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r/USMC (when I still hung out there) had a good amount of vocal opponents to the bullshit, and there were a lot of supporters of guys like Lt.Col. Sheller during the Fall of Afghanistan. But as with a lot of the sub, the mods deleted posts with opposing viewpoints and the real discussions were shoved down to the bottom.

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Fair, but that's why I pirate all my music and movies. Never have to worry about network strength if you don't stream.

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Odyssey offers a browser extension that adds a 'watch on Odyssey' button to YT videos who have synced their uploads to both platforms, resub at the same time

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Basically all the big names, especially Forgotten Weapons/InRange, T.Rex Arms, and Hop. Other than maybe Demo Ranch because he seems to rarely advertise and he's more entertainment with guns than a gun channel.

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And the plug in to auto sync all crossover accounts from YT is pretty slick

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Prepare for mass gaslighting by the media about how testing is inaccurate now to either downplay or play up case numbers as it suits them

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They're pushing vaxx passports, lockdowns, restrictions, and all that other shit again despite the mild status. I'm just waiting for that pivot like they did with Delta.

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Doing some napkin math, Dollar Tree is raising prices from $1 to $1.25, and Kellogs is raising all prices by 20%. Factoring in 6.8% inflation rate and a 9.6% wholesale price increase, real inflation, I'd estimate, is probably around 14-17%. And that's just for right now, it'll probably get worse.

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Well, I guess we know who would betray us to the machines to go back into The Maxtrix then.

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Maybe they're about to be slapped with a big CP investigation?

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Given the left's habit of grifting, what are the odds they set fire to their own building to collect the insurance money after their donations started drying up and ran a gofundme to get even more?

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It really does sound like a final warning type of threat doesn't it?

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I've been mulling that over as all this has been going on, and I wonder if it's more of an island mentality.

I only have Hawaii to compare with here in the states, and while they are far less, let's say draconian, than Aus, NZ and the others, all of them have similar tactics to approaching this situation. That being lock everything down until it burns out on the island. But the folly is thinking that you can ever have external travel or trade again because they'll just reintroduce it.

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We need to be brave enough to tell new movers from blue areas that the reason you came here is because we don't vote or do the shit they do in blue states. So leave all that stuff behind or it'll ruin this place too.

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We're living in an era of McCarthyism, or I suppose reverse McCarthyism.

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Starting to?

The problem is that the city will continue to decline, those with money or brains will flee, the brainwashed die hards will continue to vote for the same idiots that destroyed it, and it'll shamble on, never quite dying, but also never recovering. I.e. Detroit.

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I mean I figured there were rules like "Don't fuck around on Melrose, Beverly Hills, or the Unis because that'll bring too much heat. But turf wars between the cartels and black gangs are good to go" But you're right, even those unwritten rules seem to be gone.

This feels like a slow motion 92 Riots, or Demolition Man if you prefer, situation.

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