heard Imp mention the Belizean Grove before.

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It seems like Individualist societies are more resilient but only up to a point. Because if the powers wish to they can nudge them along the spectrum into hyper-individualism which only isolates them. The atomization of society is perfect for their plans because it doesn't allow for a unified force to fight back against their push.

There seems to be a delicate balancing act that needs to be maintained to have a healthy society. I do believe though that Individualist societies are the best societies because it allows for true diversity of thought which allows those societies to better adapt and change when they aren't wholly subverted like the West currently seems to be right now. But it is through this exploitation of individualism that we find ourselves in the hyper-degenerate, hyper-individualist world we live in now.

edit: I think you can still find that healthy individualist world in the rural parts of these United States more often but that has been slowly eroded with the me-centric internet and the rise of a globalised world.

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I believe it is on hidive if you are in the USA and want to pay for a sub, otherwise high seas.

edit: Yup on HiDive https://www.hidive.com/tv/legend-of-the-galactic-heroes

edit2: Watch order for the series is Movie: My Conquest is the Sea of Stars, Movie: Overture to a New War then the main series

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I've seen this show mentioned on our side of the internet quite a lot and finally got around to watching it. I did not expect to like it but it has turned out to be a real gem. The first 30 episodes or so are ok but after that it really picks up. It is very dialogue heavy but also has great space battles in true Space Opera style. I'm not quite finished with it yet as it is 110 episodes but after months of watching it I'm at episode 95. Highly recommend it and I just wanted to plug it here but I'm sure a lot of you already know about it.

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I also was going to recommend Cytube, there used to be weekly watches on /tv/ (4chan) but I haven't seen one in awhile. Used to like going to those, always a good group to chat with. Last one I watched there was Super Mario Bros.

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The theme of this thread is actually kind of why I wanted to start one here in the first place. I'd like to get more engagement in those threads but I've never run anything like this before. If any one has any suggestions or thoughts on how to increase that please let me know.

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Aye, I've tried to explain to people in real life about the change from the topic centric internet to the 'me' centric internet. Most people just don't grok it.

That is a good point on this all being related to the feminization of the internet. Perhaps they knew this was the eventuality that would be reached once women could get online in mass after the invention of the iphone.

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21st Century has been the century of narcissism. The internet is demonic by its nature is the conclusion I've come to. Or at least this modern version. It certainly didn't feel this way as much back then but I think it was always waiting under its surface.

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I'm pretty sure the two are completely unrelated.

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I wonder if it will be a wild night tonight. Hmmm...

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Bunch of bullshit. I saw this tweet from Josh Hawley and he said that they are voting on a bill that was negotiated entirely behind closed doors and released only in the last day. No one had time to fully read it. Fucking crazy that they can get away with this, I don't know how people can even consider this a so called democracy at this point.

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This is a different account then the last time he showed up. Wonder if Dom banned his original account.

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I'm going to nominate Dune by Frank Herbert.

Hey u/DomitiusOfMassilia can I get a sticky please, thanks.

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Depend really. Kotakuinaction2.win is its own site under the umbrella of communities.win or scored.co. You can use the same login for all those sites and even access kotakuinactoin2.win there as https://communities.win/c/kotakuinaction2 or https://scored.co/c/kotakuinaction2. Communities/scored.co allow for the creation of subwins or w/e they are called now. I made a few, one for babylon5 for example https://communities.win/c/Babylon5.

They switched from using communities.win to the Scored.co thing because of some issues with the .win domain. But the sites are still accessible through those urls. I hate the scored.co name personally. I also prefer the design of https://Kotakuninaction2.win over scored/communities. Kia2.win was one of the original communities created before they had deployed any of this infrastructure so we are kind of unique in that way.

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Hate speech

And let's be clear—there's a difference between controversial opinions and hate speech.

The admins were fine with this, though they refused to answer some questions we had about the lines between hate speech and genuinely-held opinions.

So how do they know there's a difference?

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I think it is the just-in-time system that we've operated under is completely breaking down. We had enough inertia to keep us going these past 2 years after lockdowns but the true effects are starting to show. It doesn't seem isolated to just trucking or transportation. There are so many recalls on food products out there not to mention the overall quality of things seems to be drastically down.

I think it is because a lot of these producers are rushing production in order to meet the pent up demand. They are cutting corners or just not caring about the quality any longer. I was replacing a part and talking to a guy at the local store and he had mentioned that even plastic parts are made of weaker material now. I'm not saying this is the only issue but it appears to be a major driving factor.

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