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My dad visited New Guinea in the 1970s. There were still cannibals in the highlands then. Heck, there were costal cannibals, who raided villages in boats.

There are probably still people who consume human flesh in the mountain highlands now, but only as part of funeral rituals or similar.

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I really enjoy the Superheros genre and have been playing it since highschool.

GURPS doesn't do Superheros very well, which is fine.

I jumped onboard with Wild Talents first edition and have really enjoyed it.

Godlike, for gritty, alternate history WWII with superpowers, is amazing. The One Roll Engine is really very quick.

It also works well in StarORE (ORE Star Wars) and Reign, which is fantastically scalable from a single character to a kingdom or an army.

It frustrated the heck out of me that people only want to play D&D. The system sucks and until milestones there was a single advancement mechanic. Combat.

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GURPS is great. I love it. It is the preverbal kitchen sink RPG ruleset.

GURPS Lite is on of my favorite lightweight rulesets. I like GURPS can do everything between rules light and super-complex just by picking how many of the rules you want to use.

I like EarthDawn for Fantasy / Horror. I enjoy Reign by Greg Stolze. Both of them are vastly superior to D&D.

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And all umpires are just on power trips. The sport (any of them) would be better without them, AM I RITE?!

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The issue is that D&D is not the sum total of TTRPG.

TTRPGs were one of the first casualties of the culture war. Many publishers and much of the industry fell to woke-tards.

It hasn't made any difference at all at the table level. TTRPG players are fantastically fractious and if the don't like something they just ignore it. Once they have their books they don't need anything else. They can (and frequently do) write entire settings and only use Rules Reference Documents, which are cheap as fuck or free.

I stopped playing D&D in 2003. There are so many better settings and systems. I'll talk about what and why if anyone cares.

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“An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.”

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Well, one thing I am sure of is that Mossad knows exactly how close the Iranians are to finishing the bomb. It is surely a part of the calculus as to when and how hard Israel retaliates.

The day you forget to point out my massive faggotry is the day you won't be allowed to come back

I love you too, bro. In a manly, not gay way. Like a brother. <3

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I agree. I don't think the Iranians want a shooting war. That said, the Iranians are striving, day and night, to finish a nuclear weapon specifically so that they can vaporize Tel Aviv. The Iranians are itching for any pretext at all to end Iran as a potential nuclear threat; Up to and including nuking the hardened facilities in which uranium is enriched.

I don't particularly dislike your cock-sucking ways, Tony. The day I can't point out your massive faggotry is the day I leave and don't come back.

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lol. Ultramarines.

Look, they operate under "don't ask; don't tell".

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They are fucking insane.

If Iran starts a war with Israel, then Israel will take out the Iranian nuclear enrichment program.

Doing that will be very, very hard with anything but A) Cooperation of the Iranians or B) a nuclear strike.

Israel has sworn to never let Iran get a nuclear weapon, and I can't say that they are wrong in that pledge.

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As in: "I worked hard so I deserve money!"?

You are correct, Labor must be part of a value-added step.

The idea that Labor was, in and of itself, valuable is just so divorced from reality as to have never occurred to me. The value-added step is valuable, and then only insofar as it adds value. This often requires physical work.

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I knew Patel was an Indian name, and there are Muslims in India. It just ... didn't make any sense.

I hope they make an example of, her. But they won't. Sentencing gap and all that.

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You have no chance to survive! Make your time!

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Sweet Eris. Why on earth would you start a shooting war with a nuclear power? How can that turn out well?

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Do you mean "Emotional Labor?"

Because Labor really does have value. People pay for it every day.

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It is nothing to do with the hardware. It is everything to do with the audience.

Before the console, PCs were an expensive tool used by professionals. Computer games propagated through white collar professionals and their nerd-spawn. There was an entire body of work on PCs only that were only available to hard-core hobbyists.

Text Based Adventure games, then Graphical Adventure Games, Flight Simulators and Space Fighter Simulators, Real Time Strategy Games.

Then consoles arrived. The console is a toy. It has a few buttons. Interactions are limited to a controller. You can't possibly program your own games. Console gamers can only sit down and consume the pre-packaged content.

X-Box players think that Halo was the first ever FPS. They run and gun through every game, skipping the dialog. They can't even type.

Entire genres of games disappear because for decades games are made for consoles and then ported to PCs.

Because console 'tards have no experience playing games, the have simple tastes. They don't get complex stories or game mechanics. They don't understand or care for rich game-play experiences.

For example the last three months of Bioshock development was spent ripping out story and simplifying gameplay so Console 'Tards would like it.

At the time of Fallout 3 the entire fucking world was declaring that stupid, insipid game to be one of the greatest games of all time. It made thousands of top ten lists. All of the 'tarded fan-boys were ranting about how stupid isometric turn based combat was, and how FPS was the way of the future.

I bet you never played a single session of any TTRPG before you played Fallout 3!

Decades later consoles are drying up. The 'Tard Tax for consoles isn't worth the exclusives you get.

The Console 'Tards are finally starting to get educated as to what a great story or good gameplay can bring to the artform.

Now you are whining and complaining about how these idiot children know nothing other than Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnight. About how Zoomers are vomiting stupid all over your beloved Mass Effect and GTA.

Enjoy. You fucking earned it.

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Whereas I don't want to be treated like a mouth-breathing moron by someone who honestly, genuinely thinks that their audience is too stupid to notice, and can not be bothered to write something better.

I could be one drink short of black-out drunk and write a better main plot on a napkin than this.

The concept of Fallout and Fallout 2 was to bring the experience of TableTop RPGs to a computer game. Fallout 3 was made for a Console 'Tard audience who was almost too stupid to breathe and certainly too stupid to read any dialog. As a result it made huge amounts of money.

Let me guess. The first time you played Fallout 3 was on an X-Box? That was your first experience with the Fallout franchise? Am I close?

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The plot for FO 3 is patent nonsense.

You can literally make a water filter out of logs and sand. Radioactive materials are either heavy as fuck (comparable to lead) or short-lived.

Forcing the main character to kill themselves was just stupid.

I guess you just didn't understand anything about radioactive particulates and you just didn't give a fuck?

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Wow. That was transformative. I can actually understand the point being made.

I am going to nominate you for the position of Lead 'Tard Translator.

The job comes with additional access to the second best time machine.

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Harry Harrison wrote other fantastic stuff.

  • Bill the Galactic Hero. Fantastic satire of the armed forces and more. It was a very excellent series of graphic novels too.

  • West of Eden. An alternate history where humanity evolved beside a race of reptiles who mastered genetic engineering while humans were still hunter-gatherers. A series of novels that have a satisfying ending.

  • Death World. A man winds up on the most hostile world in the galaxy attempting to help the hold-out colonists who are losing a war of attrition against the ecosystem.

IMNHO Harry Harrison is one of the greatest science fiction authors of all time, with a fantastic scope and variety of his work. West of Eden is truly a masterclass in world building SF, and remains gripping despite (mostly) being about cavemen and lizards.

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4chan was way more based.

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It isn't even that modern women are against male dominance! They hate being women. The modern, feminist, woman wants to be their conception of a man.

  • Women rebel against partnership and loyalty. They want to fuck anyone they like without consequences or children.

  • Women want to be financially independent and cast off any responsibility that comes with having a father or a husband providing for them.

Women work hard, but only in jobs that give them warm fuzzy feelings. Yes to light office work; No to specialist welder. Yes teacher; No to sanitation truck driver.

The behaviour of modern, feminist women is designed to minimise accountably and maximise their own gratification. It is exactly how they dream men behave, and they want that for themselves.

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