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We all knew this. Small indie studios are the only good ones left. And as soon as they make a successful game they get bought out and destroyed by leftists and their ((investors))

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I ride a bike. Is a bike cuck someone who let's others take his bike?

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I think it's hard to judge without more details. Some dads are out of line. Sometimes it's the mothers who don't work and don't parent.

Either way our society is fucked because men = bad and women = good despite knowing the situation.

Men seem to be the ones who are even trying to acknowledge nuance.

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Nation fighting for freedom? If that's what you wanna believe lol

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Use your own money then to send to Ukraine for guns. I don't want blood on my hands cause you want to play world police again.

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The problem is these people don't run just israel, they run the USA and every major bank as well.

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It does matter. The issue is you still want to somehow gain control of the whole system and right the entire ship. At this point we are on a life boat and shoring it up for the voyage upcoming, so as long as we get this boat ready, and fill it with steadfast and ready people, we don't need to worry ourselves about the people sitting up on the top deck drinking cocktails and laughing at us while their ship is going down.

Forget the system. But embrace the few who are coming to our lifeboat. Noah didn't take everyone on his ark, many are already lost. Don't let their loss demoralize you from saving yourself and the good souls around you. Don't look back at Sodom and Gomorrah. Keep walking forward.

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It's funny because the more these laws are passed more people wake up. Those that don't are lost anyway. We are interested in attracting the ones that are pissed when the government tells them to transition their kid.

I'm past caring. My kid won't be subject to these things as long as I'm alive.

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Hey look you're falling into their talking points. It's a white man's world. White privilege? Damn straight I got it. I'm more intelligent and more attractive than blacks and bugs. Own your privilege. It's a mark of how amazing your ancestors were. We don't pretend that the horses that win the Kentucky derby are on the same level as donkeys, do we?

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Lemme take a fat shit while you wear your mask and let's see if you can smell it. If so that means your mask isn't blocking my shit particles.

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