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And the girls living in majority Muslim neighborhoods?

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It is a global collapse, isn't it? White people all over the world suddenly found themselves stateless and presucuted in their own lands. All over the world. I always have said that this would happen but I assumed it would take at least until Whites were a minority... But it came much faster.

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I envy so much the British... They were right about leaving this madness.

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No. I like Unherd, I want it to have views.

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the colorblind ceasefire of the 90s

But it was a one-way ceasefire, a White one. The other ethnicities never bought it, they just play along... Until this days, the zero year 2020, arrived.

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Another White feminist. I am starting to see a pattern here...

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Sabotage your company. But continue to study, improve and grow. Just don't give your best to the company where you are. We have huge economic power but we can't continue to help and contribute to the system. We have to sabotage it from the inside.

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"Scientific"... lol. Another great institution ruined by a White woman. White Feminism is eating the world. National Geographic is another one...

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They will start censoring content...

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This is a Black world, with a Black future.

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Black Nationalism is a global force to be reckon with. And he owns everything he has to a White created circus-sport.

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It is pretty multiracial and the android couple is interracial with the classic black man and white woman. The man is pretty much useless and a very good guy and the woman is an all powerful genocidal witch. So I guess it does push all the right buttons of the woke mind.

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I hope many shows will follow Joe Rogan and go to Spotify. I rarely go to YouTube anymore.

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During the 60's, the US (and Europe) were still 90% White and shared the same core civilization. The 60's race riots were impressive but unimportant in the grand scale of things. The majority population could have smashed them like China does with their minorities. Now we are much, much worse: demographic minority in many cities and religions in the West, under attack and vilified by the media, entertainment and colleges, losing our own capability of controlling the education of the next kids... We are in a very peril situation, in an existential crisis.

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Many White Zimbabweans do love Zimbabwe and the land. It is a question of "blinded by love" I guess.

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Richard Brody was a vocal critique of the Joker because it showed a white man in a bad situation and white men are evil and don't have problems. This is the level we are talking about.

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Be careful with the IQ analysis if you apply the US race categorization. I live in a city with hundreds of thousands of Africans that have come from literally all Africa. And you can see huge differences between them in educational achievement. Don't put them all in a "black" label. The US is a terrible influence in the world.

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The institutions will eventually be occupied by someone. This globalist utopia won't last. The Grammys were occupied by Black and Latino America, I guess the Oscars will be the same.

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