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It is worse than "bleeding money", they are down to a cash reserve of 10.2 Billion. That is enough to run Disney for a little over a month.

If there was a problem with their banking loans (injunction etc) then Disney would be literally bankrupt next month.

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Nah, mate.

Take your tongue on tour and eat in Australia.


You can leave out the pineapple if you want. I won't judge you. Beetroot is key to an authentic Aussie burger. It will flat-out change your life.

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Lets not downplay why we are mad.

The gaming press works for the Gamers. The Gamers pay their bills. In the past it used to be by literally buying their magazines, but now it is by providing them with a target for their advertising. It is because the gaming press has an audience that they can exist.

The gaming press used to be Gamers. They were passionate about games and got into the the job to write about something they love.

During GamerGate we, the Gamers, discovered that game writers were not gamers, they literally hated us, and they were conspiring to ruthlessly manipulate us in backroom email lists.

It isn't that games journalists were not talking about games (they had been doing crap reporting for years) or that they sold out; they had done that before, see the Dorito Pope or Advertising $ for game reviews.

No, it was that it was revealed to the audience that the gaming press hated our fucking guts. They saw controlling what we Gamers think as the way to gate-keep an entire multi-billion dollar industry and skim money off the top. They despised us for not being leftoids, and they despised us even more for being vital to their own job.

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The Swedish movie is good. Ove (appears) to hate everyone. A gay Middle-Eastern guy is brought round to his house by a friend. Gay dude has been kicked out of home and needs a place to stay.

The Swedish have been cool with gay people for more than 60 years. Ove won't turn his back on a young guy in a jam, even if they are very different.

It turns out that they both have more in common than they first thought. Ove apricates good cooking (his wife was a wonderful cook); Middle-Eastern guy has a family tradition of good food.

It wasn't a huge part of the movie. It was a turning point for Ove, the character, because he had to choose between being grumpy and hurting someone. Whatever Ove has done has never really hurt anyone. He is just angry to be without his wife, and he has pushed everyone away.

People should give the original Swedish movie a chance. It has a certain (low budget) charm as a character study. It is interesting to see this view of small town Swedish life.

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Changes going forward to new vehicles off the production line were really inexpensive.

The issue was to fix cars that had already been finished required a recall. The factory recall was to put in a piece of polycarbonate between the bolts and the fuel tank.

The recall would require hours of work by a mechanic per car to install the additional plastic plate. Ford made some (fairly accurate) predictions as to how many fatal crashes there would be, and decided to settle every case instead.

It was cold blooded mathematics and a PR disaster when the documents were inevitably leaked.

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Farm Worker: "Ah comrade inspector! You will be pleased! We have grown so many potatoes that if we put them into a pile they would reach the feet of god!"

Political Officer: "Comrade, watch your language! You know that we have cast off the shackles of religion! God is imaginary"

Farm Worker: "That is okay. So are the potatoes."

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So, like a good commie, he sends political dissidents to the gulag? As a result the structure of politics and morality is unchallenged?

I mean ... he is true to type.

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No, it is actually: "Immigrants do the jobs Americans won't pay for." Which is slightly different.

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Campaign finance would be my #1 pick. How many millions in literal bribes did the "Clinton Foundation" take?

Etc etc.

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Now correct for gender within the demographic.

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Johnny Cage is the ego that walks like a man.

He has technical skill and he works out hard. That shouldn't help much against literal superhuman soldiers or supernatural creatures who were born to fight.

Johnny's knows in himself that he is the best! "How could this cyborg killing machine beat me? I'm Johnny Cage!"

His ego is so huge, his attitude so bombastic that he has pushed himself past any kind of sane human limit!

I am not sure that relaxed, deadpan Karl Urban could pull that off.

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The release calendar for the year is kept up to date at sites like https://myanimelist.net/

It isn't that hard to keep up to date on the genre and quality of an expected release.

Everything worth watching gets fan subs.

I am not going to tell you how to enjoy your hobby, but it is not a huge effort to check the buzz and watch a show on a streaming site. It is about as hard as watching Netflix.

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It is gendercide.

FtM troons can stop the hormone therapy and still be fertile for the first ... five (?) years or so.

Lots of them detrans in that time. They are permanently changed, and probably will be unhappy forever, but they can still procreate.

Castration is forever.

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Even the women who are not feminists are benefiting from the changes brought about by those women that are feminists.

Feminism is the dominant political paradigm. Change my mind.

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Nope. But you are just missing out on the good stuff for years.

Most of the best Japanese Animation is released only in Japanese until it is clearly a hit; then the license is sold to another company for international distribution. Unless there the release is widely anticipated (following smash hit manga sales or a huge director) then there is a time lag of years. Some good stuff never even gets an English language release.

A real weeb wants the good stuff as soon as they can get it, and they want the original, funny jokes rather than the shitty translated jokes.

The standards of Japanese voice artists are very high, and a lot of that comes through as comic timing and excellent character voice.

You can watch all the dubs you want. You are waiting for Funimation (or whoever) to tell you what you should watch. You are just not a weeb.

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This type of show is made specifically to maximize re-watch potential. You keep getting more from every watching.

It is a high risk play, but it can pay off if they get it right.

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Decent church sermons are entertaining, relatable and relevant!

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It bears underlining: The American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution were in quick succession.

One of the reasons that France came to revolution is that the French royal court funded the American Revolution beyond sustainability, and then the country was hit with hard winters and terrible harvests.

Perhaps Louis XVI was in favor of the political experiment of the USA, or perhaps he and his wife saw events as a way to blacken the eye of the English, who were the dominant power of the sea. I don't know enough to say.

The French Revaluation may have been an opportunity for reform, but it quickly devolved into a grotesquery of bloodletting driven by philosophy that borders on the insane.

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The parallels are uncanny.

Step 1. Eat the Rich Step 2. Smash the State Step 3. ??? Step 4. Utopia

It turns out that Step 3 always seems to be "Centralize power and establish authoritarian rule of terror"; At which point Step 4 never seems to arrive.

But it doesn't stop useful idiots buying this simple 4 step plan and assuming Step 3 will just "work itself out".

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Taking a potassium supplement spares the kidneys the effort of reclaiming potassium from urine.

I switched to "Lite Salt" for this reason. it is a mixture of 50/50 KCl and NaCl. You can even get pure KCl. It is sold as "Salt Substitute". Morton makes some.

Not to say that Sodium Chloride is particularly bad, if your kidneys are fine, but there are benefits to adding more potassium to your diet.

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