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I remember during the BLM riots some 'protesters' were attacking dogs saying 'only white people like dogs'

Seems canadian officials are made of the same poison

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If she is real


Mikhala's reaction is priceless - "your hamburger comes with a dose of misogeny".

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This is her full speech.


I wonder how she managed to conclude all this...

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Here's her full ramblings at the oxford university youtube channel :


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So the ADL is downplaying the murder of thousands by Idi Amin because 'he was black' and 'not capable of racism because of his skin color'

Sounds like the ADL has been taken over by black racists?

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I thought the NY Post was pretty based compared to NY Times - really disappointing to see them victim blaming like this regarding meat loaf.

They got taken off twitter for 2 weeks for standing up to the big tech censorship regarding Hunter Biden's alleged Pedophilia and Drug abuse videos?

But anybody who doesn't blame the Chinese government for the virus is a fucking retard at this point -

China hid the virus from the WHO - it was only a scientist who was arrested who leaked the genome

China took down their database

China blocked internal flights and forced everybody to fly internationally - a masterstroke in biological warfare that crippled overseas countries while escaping it themselves

The lab in question was working on gain of function research.

But somehow it is LESS RACIST to say Chinese people have poor food hygeine standards so this shit comes from their food?

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The Koran is right about women :

To avoid women inventing false allegations it requires 4 male witnesses before a woman is allowed to allege sexual assault.

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What we've seen in Europe - is after every muslim terrorist attack there is a great push by woke/communists/ideologues in the police etc to ARREST innocent white people (to make it look like terrorism isn't a muslim problem)

So they arrest innocent white people for 'comments on twitter' or 'posts on facebook' with trumped up charges etc which lead to them being able to say 'look terrorism isn't just a muslim immigrant problem'

You can see how they railroaded Jan 6th 'unguided tourists' defendants in a similar political witchunt -


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Remember - reddit was taken over by NATO security spooks : "Jesicca Ashooh" etc.

Immediately she banned and then took down the_donald for being "unmoderated" and having "threats against cops" (subreddits like bad_cop_no_donut regularly have thousands of threats against cops and are left alone)

The great reset corporate leaders obviously felt threatened by the united front of antiwork and decided to destroy it by making the working class fight among themselves?

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The UK needs to shift the army to removing rapefugee illegal immigrants.

But there is a dedicated effort from the media to cuck the public.

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I heard that the mods of r/unitedkingdom are allegedly ISIS sympathizers

Maybe r/unitedkingdom is a policed with a soft touch like all the other approved subreddits (eg - badcopnodonut is constantly calling for the murder of police officers)

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