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Popular Asian saying (heard been said in Korean, Japanese, Thai, viet) basically used when the girl does something embarrassing or unlady like.

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Yes, police even reported looking for a white male

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So Russians are eating meals over dead bodies and not handing then out like every nation ever in modern history for hungry populace.

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Lots of the bodies got boxes of Russian aid next to them (green blueish boxes with a large star outline on top)

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Kinda wish then we can find it early and abort the kid if they have the gay genes.

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All this destruction to simp over a still living Jacob Blake.

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So those that pushed the 100% -70% effectiveness should be arrested? Or those that lied that the vaxinated can't spread covid?

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This has to be satire... right....

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why did she shoot through the wall instead of the window?

She had a rifle, she is most likely a smaller due to being female, panic. She just shot torward the direction. Isn't as easy to shoot a gun compare to a video game. Shit seen new female shooters struggle to get on target shots that are 7 feet away.

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She shot through her own wall. Didn't know she hit him or not so of course she shot multiple times. 🙄

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