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Clown world through a recent lens, yes, but if you think of it in terms of the past decades, it's about on par.

  • Starbucks customer base being more progressive and liberal types who are into alternative health, bodily autonomy, etc. Makes sense that they'd be less inclined to take some unproven vax.

  • Carhartt providing working gear for the working class, which are people who were once actively sought after and cared for by the mainstream and most institutions. Trust the system, trust the vax.

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All expensive art is just money laundering or tax evasion.

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In November 2020, the Australian Government agreed to buy 10 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Read the Minister for Health’s November 2020 statement on the Pfizer vaccine agreement.

In February 2021, Australia ordered an extra 10 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Read the Minister for Health’s February 2021 statement.

In April 2021, the Australian Government ordered a further 20 million doses of Pfizer vaccines. Read the Prime Minister's press conference.

In July 2021, the Australian Government announced the purchase of 85 million more doses. These were planned to be booster doses, ensuring Australia’s supply of mRNA vaccines in 2022 and 2023. Read the Prime Minister’s media release about booster doses.

In August 2021, the Australian Government bought 1 million doses from the Republic of Poland. Read the Prime Minister’s media release about the agreement with Poland.

10 + 10 + 20 + 85 + 1 = 126 million doses


Based on our research Australia population will reach 26.709 million by the end of 2022

126 mil doses / ~26mil population = 5 total shots

This isn't over. lmao.

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The whole sk8er commune, everyone can chill and sk8 and talk politics and be friends idea seems to be crashing down. Certainly not helped by that Cast Castle channel where he shows the entire internet what his compound looks like, including room layouts.

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Was that like Butterfly labs? They did a kickstarter for their amazing ASIC and kept delaying release. Turns out they used the kickstarter money to build a bunch of ASICs for their own use and released it only after the hash difficulty(?) was too high for ASICs to be useful.

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He has too many random people working and visiting there, so they don't even know who actually belongs there at any given time.

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I think ASICs hit a wall or were seen as "cheating". At least this is what I remember from dogecoin.

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The left acting like 8 year olds when it comes to political jokes is one of the most consistent things in life. They're also the ones who openly speculate that someone might be gay/bi/queer/whatever, but in that same breath they'll claim that the sexuality of anyone on their side is a protected and cherished thing.

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I think his gf broke up with him or something. His tweets today are blackpilled doomer x 1000.

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I'm all for killing everything that is seen as "lucrative" by the public eye, even if it personally affects me.

Everything is a grift now. Nobody cares for responsible and mature long term growth.

The crypto promoters on social media are the worst, btw. Drop them all into an active volcano pls.

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Principally, yes.

Practically, if both sides are going to play the "when it's my shit it smells good" game, then no.

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  • Incentivize companies to go private
  • Make the stock market worth less overall
  • Bye bye ESG (at least by credit rating agencies).
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