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What we've seen in Europe - is after every muslim terrorist attack there is a great push by woke/communists/ideologues in the police etc to ARREST innocent white people (to make it look like terrorism isn't a muslim problem)

So they arrest innocent white people for 'comments on twitter' or 'posts on facebook' with trumped up charges etc which lead to them being able to say 'look terrorism isn't just a muslim immigrant problem'

You can see how they railroaded Jan 6th 'unguided tourists' defendants in a similar political witchunt -


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Remember - reddit was taken over by NATO security spooks : "Jesicca Ashooh" etc.

Immediately she banned and then took down the_donald for being "unmoderated" and having "threats against cops" (subreddits like bad_cop_no_donut regularly have thousands of threats against cops and are left alone)

The great reset corporate leaders obviously felt threatened by the united front of antiwork and decided to destroy it by making the working class fight among themselves?

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The UK needs to shift the army to removing rapefugee illegal immigrants.

But there is a dedicated effort from the media to cuck the public.

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I heard that the mods of r/unitedkingdom are allegedly ISIS sympathizers

Maybe r/unitedkingdom is a policed with a soft touch like all the other approved subreddits (eg - badcopnodonut is constantly calling for the murder of police officers)

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The website 'reveddit' is currently the best way to see the bias of the mods in action:

'comments restricted++' - means only pre-approved and pro-islamic comments will be allowed.

Comments suggesting "it may be the irish" is suspiciously allowed!

Comments suggesting "it is clearly an islamic terrorist attack" is clearly a cause for a banning.

"Now is not the time to be angry or speculate" - definitely allowed

"Maybe we should stop allowing mass muslim migration" - definitely banned

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Hyperinflation confirmed

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Very insightful. What is TPTB?

So you don't think MS has guilt, but are doing it for other reasons.

It feels to me that the ultra wealthy billionaires at microsoft can see they are vulnerable to legitimate resentment and grievances from the middle class - so they protect themselves by diverting focus onto what I would call "imaginary grievances".

Because, like you say, the middle class (or even poor whites) will end up paying the price for all these apologies. (which I speculate are a form of IOU, but not one that MS will pay - one that they want 'other people' to pay)

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The fed says "inflation is transitory" in the same way that men say "just the tip"

What it really means - you'll be bent over and fucked hard at some time in the next 30 minutes.

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I think reddit is an example of a common failure route for social media :

1 - it starts out embracing free speech

2 - smart people flock to it

3 - politicians and feminists recognize that people are discussing unapproved items on it

4 - it is heavily censored to the point of being useless

5 - people leave to alternative sites

The alternative sites are not guaranteed to have permanently solved 3&4. The only rights we have as a society are the ones we have fought for. I want to encourage people to spot when their social media site is failing so we can stop it somehow...

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She seems to have completely forgotten that Africans had a massive slave industry owning other Africans for millennia.

And in the US's case - the first slave in the US was owned by a black man. We know this because he challenged in court to change the law to keep the guy enslaved.

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As expected - almost none of them pay him anything. They just make up some excuse about how they want to tax rich people to pay him

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The BBC is one of the most Marxist organizations on planet earth - it hires more journalists carrying out propaganda than any other.

It has been wrong on everything - from Covington kids to Lab leak - and has been instrumental in doubling down and hiding contravening evidence.

Truly an evil organization.

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The same playbook we saw in the US - after 2 years of riots and buildings destroyed by the violent left....

They JUMPED on the opportunity to imprison grandmothers who were invited into the capitol.

They want to pretend the problem is right wing extremists.

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There are even countries where trans women are sent to women's prisons - soon we will see the first 'all female' prison pregnancy

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These 'rules' are made up by purple haired gender studies students to punish conservatives.

reddit has death threats against cops on the front page - but one threat in one comment on The_Donald and they used it as an excuse to deplatform half of the US electorate.

More rules = less justice

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Their selfishness is probably worse :

Reality - they are a morbidly obese lesbian BBC journalist - so they HAVE some risks from covid (because they can't put down the fucking twinkies)

In their mind - because of covid - they are destined to die alone without a child and are taking revenge on young and healthy men with ZERO risk from covid.

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Remember - communist controlled Reddit allows and encourages anti-white racism.

All other racism is banned.

Same with the SPLC - they stopped monitoring anti white hate groups (despite the fact that black on white crimes are the most prevalent in society)

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