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Excellent response and an angle I wasn't even thinking of.

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Apparently some sort of American sports player.

What gave it away? 🤪

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US military industrial complex will still find a way to justify nation building.

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So the average person is willing to be in crowded places because it might help them get money?

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Maybe someone here can answer this: Generally speaking, what is it with the human attraction to crowded places? Or more specifically, the "more the merrier" attitude when it comes to density of people in a given place.

I've always been a personal space kind of guy and while I don't mind being around some people, I generally don't like being around a lot of people.

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I hope in my lifetime I get to see a GOP voter base that has become so disillusioned that there is a presidential election where there is no GOP challenger.

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Even before all of this, college was a method of intellectual classism. It's an entire complex built around manufacturing prestige in order to gatekeep and create a tiered society. This should have been very evident once a bachelor's degree was not enough to be competitive and another 2-3 years of university were required to be "legit". I'm surprised higher ed didn't come up with a way for a PhD to become the new BA/BS. FWIW I felt like I learned the most and had the most serious classmates when I took community college classes in the summer. 4 year university kids are either weird people who got in on scholarships and zero social skills, or they're spoiled brats of upper-middle class parents.

There's literally no reason why you couldn't have the academic and research functions of a university without the university. Just do it through private enterprise.

And yes, the point of vax requirements is to further stratify society into the haves and have-nots.

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  • Friends with Bill Gates
  • Responsible for Pfizer's more lucrative business approach
  • Appears to be a strong advocate for vaccinations
  • Does not believe in government interference in pharma (LOL)
  • Donates mostly to Republicans
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This: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/environmental-social-and-governance-esg-criteria.asp


Companies that put out carbon or sustainability reports

Limits harmful pollutants and chemicals

Seeks to lower greenhouse gas emissions

Uses renewable energy sources


Companies that operate an ethical supply chain

Supports LGBTQ rights and encourages diversity

Has policies to protect against sexual misconduct

Pays fair wages


Companies that embrace diversity on their board

Embraces corporate transparency

Employs a CEO independent of the board chair

Tl;dr woke is embedded into the stock market.

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But wait we can defeat them by showing them their illogical standards and proclaim that they are violating the US Constitution! /s

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From what I recall, this site is independently hosted and owned even though it is part of the win network. Registration does not require an email so you just have to be smart about revealing certain personal details.

There's always the possibility that the 25ish active users here are all schizo personalities created by a single person.

And patriots.win's user base is something like 1% karma whore rage bait posters, 2% boomers who suck at memes, and 97% paid bot farm accounts to make the site seem more active than it really is.

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Soros is the type to figure out a way to get on the CCP's good side. After all he helped Nazi efforts to confiscate valuables from the Jews.

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But this isn't progress! Taking back what you lost is going from -1 to 0, not from 0 to 1.

But point taken. I'll turn off the blackpill dispenser for the rest of the weekend.

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They only care because they are personally affected and want to get back to normal life. Where was this enthusiasm for gun freedoms, lower taxes, border control, preserving the innocence of children, etc?

I'm only being Mr Grumpy because I think lot of people are conflating vax/lockdown resistance with every other personal freedom issue when that really is not the case. NPCs just want to consume degeneracy and own nothing, but without the stress from covid.

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All their 'principles' are phony as hell. It's all about power.

Are we fools to think principles could have ever held a position at the top though? History shows us that power is very alluring and addicting once it is obtained.

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The Christians won't want to hear any of that, but then again they've all been convinced that the afterlife is where the real party is so they don't seem too interested in being brave in the physical world.

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Was that even pepper spray? Dude just wipes it off and doesn't seem to react like it was burning.

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Good. Old people suck and they got us into this mess decades ago. /s or maybe not /s

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