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Live Alive, Chrono Cross, Xenoblade 3, and Triangle Strategy. I'm set for the year.

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Nope, it's been fine.

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Apparently this happened in November and not recently like is being suggested.

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He's way better than The Toole was. He actually seems to have some balls.

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Halo is shit. Destiny is shit. Don't care.

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Woke or not, it's fucking boring.

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I drove from Ottawa to Cobourg today (on the 401) and on nearly every bridge I passed by there were people on it cheering on the truckers. A lot of the bridges were actually packed with people, and people were also parked on the side of the 401 cheering them on.

This has widespread support in the province. I know this is hearsay, but it's what I saw with my own eyes.

I was genuinely surprised how many people were out because the weather turned kind of shit later in the afternoon.

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That shithead will never resign, he thinks he has a mandate and a right to rule

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Trudeau is going to declare martial law by March, just like his father did.

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A 30 year old non binary dog walker that can't make eye contact with the camera in their laptop and wants to eventually teach philosophy to teenagers is the moderator that was chosen to represent this sub on conservative news. I feel like Cartman when he loses his ability to laugh.

I couldn't have put it better.

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I really like him, but tastes may vary.

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So does locking them in and burning the building to the ground.

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