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Hugo awards are already infested with that crap. No use in infesting your own shriveled up husk.

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Been playing Into the Radius VR. IMO it's the best VR game. It's like STALKER in VR.

Just finished watching Cobra Kai season 4. I enjoyed it, I thought they would lean into the feminism BS but they only played it out for a joke.

Book wise, I started Terry Pratchet's The light fantastic. Gotta read some Dune afterwards.

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Media is just printing money for Kyle at the point.

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From what I've read online, seems like they changed the game from an XCOM style game to Slay the Spire/FTL runs. A little disappointing since I loved the Hamlet and building different teams to send out. The relationship system seems kinda janky atm. I'll wait on it since its still in early access and EGS.

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Let's start by redistributing her wealth to all of us not in the bourgeoisie.

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DC has such great animated properties under their belt, I still don't understand how they fail to live up to them every single time.

It's because they gave Zack Snyder creative control.

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It's just interesting to see how the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

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Terese Nielsen was one of the best artists for MTG. I will go out of my way to get her art and make those sjws seeth. Lol

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Well leftist and antifa can never remember how to draw the damn thing when they false flag, so this makes sense. Dumbasses

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There's phone apps for Isaac that catalog all the items. Use em all the time when I play because I always forget item effects.

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Can't wait until they start a woke zodiac. This year is the year of the gays. Next year can be the year of the blacks.

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I'm about 150 chapters into "Kumo desu ga, nani ka?" WN. Started it earlier in the week after watching the anime. Loving it so far, might have to check up on LN after.

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Anime wise, been watching Reincarnated as a Slime and Yuru Camp season 2. Just finished up Cobra Kai, thought it was decent. They sometimes lean real hard on the nostalgia and there's some "woke" moments but are kinda played up as jokes.

Also been getting into older films as recent stuff has been garbage. Recently saw Lawrence of Arabia and the dollars trilogy. Great stuff!

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Been getting my ass handed to me in Escape from Tarkov. I'm fairly new to the game and there's a fairly step learning curve but there's nothing as exciting as extracting from a raid with tons of loot. Also been playing Dungeon Warfare on the side. Pretty simple but well done tower defence with good music to boot.

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Good lord, season 2 was full of stupid plot moments and just bad decisions all around. Don't forget Mando's plot armor is so strong.

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They'll take the exploit that let you suplex cultists as Ashley and make that the be default for her.

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