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It was good, but 'nobody' wanted to produce quality content (books, music, paintings etc) except a few of us. Or even writing longer comments, not just a few sentences in politics etc.

By the way, just heard that r/SocialJusticeInAction/ was banned ("This community was banned for violating Reddit’s rule against promoting hate."), so hopefully many of them will join us here

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"or didn't watch in the first place"

That's the way.

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Butthurst's filmography speaks for itself, so you should be very worried.

Anyway, there's a saying: We will always have the books.

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Austen is a very good writer.

it would be a stretch to call TM a writer.

(Erasing our history Part Umpteenth.)

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On the other hand [2021]:

Swedes have learned since 2015 that even the most benevolent state has its limits. In recent years, the country has suffered from soaring crime rates. According to a report by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, over the last 20 years, Sweden has gone from having one of the lowest to one of the highest levels of gun violence in Europe—worse than Italy or eastern Europe. “The increase in gun homicide in Sweden is closely linked to criminal milieux in socially disadvantaged areas,” the report said. Gangs—whose members are second-generation immigrants, many from Somalia, Eritrea, Morocco, and elsewhere in North Africa—specialize in drug trafficking and the use of explosives. Crime has become the number one issue in Sweden; before she said a word about migration, Andersson boasted that her party added 7,000 new police officers, built more prisons, and drafted laws creating 30 new crimes. She decried “those who claim that it is certain cultures, certain languages, certain religions that make people more likely to commit crimes”—yet her own government has substantiated those claims.

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Translation: Sweden doesn't want to accept white people.

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Sanderson's fan fictions have nothing to do with WOT. That means 11 + 1 books written by Robert Jordan.

And most of them are quite short.

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No, this is from OUP's website.

(Paperback; This item is not yet published, but may be pre-ordered now for delivery when available. Published: 26 May 2022 (Estimated))

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They will claim that Tolkien was a black, homosexual transwhatever.

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There are only 11 books (+ NS). Trust me.

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"I'm only about 70% through book 6, which isn't even halfway through the series yet"

There are only 11 books (+ NS).

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I did not watch it (not even one episode), but there are no rules anymore: 3 women destroy every enemy, and the show totally destroyed the plot, the lore, everything. It's not even 'WOT in name only'.

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It's a basic old english farming village:

'Perrin blushed very red'

'Mat and Perrin, with their faces white'

'Mat's face paled', 'Mat's face reddened'

'Startled, he [Perrin] stared at her, then at his own bare chest. It was a mass of color, the newer, purple blotches overlaying older ones faded into shades of brown and yellow. The purple splotches faded to brown, and the brown and yellow paled, some disappearing altogether.'

'Cenn's face went red as a beet'

Egwene's cheeks turning pink'

'Egwene had been getting a good bit of sun; she really could have passed for Aiel except for her dark eyes.'

'[Egwene's] face went as white as snow'

'to hide her [Egwene's] crimson face'

'Nynaeve said in a stiff voice. The red still colored her face.'

'Nynaeve’s deep brown eyes stared through her. Her knuckles were white on a thick braid as dark as Birgitte’s was golden, and her face had gone beyond pale to a faint green.'

'Nynaeve's face went white.'

'Slowly Nynaeve’s face turned purple'

'Nynaeve’s face flashed pure scarlet'

'Nynaeve's face had gone white'

'Nynaeve's face was a white mask of determination'

'Nynaeve's face paled for a moment'

'Nynaeve's face went white'

'That insufferable smile slid greasily off Nynaeve's face, replaced by bright spots of color in her cheeks.'

'Nynaeve went pale'

'For some reason, Elisa's [Egwene's sister] face turned bright red. Very bright red.'

'Now, except for her [Egwene's] big dark eyes, she could almost have passed as an Aiel woman, and not only for her tanned face and hands.'

'He snatched up his shirt and coat, suddenly feeling the cool. “I’m going away, Egwene.”


“Somewhere. I don’t know.” He did not want to meet her eyes, but he could not stop looking at her. She wore red wildroses twined in her hair, flowing about her shoulders. She held her cloak close, dark blue and embroidered along the edge with a thin line of white flowers in the Shienaran fashion, and the blossoms made a line straight up to her face. They were no paler than her cheeks; her eyes seemed so large and dark'

'Two of the fellows could have been from Andor or Murandy or even the Two Rivers, but the third had eyes tilted like a Saldaean’s, and his skin was the color of honey.'

'The clerk who was coughing, a smooth-faced fellow younger than Perrin who, by his face, might have come from the Two Rivers, began hacking more roughly, and covered his mouth with a hand. He cleared his throat loudly, but the harsh cough returned. ...

What remained of the fellow was a pale flat thing inside his clothes, like a wineskin that had been emptied.'

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As far as I know (and read), even the most ardent show defenders went mad after watching the last episode, so if Amazon will give permission to make another season (a third one), numbers of S2 will be very low.

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The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights has ruled that a transgender woman was discriminated against when she was banned from accessing the female changing rooms at an unnamed fitness centre.

The centre said it did not want other women and girls to be confronted by the transgender woman’s male sexual organs while in the changing rooms and had asked her to use the men’s locker area, the women’s toilets or the staff changing area instead.

The transgender woman, who had not undergone a sex change operation, refused and complained to the human rights institute. The institute said in its ruling that in Dutch law ‘a sex-change operation is not (no longer) necessary to be recognised in the opposite sex’. This means, the institute said, ‘you cannot make a distinction between ciswomen (a woman who was born with the gender characteristics of a woman and who also feels feminine) and a transgender woman, or grant one more rights than the other. They are both part of the same category: woman.’

The Netherlands introduced new legislation in 2014 to make it possible for transgender people to register that they are officially changing sex without having to undergo tough medical procedures, including sterilisation. The human rights institute has an advisory role and its findings are not binding.

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