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Sometimes it gets it right.

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The US "owners" unfortunately are having exactly what they want: billions of the US citizens taxpayer money going to shady arms deals with absolutely no oversight.

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Bonus tip: go to minute 27 and learn how to respond to "you are White" provocations.

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More quickly and easily the US could be "decolonized" into 3 or 4 nations.

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He\She seems really sick. Someone call the 112 please.

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I remember watching a recent Ben Stiller movie where he is in a bar with an Indian girl and she says "you are just a privileged white man" and he reflects, reflects, reflects... And the guy wrote, produced and directed the movie, in order to be insulted in it! My point is... nevermind.

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She thinks that talking this way the populace will vote for her when she applies to be the President. Depressing.

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And he is completely right. Not just because of the Ukraine War but also because of the Pfizer vaccines and how they were forced upon the European population.

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This is what a pushback looks like. Hope that more cases like this will follow in the next years, but it takes true courage to do this. This men and women have my respect for this.

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Lots of anti-White aggressive racism coming out of Canada this last couple of months... Is it something about to happen?

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The UK is under total control by the USA, it is not surprising this decision.

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This sanitary emergency will never end. Every year they will find a new virus and the circus just starts all over again.

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The EU is nowadays a mere indigenous "local chief" that manages Europe in the name of the US.

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At least he capitalized the W.

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Probably the British society before the WWI.

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Russia is not an European country, but an Eurasian one.

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The US taxpayers maybe will gain another Puerto Rico or Israel to pay for.

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Oh man, if you White and Male get out of there the sooner and the faster you can. This is vile Racism in its purest form.

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The US is pumping oil and gas to Europe so that it can sustain itself without Russian fossil fuels so I am not surprise the prices are going up in the US.

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I am not an US citizen but I feel sad for all the US soldiers slaughtered at Iraq and Afghanistan. This is messed up but unavoidable unfortunately.

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Another episode that didn't happen.

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