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For further proof of this, notice that the overwhelming majority of “gain” with the LGBT is Bisexuals. Which is as easy as saying you find a handful of same sex people attractive and then never actually doing anything.

(Note: I am not denying the existence of bisexuals. Just that it’s easy to fake).

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Its not just on this. I have noticed a lot of people who are becoming actually, unironically regressive on a great many issues. And I cant understand why, other than for some reason they seem to think that the momentum is on their side and people want some ultra-traditionalist society.

When in reality, most of the backlash to the Woke and the rise of Populism is related to "We just want the government, society, these retards who believe woke shit, ALL of them, to leave us alone!"

And if people listen to the other retards who are doing things like saying "Hey, we should use the momentum to do things like ban porn.", I hope they are prepared to lose that momentum. Because it aint going to fly.

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To be fair to Imp, TSLA stock is hilariously overvalued. One of the worst performing car companies in terms of sales and financials has some of the most valuable stock not just in automotive, but in the market, period? If you buy that, I have other bridge related real estate you may be interested in.

But only on the stock front. Say what you would have back when this was all kicking off, I think Musk is in too deep for this to just be a meme.

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Not super surprised. While them trying to question Johnny's original lawyer didnt get them a ton (because attorney-client privilege was invoked for damn near everything Amber's team asked), one of the few things they did get out of him was that, oh hell yes, he was absolutely talking to Youtubers for getting info to the public. And scuttlebutt is that a lot of the media people and Amber's lawyers were absolutely seething over that fact, because how very dare he go to anyone but journalist.

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"Millennium Challenge" war games scenario

While I agree with your overall point, I would just like to say that from what I understand, he was put on blast for a lot more than going rogue. We are talking stuff like boats carrying missiles bigger than them, the kamikazes exceeding their own buoyancy with how many explosives they were carrying, motorcycle messengers that would have to be moving at light speed to do what they were doing, the whole shebang.

But like I said, the general point you are making is a good one, and even if he achieved the results through copious amounts of bullshit, the results would indeed speak for themselves. Its also part of why I think Taiwan would be even more able to hold off an attack than Ukraine is (since it has a pretty extensive anti-ship missile network, with further backing from the Japanese).

In the end, it remains true: No matter how much we think we have changed history, the only true way to ensure peace and the survival of your nation is through superior firepower.

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I have had a very love/hate relationship with Netflix Originals. Some of my favorite movies and shows ever made were made by Netflix, and I generally enjoy their anime selection. But with how expensive they are getting, and with the drop in quality of a lot of their newer stuff, I absolutely cant justify my own subscription and so I just use the one my family shares. At least for the few times I still watch it.

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At least based on how Legal Mindset made it sound, it is up to the legislature since it was their act that created it in the first place. And considering there is case law concerning outstanding debts of disbanded Special Districts, I would imagine these districts have been disbanded before even if the person who indirectly owned them didnt want them to be.

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Incidentally, its the same issue a lot of the Queer Trans types have. A normal trans-person (or at least the ones I know) just want to live their life the way they always have, they just happen to identify and present as the opposite gender now. Queer Trans only come in two types. One takes on a form that makes them seem like a mentally deranged demon (these are usually the ones claiming to be some form of "non-binary"), or they take on what is honestly a very stereotypical and arguably sexist view of the other gender. Like all of the Queer Trans-women who claim that a woman "is a hot, slutty bimbo who has sex all day."

And that sound you hear is Douglas Murray preaching the final solution to the Queer question.

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You would think it would get boring but it's hilarious and a credit to Manga as a whole.

Its because it deals with the topic in a way that you would never get with modern Comic writers: He has become so unbelievably powerful, his biggest concern is not being bored. On top of actually keeping to his convictions to remain a hero.

A Western Comic Pro would never even consider such an issue. After all, they have power, isnt that enough?

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Yep. Its the same reason that a bag clearly labeled "Peanuts" will still have a warning on it saying "contains Peanuts". And now, there are starting to be issues of people who assume cruise control means the car will drive itself. And when they crash "then why is it called 'control'?!"

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It was put this way by YaBoiZach, but its an entirely true statement with everything we have known or seen: "SJW's are afraid that Musk and the Right will use Twitter the same way they used Twitter."

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And while I see people doing conspiracy theories about food processing plant fires, I dont see anyone talking about the much more common and violent grain elevator explosions. Because as it turns out, grain dust is extremely flammable/explosive, even if you follow every rule.

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The only stocks I would invest in are the ones I'd be shorting.

Fair point. Would probably also be wise to short entertainment companies as well. They are so deep into the hole with wokeness that even as they have officially started collapsing, they cant dig their way back out because no one trust them. And they need money to make quality content people actually want. Money they burned trying to get asspats on Twitter.

In a move I actually didnt see coming, it looks like freaking Warner Bros might actually end up being the survivor in all of this. Because their new CEO (David Zaslav) is a shark who only cares about if you can make him money, and has literally no fucks to give about what anyone thinks about him. So he has fired a lot of the woke "untouchables" in the company that were losing him money, and it was apparently on his orders that CNN+ was yeeted into the sun.

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Well, I was going to start investing in stocks, but its starting to sound like it would be wise to pause and put a pin in that. Then do the wise and sensible thing of buying the dip to gain my leg up.

Now with that said, I stand by my belief that this is an issue that will not effect the entire country in the same way.

You speak of entire neighborhoods being abandoned in the aftermath of the last crash? Never happened to that extent around here. In fact, entire subdivisions are under construction, and its all new homes as the local population grew at a steady, natural rate.

Inflation? Gas and electronics are way up, but basic goods are the same they have always been, and food is holding steady.

