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Barbarians looking to pillage don't like it when the city gates are closed.

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it hurts the feelings of all the right people, so there's absolutely no reason not to use it on every occasion.

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What did you expect from an euro who eats dried foreskin for breakfast.

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died like they lived... being a bitch.

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well he's an Enlightened European TM who chews dried foreskin for breakfast, why are you surprised.

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More proof that people are retarded. Although I think this is also media bias/spin. They're not gaining much, and who can say what specific issues led to that.

I just looked it up - Switzerland has close to a dozen parties in their version of congress.

Eco voters are hard lefties. If they're abandoning the green party, they're probably flocking to what ever party is most similar to it, possibly slightly to the right. That appears to be this "Social Democrats (SP)" party.

If that's how it went across the entire population, you'd expect the most left-wing party to lose, everything in-between to stay more or less the same (they're losing members to the right, but gain from the left for a ~ net-zero tally) and the most right-wing party to gain.

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pretentious cunts order men to go fix the mess they've made while they sip another chai latte in their climatized office and complain about how evil all men are.

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fuck that, I'm getting the whole crab gang to dance on that grave.

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Western women: these pictures are too sexualized and objectify women.

Also western women: wanna see me stretch my butthole for 4.99?

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