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dey lil swimbitch

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Welp, I guess they just materialize out of nowhere in schoolboards, local government etc. Everything is fine and then one day POOF, everything's filled with leftists.

Of course, my mistake, I should've known.

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That's why the left wins. I even said "as far as possible" yet the first thing you do is complain.

Meanwhile some leftoid fuck gets up and dedicates the next 18 hours exclusively to ruining your life.

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Grow your own food as far as possible. Buy from local shops. Stop drinking, smoking and all that garbage. Stop consooming in general. Get into local politics, schoolboards etc and be the change you want to see.

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The UK population isn't bigger than France.

The UK population + millions of imported sand niggers and pajeets is bigger than France.

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of course not, the most resistance these people have ever encountered is the soy topping being out in their local starbucks.

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men are not sexualised in the same way

"This is He-Man".

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And you're intimately familiar with Adolf's genitalia... why?

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it really goes to show just how oblivious even the average "tech using" person is to the woke mafia.

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Don't worry, the state isn't going to let their propaganda apparatus self-destruct.

At least not entirely.

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keep loading your rounds backwards, weissbiers.

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Because reddit mods can leave reddit, but the reddit will never leave the mod.

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You could deliver a dump truck full of gold bars to each and every one of these retards and they'd still vote Dem because "dey wypipo be wayciss".

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