If the lockdowns were supposed to kill small business, then that backfired. Because the places I know about that closed locally were actually some chain stores or places that were already known to be on their last legs (like the restaurant owner who had been wanting to retire for years). Not only did all of the other small, local businesses survive, they thrived so much many of them willingly closed for months later to do renovations.

And far from laying people off, local businesses are still hurting bad for more labor. Which is causing wages to go up to help draw in talent, and its still a workers market when it comes to setting your terms and choosing your job (although I realize that is not necessarily a good thing).

Hell, its a bit perverse, but all of this instability in agricultural markets has actually helped us. You have no idea how many grain trucks and livestock haulers I have seen running around. I have seen literal lines of trucks waiting to unload at the elevators. And the railroad has been staging grain cars nearby getting ready for the surge.

So I imagine those of us out in the heartland will do what we have always done: weather the storm beaten, battered, and bruised, but yet again unmoved. And if even we fail? That is when you have to start panicking, because it means shit has well and truly hit the fan.

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That a fact? Is that why Texas went more red in recent elections, and a lot of formerly Dem territory flipped? Or why the current stats say that Texas is going to be going even more Red this coming election?

Either way, I am sure those stats that came out that the people moving to Texas are more conservative than those who were born in Texas are just lies or something.

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Probably because of Christianity’s stance on homosexuality

But that is the thing about it: that stance is basically only practiced at large by the older Christians. You still have younger people who practice it, but they are FAR less numerous than they used to be, and most people in my age range (28) range from an agnostic view on the subject to not seeing anything wrong with being LGBT, just how you act if you are (IE: If you are slutting it up and sleeping around with 10 people at once? Bad, sinful. If you are in a loving, monogamous relationship where you devote yourself to your spouse and live your life as upstanding as possible? Good, righteous.)

Much like on the political front, there are a lot of people still stuck believing its the 1990's in terms of who believes what and they are using this woefully outdated view on things to influence their other beliefs. Then are confused when things dont meet those views.

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No bro, you dont understand bro! The demand for manga is so high, that it will sell out, and since people still want comics they will just buy the American ones! So that is how it helps us in the comic industry bro!

(this is not a meme, one of the comic writers actually argued this)

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Daily reminder that a single manga sold more than the entire US Comic market (Marvel, DC, Indie) put together. And that this is used by some comics authors to show that there is insane demand for comics. In other news, comic makers driving up prices due to overuse of copium reserves.

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Cant think of anything older at the moment, but I got a newer one I like that is extremely well done called Eighty Six: 86. The premise is that a government built AI-controlled warbots to put down civilian uprisings, but the machines refused to stand down when ordered and are now attacking every human. The government then sends in the 86, who are offered citizenship in the government if they survive a tour of duty. But the government is racist against the 86, official they dont exist and no one has died fighting the warbots (called Legion). And its known that the final mission every 86 is sent on is a suicide mission, so that the government never has to uphold its deal.

The actual story follows Spearhead Squadron, which is made up of veteran 86 who are some of the most experienced, but have a reputation for driving their military handlers crazy (even suicidal) because they refuse to play along with the government line. Also, the little scorpion-like tanks they use (called Juggernaughts) are pretty badass looking.

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Got anything specific you are looking for? Because I have been on an anime bend recently, but its a lot of newer stuff. On Tubi specifically though, if you have never seen it, I recommend Redline. Its one of my favorite anime movies ever, and I have been trying to find a DVD of it for a while now.

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While physical is obviously the superior way, Tubi is probably good for streaming. For the simple reason that they have a lot of classic anime (a lot of it stuff that has never been streamed before), and its free. So if they do start pulling shit like that, its quite easy to drop them.

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Black cops become racist against blacks because of what they see on the job.

Funny story. I know a black cop who unironically believes the Chris Rock "Black People vs. Niggaz" skit, because that is his entire life.

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I have a very strange relationship overall with Borderlands. I actually thought OG Borderlands was the forgettable one. I still remember the personalities and a lot of the side characters who would become big names in the series, but honestly? I literally couldnt tell you what the story was. Everything between the start and the fight with The Vault is a blur.

Meanwhile, Borderlands 2 is still one of my favorite games, Jack is one of my favorite villains, and I can give an beat by beat synopsis of the general plot.

The Pre-sequel was something that I also just kind of stumbled through, but I still did enjoy seeing more of Jack before he went crazy, so there is that.

Borderlands 3 I had a weird love/hate relationship with. I loved the player characters (especially Zane and Moze), I enjoyed most of the side characters, and I liked the gameplay more than the previous games......but any time the actual story came up the Twins reminded me how much I wanted to just ignore it all, and I wanted to yeet Ava from an airlock.

But that was the last Borderlands for me, because nothing about Tinas game really caught my attention. And now that its actually out, sounds like I am not the only one. What a shame how the mighty have fallen.

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At the same time, I think there is something to be said that the elite continue to make the same mistake they always have on almost every topic: They assume they are the only one who gets to make a move.

Because at the same time that they have been locking everything down and being despotic to try and force their own agenda, the US is actually undergoing pretty significant reshoring and reindustrialization. Mostly because while the ultra-massive multinationals (think Walmart, Apple, etc) try to stay in China, most of the smaller multinationals are coming back because they are fed up with shipping cost, and new industries area also starting up. A lot of it stuff that is actually important to modern society (rare-earth metals, semiconductors, etc).

And this is beyond anything with the Feds or the Elite. Its being done by local governments and other businessmen. Texas is poaching industry from other US states (especially California), Arizona is using its wide open spaces for drawing in factories that must be large scale by their nature, Alabama is building a shipyard in Mobile to compete with Newport News, and S. Carolina has actually been bringing in a ton of foreign investment for factories. And so far, all of these states have been more than willing to tell the Feds to get fucked if they complain.

So unless the Elite have a better plan, the US just might resist their attempts to kill it, yet again.

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