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The New York Post reported, "In particular, low income customers making less than $45,000 per year have largely stopped ordering from McDonald’s. Pummeled by inflation, they’re eating at home more frequently as grocery prices come down, [CEO Chris] Kempczinski admitted."

good, that shit is bad for your health.

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Well at least they left Node.js and Go alone. Now they are all into Rust...

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Most of these offers are simply fake, they aren't going to hire you, but legally they are mandated to post job offers. But they've already decided on minority X or LGBTQA y as their new hire. They are simply wasting your time and collecting data on you.

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2024? LOL... Dude, it's like you've just discovered reddit is a giant crossdressing brainwashing operation.

bardfinn comments on Important Update about Reddit Trust & Safety's Policy on Hate Speech towards LGBTQ people


reddit is evil, period.

Careful cause if you start talking about keffals here, this subforum is going to be spammed with scat porn in retaliation...

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Additionally, the anti-gaming establishment of progressive feminists on Resetera have applauded the new censorship additions.

Yeah I mean, I'm pretty sure there is not a single woman on resetera, it's crossdresser land...

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These bureaucraties, the UN, the EU, they always need to invent new stupid things to justify their existence, their salaries and grab more power. The soviet union worked the exact same way.

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And then these people call right winger or even mildly conservatives racists and sexist?

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No, I don't have to use a woke A.I. to begin with.

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That's a very good decision, the argument is that protestors were selectively prosecuted based on their political opinions which of course violates the constitution. Either you prosecute all violent protestors or none.

Just because you call your sorry a$$ movement aNtIFa doesn't mean you're not a fucking fascist. In fact the very core of the communist movement believes that political violence is a legitimate way to reach their goals, and communist movements have done terrorist acts in USA and Europe in the past (the weather underground, the red brigades, Action Directe in France who assassinated a CEO...), in fact that's what they call it "direct action". But hey "aNtIFa DoEsNt ExIsT, sIlLy!"

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Is it related to the whole Google Gemini debacle? Or just some glorified bloggers from Rolling Stone going "fishing"?

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indies are even woker than AAA studios, it's a cesspool of intersectionality.

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LOL they can feed one another with their woke bias.

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LOL, ouroboros. Some feminists also claim that white women raped by Muslims and minorities shouldn't go to the police because of power imbalance.

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There is not a single historical evidence of a "black viking". The people who claim otherwise aren't historians, or anthropologists, but then again, academia isn't what it used to be since ravaged by intersectionality. This is really 1984 in the making.

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create an image of the pope

"I’m still learning to create images so I can’t help you with that yet."

that's what I'm getting at gemini.google.com

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I mean, Disney is one of the biggest Youtube announcers. Of course there is a conflict of interest.

Remember when the act man did a video on Google's cult and he was banned from Youtube? Now he is completely cucked. "It's just pronouns guys" when talking about Starfield. You can never bite the hand that feeds you... and then expect it to feed you more like nothing happened...

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Your point about fat women's milk quality miss the entire point of why this shouln't even be permitted. A wrong and an evil doesn't make the evil less evil.

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edit: for those with poor reading comprehension, I'm saying fat slob woman milks is likely just as bad as tranny milk.

irrelevant. crossdressers shouldn't even be able or allowed "to chestfeed" at first place, because it's a fucking sex fetish for these retards. What's next? "babies should lick pedos dicks cause there is no harm in that"? That's exactly the same thing. These cross dressers who want to chestfeed are simply pedophiles.

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All that crazy shit just to pander to lunatics. How can you trust anything these orgs say after that?

An absurd premise will always lead to an absurd outcome, always.

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Demographics. In order for the global elite to continue enjoying their fake wealth, they need an army of slaves, white, red, yellow, they don't care. It's simply another form of Feudalism. Rich European people care not about race or culture, they would suck the Saudi's dicks in a heartbeat for a handful of euros...

Look at USA, Canada, Australia, being flooded with Migrants, the rich elite and their armies of tankies and feminists on reddit making sure they control the narrative simply wants to destroy the west.

I think a guy like Putin understands really well how corrupt these people are, that's why he is so sure of himself regarding his victory in Ukraine. Countries that can't even defend their borders from muslim migrant invasion are going to help defeat Russia in Ukraine? LOL...

Hopefully Europeans will wake up and do away with the EU, a bolchevik institution.

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